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I live off Mountain Dew, god bless Caffiene. Anyway, if you like Dew and you're looking for a drink, that's not to strong, but will get you buzzing. Get a Dew, some Parrot Bay Passion Fruit Rum, and add a little (or a lot depending what you're going for) to some Dew and then mix. Oh it's so good. So smooth you can't even really taste the Rum, sweetens up the Dew. It's beauitful. LOL :D

I adore Sex on the Beach too. And Adios Mother F*ckers. LMAO they call them that for a reason, if you've never had one. ;)

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I want Planter's Punch.

Planter's Punch

2 oz. Dark Rum

2 oz. Orange Juice

2 oz. Pineapple Juice

1/2 oz. Lime Juice

Dash Grenadine

Orange Slice & Cherry for garnish

Planter's Punch - Rum and Tropical Cocktails

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    • Yeah, exactly. I recently finished watching the entire run and they really didn't have any traditional "back from the dead" storylines where someone is killed off and comes back eventually. As you said, if the show had continued they might've gone there with Burke due to him being killed off screen in a plane crash, but clearly with Victoria's character gone there was no opportunity to do so (along with their obvious growing disinterest in the current day Collins's). 
    • I find the murderers targeting people at their houses of worship the absolute worst. If there is a good argument for the death penalty Dylann Roof is it. If we aren't going to serve it up to that kind of monster, lets just get rid of it once and for all. Thank you Marceline. Rachel is always trying to get me to take her there. She thinks she's a mini fashionista. We are incredibly lucky.
    • I don't think the supernatural resurrections on Dark Shadows (like vampirism, or literally changing history through time travel) really equate to the BFTD soap opera trope, which was certainly used previously in radio soaps. The one opportunity they had to do a conventional BFTD story was with Burke Devlin, lost in a plane crash, but they decided to move on, probably because they weren't able to recast Victoria Winters.
    • Susan Sullivan Pilots/Proposals A House Divided Taped Fri 13th February 1970. Rehearsed in NY but taped in Arlington VA Regarding Ms Sullivan, does we have dates for her 1970 roles. She replaced Julie Mannix as some point on Best of Everything but also had a role in A World Apart. Did she begin on AWA after BOE was cancelled? Lester Rawlins Pilots/Proposals A House Divided Taped Fri 13th February 1970. Rehearsed in NY but taped in Arlington VA
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