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What about Vodka? Is Vodka "stuff"? I like vodka. It's a night off and I'm having some. With tonic water and a squeeze of lime. And the barbecue, is that stuff? Well actually the little hibachi with charcoal, it has more taste, or at least the charred taste I want now. (the gasgrill makes food taste soooo.... BEIGE)

The little hibachi and all its STUFF sits on hooks on the deck railing. Just me and the cats tonight, and their STUFF (mostly toy mice and bouncy balls with bells in them) so I'm going to make myself two, yes TWO big hamburgers, no.. cheeseburgers! On the BBQ. Using 2 of the 6 poppyseed Kaiser Rolls bought today as buns. Now I'm going off to slice some tomato STUFF!

Cheeers! and STUFF!


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Jack and a coke or Canadian and coke used to be my drink! My stuff!

I''d love to share my... stuff.. oh not Stoli, not even Absolut tonight - Finlandia, it's not bad - goes well with tonic and lime.

Let's face it, VODKA goes well with any stuff!

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