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  1. I wonder if she ever regrets leaving The Profiler like she did.
  2. I still remember that! I felt so bad for Surya Bonaly.....
  3. At this point it's better then nothing....
  4. DirecTV doesn't have it and CableOne is to cheap to carry it here. I wish I had remembered these were going on so I could have watched them online while they were occuring... Here's Universal Sports Figure Skating section on their website... http://www.universal...ting/index.html
  5. It was shown online as was previously mentioned in this thread.
  6. She placed 7th at the 2008 Worlds... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_World_Figure_Skating_Championships
  7. Thanks. The last I remember hearing or seeing about her was when she placed so low at the 2008 Worlds.
  8. I forgot about watching..... What ever happened to Kimmi Messiner? With skating not being on TV as much as it used to be I don't keep up with it like I used to. I have something I'm hoping someone can help me with. There was an ice dancing (I think it was ice dance) pair in the late 80's/early 90's and the female had bright red hair. The problem is I can't remember what either of their names were, and I was wanting to watch some of their performances if there are any on YouTube....
  9. The other skating tour that used to be around Champions on Ice went out of business in 2008. Neither SOI or COI ever came or come anywhere near where I live and they seem to have quit showing the entire Stars on Ice program on TV....
  10. It sucked anyway they only showed 5 performances.....
  11. Enjoyment of the Ladies Figure Skating tonight is marred by having to listen to more "commentating" by that twit Sandra Bezic.
  12. Yeah his scores sucked and poor Jeremy Abbott fell apart.
  13. I'll say loudly and proudly that I LOVE Chuck! :)

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