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  1. Am back. Not sure if I'll post around here much but that I'd stop by and wave hello to old friend. *waves*
  2. It is just me or has someone spent a lot of time ranking all the threads in DTS and OT with low stars? I MAY have an idea who is behind this spine cheering spree of low stars. Oy.
  3. F*ck this 5-o'clock business. I'm downing that drink now. Been on of those days.
  4. Can't sleep... clown will eat me. Well, almost. Passed out at 1ish, but couldn't sleep past 6:30am. Construction starts right at 7 so I'm up.
  5. Good luck with this Tishy. I'm sure you'll pull through but you have my wishes (and recent track record of success) to help tip the scales in your favour
  6. It is true. There isn't any drama of consequence in my life. Good to keep it that way. But in other news, I have a serious lead on a job offer. My sister gave birth to my first niece, she's perfect. I've got the condo to myself all summer. I've opted not to attend my convocation to accept my masters. I've taken to biking everywhere, and I'm loving it. And I'm planning to go back to England later this summer. Why not?
  7. Just tell him that. Money is always a reasonable excuse and you should not tell him via note, AIM, msn, email or any type of electronic note. For example, DO NOT change your facebook status to "Shawn is... moving out of his place and plans to tell his roommate via facebook." Best way is to phone him or tell him in person, straight out.
  8. Big situation. But I say you should take it both ways. Keep the dependence status and move out.
  9. Only four stars? Who out there gave me 4 stars?

  10. I want to go to the cottage this weekend:
  11. Is your pool heated? Wanna throw a pool party?
  12. Good night, friend. Dream well.
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