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  1. The Cocktail Lounge

    I think Vee will do pretty well at whatever newspaper job comes her way, but I'm hoping for the editing job.
  2. The Cocktail Lounge

    Her own freakin' mess! I hate that woman. Brilliant A-feakin'-men! I give it an A+ Kylie!
  3. The Cocktail Lounge

    I was hoping you'd play with me a bit. I guess I sounded too serious There's that old joke (that I wish wasn't true but I see myself in it altogether too often) Q: How many lesbians does it take to change a lightbulb? A: THAT'S NOT FUNNY!
  4. The Cocktail Lounge

    I wish you wouldn't say that. It always makes me paranoid.
  5. The Cocktail Lounge

    My foot is too sore!
  6. The Cocktail Lounge

    Hey, BingCherry, you seem to be a lot of fun. I hope to see you here on this thead again.
  7. The Cocktail Lounge

    God lord, Shawn. Show us your handsome face instead.
  8. The Cocktail Lounge

    I'd do a happy dance if my freakin' foot wasn't so damn sore.
  9. The Cocktail Lounge

    Do tell!
  10. The Cocktail Lounge

    You're such a slut!
  11. The Cocktail Lounge

    I'm cautious about telling you to pursue it but it sounds like he's getting everything but..., and with you two living together... (yeah, I've shared beds platonically with straight guys, no big deal) How long have they been broken up? AND ARE YOU ANYTHING LIKE HER? The other thing is the sister factor. He might already think of you that way, especially if he has sisters. I'm not trying to beat you down, I just don't want you to get hurt. He might have you in his heart already. If that's what you believe, the subtle approach is the only one to take... or just get him drunk.
  12. The Cocktail Lounge

    He might be worried about losing you as a friend if you both push the envelope.. and you share a living space too. If somehow it didn't work out, you could have compromised friendship and an awkward living arrangement. And he might still be hurting from the breakup; do you want to be the rebound? On the other hand, if he's telling you he "can't find the right girl" while he's looking into your eyes, or touching your hand, it could be the signal to go for it. A few questions: Has he ever expressed an attraction to you? How "physical" is your friendship (I don't mean sexual)? Why did they break up and how did he handle it? Don't rush it, whatever you do Brandy
  13. The Cocktail Lounge

    It's a good start. My only complaint would be that it's too short and not venemous enough I look forward to reading it in future. Please let us know when you've updated! (and save some venom for Dena Higley)
  14. The Cocktail Lounge

    oooo! What's the newspaper job? Sound like it could be fun.
  15. The Cocktail Lounge

    Pain! Pain! Pain! Excrutiating pain! Plantar Fasciitis! Frig I can barely walk and it takes me nearly 5 minutes to go down one flight of stairs.