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  1. Only four stars? Who out there gave me 4 stars?

  2. We get it, you can't spell.

  3. Amazing? Yes. Very very amazing.
  4. CSW


    It has been a long time since I update this. I can see I started a trend with blog fanfics. I'm not sure I'm going to have the time now that I'm back at school to continue this but I will start to conclude in a less-indepth way how I planned my stories to unfold. So here is a brief breakdown of what was to happen next: -Jack is alive but only he thinks his name is Frank. He's hanging out on a beach in the St. Lucia with no memory of who he is. He's been seeing a new woman, Claudia (ideally played by Ion Overman, Gabriella Port Charles), and doesn't seem to be too concerned about his miss
  5. Don't miss out on Part - 4 of January below this - posted on the same date!!!! Don't let this bump it!!! First off, thanks to everyone who had taken the time to read the fanfic so far. I think it has been a great success and I've been getting a lot of positive feedback. The number of similar blogs popping up is also an indicator that I'm on to something with this. This blog/fanfic is both for me and for the readers. This is where I'd like to see DAYS go and what I think the show can afford to go in a realistic context. My writers values are based on the idea of character-based relation
  6. Previously: Everyone involved took the news of Phillip’s shocking murder badly, especially Kate who lashed out at Sami when she learned she was brought in for questioning…. Both Sami and Belle’s hair samples failed to match the unidentified blond hair found at the scene, but neither has been ruled out as a suspect… Max sees Belle nude… Marlena goes to Marion Industries on the day of the book release and is shocked to find Lawrence Alimain there… Monday January 23rd -Canadians everywhere Vote!!!! Prediction: Liberal Minority. -In Salem, Bo agrees to help Victor with plan the funeral. While
  7. "Expect Jack to be gone awhile and to go on a long journey to find a cure. That journey may lead to the shocking reveal of a long buried secret." You better not be bringing Steve back before I am! Haha.... I'm excited to see where your stories go. I think the blogs are an excellent forum for this sort of thing and I hope that you can creatively tell and tangle exciting and intriguing stories. I like how you said that most of your stories are going to be realistic. I hope they are character driven as well. You have a wealth of history to build from so I hope that you get the momentum tha
  8. Glad you're on board Bree. Phillip's murder will play out as the major story for the next little while but Lawrence's return will eventually grow into a major umbrella storyline. I'm putting all the peices together for what I think will be an amazing story. It will incorporate John, the mystery of Jack's coffin, Lawrence, Alex, Victor and all the dangling strings of that web. When we get to the bullseye my hope is that readers will be blown away with how i developed a great twist from organic roots. So please stay tuned And feel free to guess at some of the mysteries! Any guesses on w
  9. Tracy (or did I spell it Tracey, too lazy to read up) was not actually scene or heard on the phone, just referenced too. But I'm glad you caught that. If I could be in charge of casting, I'd picked Nancy Lee Grahn to play Tracy Roberts-Kaplan. But a point of order is, she's not the first new character I've created. Ariel is (Eric's fiance) who we met over webcam on x-mas eve. Lawrence's return has been one of my major plans since I started writing this spin-off. I wasn't going to bring him back this quickly but I realized that dragging out a "who is behind Marion" mystery probably woul
  10. Looks like things are shaping up. Things have moved very fast in your version but it is fun to see how you waste no time getting right back into the over-the-top element that has worked on Days so many times. And I think in this set up it works again. I'm interested to see how you deal with the fallout. That has been the real DAYS major flaw - it doesn't do fallout. I personally expect you to cut the cast down considerably with the explosion and doubt that we'll see the likes of: Patrick, Shawn Sr., Bonnie, Chelsea, Phillip or maybe Roman and the other "dead weight" but that's good. I'm
  11. Previously: Carrie moves in with Frankie and Max in their new house… Abe calls of the search for Lexie… As the truth about Claire’s paternity is revealed to all important parties, the list of people angry with Phillip, Victor and Kate for their roles in publicly humiliating Marlena and taking Claire from Belle grew… the result: someone stabbed Phillip with a shard of glass… Monday January 16th -Jennifer puts Abbey to bed and discusses with Laura to have her committed to an institution for round-the-clock care. Laura is against the idea. Kate waits impatiently in an abandoned Kiriakis mansi
  12. I have wanted to kill Phillip since the beginning of this story and thought about doing it at midnight on New Years but that was too soon. I like the irony of he finally getting his life back (his edge, his manhood, his Kiriakis side) only to wind up dead thanks to a betrayal from his mom and his dad's other agenda. Who killed Phillip? I know. But all the motives will be fleshed out a bit more and then you guys can feel free to speculate. The rest of my stories are starting to pick up speed as well... slowly but surely.
  13. Previously: -Phillip wins a nasty custody battle that aired a lot of dirty laundry… Billie nursed Chelsea’s broken heart… Carrie decides to stay in Salem… People started to notice Lexie is missing… Bo and Hope step up their plan to discover who took Jack and Steve’s coffins, and why… *note, to make things shorter I’m going to get more to point in my bullets* Monday January 9, 2006: -Belle and family are outraged over the judge’s decision to award Phillip full custody. John vows revenge on Victor and Belle makes one final plea to Phillip to reconsider. -Mimi and Shawn cannot believe things
  14. Monday January 2nd (new years eve continues) - Bart’s arrival sweeps Bonnie off her feet as the two enjoy a humorous and magical private New Years at Alice’s. Bonnie completely forgets that no one showed up to her party. - Over at Chez Rouge, everyone is there and the combination of excitement, romance and drama circulates the room and outside patio. - Outside, Austin sees Carrie for the first time and she’s in the middle of an emotional confrontation with Mike. Austin is about to leave when Mike yells, “wait”. Mike tells Carrie he knows why she’s here and not with him goes inside, leaving
  15. With one "month" under wrap, here is a current cast list before I launch into the January editions: Cast of Current Characters: Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady Christie Clark as Carrie Brady Ashley Benson as Abigail Deveraux Kyle Brandt as Philip Kiriakis Darin Brooks as Max Brady Jason Cook as Shawn Douglas Brady Bryan Dattilo as Lucas Roberts Farah Fath as Mimi Lockhart Christopher Gerse as Will Roberts Deidre Hall as Dr. Marlena Evans Drake Hogestyn as John Black Brody Hutzler as Patrick Lockhart John Ingle as Mickey Horton Renee Jones as Dr. Alexandra "Lexie" Carver Laure
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