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Hey! :angry: Ain't nothing wrong with that! :lol:


LOL this is true...nothing wrong at all!

Did you have a great time today? I think we are planning on goingto the marina tomorrow and also to look for fireworks. We love fireworks. Hopefully have a chance to go out on the ocean tomorrow https://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png

I did have a nice time yesterday. It had me out of the house and away from other things and just enjoyed myself.

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Had to break in the blender last night - those strawberries and Parrot Bay Rum were just calling my name! LOL! A little bit of OJ, a little bit of fresh strawberry, and a WHOLE LOT OF Parrot Bay Rum in a blender with a little ice, makes for an awesomely frothy smoothie!!

The London Broil is marinating in the refrig, the salad is made, and the chicken is thawing - the grill is on simmer and it's soon time to break out the rum and strawberries again!

This weekend was heaven sent. I needed the break. The only thing that could make this weekend better would be if "someone" would screw the rules and the barriers and take a drive to visit with friends today! They know who they are! ;)

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Just woke up from a nap after a couple hours of studying. I am so drained, thenap was not a refreshing one which sucks

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The weather doesn't get any better then here in Southern California. I spent the day in LA at the Art Musem, and then at the La Brea Tar Pits. That part of LA is beauitful and the weather is so inviting. Tomorrow, beach time. :D

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