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  1. Only four stars? Who out there gave me 4 stars?

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    It has been a long time since I update this. I can see I started a trend with blog fanfics. I'm not sure I'm going to have the time now that I'm back at school to continue this but I will start to conclude in a less-indepth way how I planned my stories to unfold. So here is a brief breakdown of what was to happen next: -Jack is alive but only he thinks his name is Frank. He's hanging out on a beach in the St. Lucia with no memory of who he is. He's been seeing a new woman, Claudia (ideally played by Ion Overman, Gabriella Port Charles), and doesn't seem to be too concerned about his missing memory. He quickly befriends another lost soul who has been a resident of these parts for years - his name is Owen. Owen is really Steve "Patch" Johnson, Jack's brother only they don't know it. THey live the island lifestyle until someone who is vacationing there stumbles upon them who recognizes Jack: Greta Von Umberg (see below). -Who shot Phillip? Would you be shocked to learn it wasn't Sami or Belle or anyone with motive to kill the Kiriakis heir? It was Abbey. She slowly starts to remember spinning into a mental fit and stabbing him that night before she was recommitted. But before this is revealed, Victor and John wage war on each other and Marlena is caught in the crossfire. As Marlena tries to peice together the events of her missing week in December, she starts to have more memories of her time in Mexico when she was impregnated with Rex and Cassie's embros. She is shocked to remember Alex was there too. What does this all mean? -Carrie's independence. Carrie and Frankie do not start a romantic relationship but Carrie does get involved with tentatively with Patrick. That doesn't last long and Patrick goes back to Billie. Billie and Nicole's revialry gears up as Max leaves Chelsea to be with Nicole full time. Drama ensues. -Lawrence's return sends shockwaves down everyone's spines. It is revealed that Lawrence is Greta's dad. Greta later leaves but pops up again weeks later on St. Lucia. As the plot unfolds, we learn why he kidnapped Marlena and Lexie, that he was invovled with Jack's coffin switch and most importantly, that he's out for revenge on Bo, Jennifer, Victor and John. -Lawrence's return also leads to questions about John's paternity - is he an Alimain? Dimera? Brady? All of this leads to the truth about the real roman, as Alex, JOhn and Roman all learn in individual storylines that they were all pawns, along with Steve. So will the real Roman Brady please stand up?... stay tuned.
  5. Don't miss out on Part - 4 of January below this - posted on the same date!!!! Don't let this bump it!!! First off, thanks to everyone who had taken the time to read the fanfic so far. I think it has been a great success and I've been getting a lot of positive feedback. The number of similar blogs popping up is also an indicator that I'm on to something with this. This blog/fanfic is both for me and for the readers. This is where I'd like to see DAYS go and what I think the show can afford to go in a realistic context. My writers values are based on the idea of character-based relationship drama with events or plot points coming secondary. With that, I'd like to conduct a little survey if you dont mind. 1) What do you like/dislike about the story direction I've taken for the Jack story? On the real show, Jack's body's whereabouts are still unexplained and I've tried to make a big mystery about it. Have I been successful in developing this mystery? Are you intrigued where it is going? Has it lasted too long? Etc... 2) I've done a number of special themed episodes, like one where we watch different people wake up and start their day, or one where everyone is getting ready to go to the New Years party or go to Phillip's funeral. Are they successful? Do you get a better feeling for the characters and greater anticipation for the event? Any dislikes about these special episodes? 3) Which storyline is not working for you? And why? 4) Do you feel that I'm ignoring certan characters or is the character balance right? Who do you feel I write for more prominently and who do I leave out? 5) Do you have a sense of where this is going? Any guesses as to what might happen next? 6) I have been making an effort to blend my stories as much as possible. For example, I've included Lucas very heavily in Jennifer's life and Bo has remembered that he's Phillip's brother while still having stories of their own. Does this make things confusing at times? Or should I mix it up more? 7) What stories do you look forward to read the most? The least? 8) Which characters do you look forward to seeing in my episodes the most? The least? 9) Do you have a sense that the show is more about relationships/characters then plot or is the plot still very heavy? Do you want more gimmicks/high profile events or do you like the subdued character interactions better? 10) Rate the following character interactions/relationships as I've written them - 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest: a) Caroline & Victor - hidden love Mimi & Shawn - growing committed relationship c) Max & Nicole - sex affair d) Nicole & Billie - rivalry e) Max & Belle - potential love interests f) Alex & Victor - allies in a plot to take down John g) Lucas & Jennifer - siblings h) Jennifer & Laura - mother/daughter i) Carrie & Frankie - new roommates j) Patrick & Billie - full romance k) Carrie & Sami - loving siblings l) John & Victor - suddenly enemies Thanks for taking the time to do this. Either reply by comment or PM me. Thanks -Dave
  6. Previously: Everyone involved took the news of Phillip’s shocking murder badly, especially Kate who lashed out at Sami when she learned she was brought in for questioning…. Both Sami and Belle’s hair samples failed to match the unidentified blond hair found at the scene, but neither has been ruled out as a suspect… Max sees Belle nude… Marlena goes to Marion Industries on the day of the book release and is shocked to find Lawrence Alimain there… Monday January 23rd -Canadians everywhere Vote!!!! Prediction: Liberal Minority. -In Salem, Bo agrees to help Victor with plan the funeral. While Bo was never close to Phillip, he does mourn his brother’s passing. This also gives Bo an opportunity to dig up some dirt on the funeral home that provided Jack’s coffin, and maybe learn more about the coffin itself. Bo learns that each coffin has an individual id tag (like a licence). Bo learns Jack’s coffin number. -Bo meets with the Marine officer to help coordinate Phillip’s funeral. Phillip is entitled to a military funeral. Bo picks out the uniform Phillip will be buried in. -Belle is upset with Max for finding her naked. When Belle dresses, Max is there waiting and offers a shoulder to cry on. -Carrie asks Sami where she was when Phillip was murdered but Sami dodges the question. -Austin, Lucas and Billie help Kate mourn while Victor shuts out the world. Inside his study, Victor blames John for this and vows revenge. -Alex arrives to see Victor and to everyone’s surprise, Victor agrees to see him. After a short time in the study, Alex emerges with a small brown envelop and leaves. He tells Kate he’s sorry for her loss and that he’s leaving Salem after the funeral. -Bonnie arrives at Mimi and Shawn’s place and annoys Hope while they watch as Shawn spends his first afternoon with his daughter. Hope is very annoyed with all of Bonnie’s parenting tips and they two have a comical exchange over the right and wrong way to do things. Shawn ignores them and is just thrilled to be with Claire. Mimi’s heart is breaking, as she is still insecure about the whole situation. -Marlena is surprised to see her former brother-in-law, whom she hardly knows. Lawrence explains that Marion is a private, international consortium of several companies that deal with a wide range of business, including importing, publishing, medical devices, burial supplies, telecommunications but its main enterprise is energy, mainly, oil. Marlena wants to know how Lawrence, or Marion, got the book and who the real author is. Lawrence says that all the SSK survivors signed a waiver when they were rescued by the coast guard; perhaps no one paid much attention to it. Marlena never signed it, since she was presumed dead. Lawrence told her that when she was revealed to be alive, her and the 5 other castle survivors each signed a release, perhaps without knowing it, sometime in the past few months. Marlena feels duped but more so, she feels angry and wants to know what Lawrence wants with the book. Money is his answer but Marlena isn’t buying it. -Abe gets a call from the hospital: Donor corneas have been found: Phillip’s. Tuesday January 24th (CSW’s real life Birthday, btw!!!) (new day) -The events of today’s episode take place in separate households across Salem as we watch different people prepare and get ready to attend Phillip’s funeral. -Patrick wakes up and is disappointed that Billie did not come home last night. Mimi knocks on his door and asks Patrick if he’d take her to the funeral later. Shawn and Claire are going with Bo and Hope and Mimi doesn’t want to go alone. The brother and sister bond as Mimi confesses her insecurities over the Shawn suddenly being a dad. They get ready and head to the funeral. -At the Brady home, Shawn tells Hope he feels weird about taking Claire to the funeral but Bo tells Shawn that he has to get over the shock and realize the responsibility of being a dad. They give him a parenting talk. Bo admits to having mixed feelings about being a grandpa, especially since the events lead to his younger brother’s death. Bo just hopes that Victor will be ok and that more bad news does not stem from this tragedy. -At the Black penthouse, Belle refuses to get dressed and go to the funeral. She is only concerned about getting Claire back and John tells her that they will get Mickey on that as soon as Phillip is buried. Marlena tries to coach Belle and Sami (who is also there) about the need to show respect for the family and to avoid appearances that they have something to hide that might incriminate them. They all reluctantly prepare for the funeral but not before two body guards show up as per John’s request. John knows Victor and wants to be prepared, just in case. -At Carrie and Frankie’s new home, Max questions why Carrie and Frankie are going. Carrie is going to support Lucas and Austin and Frankie is going to support Billie. Max asks if they think Nicole will be there but neither of them thinks Nicole would be welcome. Max stays behind to watch TV. -At the Carver house, Celeste shows up to take Abe to the hospital but Abe wants to attend the funeral to pay tribute to the man whose corneas he’s about to receive. There isn’t time and Celeste takes Abe to the hospital. Abe wishes that Lexie were here and wishes he knew how to contact her to discuss forgiveness. -At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas, Billie and Austin try to coach a grieving Kate to get dressed and get ready for the funeral. After an emotional trip down memory lane, they are all ready to go when Victor, dressed sharply in black, announces they are going. There is no hint of sadness or remorse or grief in his voice or demeanour... He’s scary again and his heart is full of vengeance… Wednesday January 25th -Salemites and Marines all gather at St. Lukes for Phillip’s closed casket service. Lucas deliverers a heart-wrenching eulogy that credits Phillip for his braveness in Iraq, his generosity to charities and to his family and for his kindness after death by donating his organs. Kate breaks down during this speech. -As everyone pays there respect and the paulbearers (Bo, Austin, Lucas, Patrick, carry Phillip’s flag drenched coffin down the aisle, Bo (a paulbearer notices that the serial number on Phillip’s casket is the same as Jack’s. They are reusing the same casket. -At the burial site, Phillip is honoured with a full military salute. When the guns are fired Kate and Belle each break down. -As the funeral ends, Kate is irate and blasts Sami and Belle for attending. Belle tries to talk to Kate but Kate only slaps her. John steps in and tries to reason with Kate and comfort her grief but Kate is not willing to let her close friend in to her heart. When she looks at John all she sees is Belle and how they all contributed to Phillip’s death. Kate is convinced that Belle or Sami are the murderers. -Caroline and Shawn pay their respects to Victor but he is cold and disengaged. Aside, Caroline tells Victor that she’s afraid of him in this state. -Near the cars, Shawn-D and Claire meet with Belle. Mimi and Patrick are near-by with Billie. Belle wants to hold Claire and Shawn-D gives her to Belle. Belle starts to cry and wishes that none of this happened. Shawn-D says they need to talk about this and takes Claire back. Shawn-D asks Mimi to come back with him. -Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena discuss how they are all grand parents and what this will mean for their two families. None of them want a custody battle and all agree to support and nurture Claire, Shawn and Belle during this transition time. Victor interrupts and vows not the make this simple and will interfere to make sure his grandson (Shawn-D) gets full custody of Claire. John flips out. -At the hospital, Abe undergoes surgery and dreams of returning home to find Lexie. Abe’s dreams turn into nightmares when he envisions seeing Lexie in trouble, struggling for her life. -At the wake, Marlena pulls Bo aside and tells him that she needs his help. She tells him that she had a run-in with Lawrence yesterday… Thursday January 26th -John invites Hope, Shawn-D, Mimi, and Belle back to the penthouse to discuss arrangements for baby Claire since John and Belle are not welcome at the wake. -Sami, who is also unwelcome at the wake, goes with Roman to have a chat about her involvement in Phil’s murder. Sami tries to convince Roman that she didn’t have anything to do with it but she has no alibi. Sami says if her own father doesn’t believe her than how can you prove her innocence? -At the hospital, Celeste waits for Abe to return from surgery when she overhears other doctors complain how their workload has doubled since Lexie took off. Celeste is shocked to learn that Lexie did not even phone the hospital to clear her schedule. Celeste is even more worried that she has no “vibe” of Lexie at all. -Meanwhile, in her captive chamber, Lexie demands that she be released and returned to her son. Suddenly, the TV screen turns on and she’s about to see a live broadcast of the hospital’s security cameras. She sees Tek laying in a coma on one TV and Abe recovering from eye surgery on the other. Lexie is being haunted by these images. -Jennifer goes to visit Abbey at the mental facility and is shocked when the doctors say Abbey is in isolation because of violent outbursts. Dr. Mcgregor tells Jennifer that Abbey continues to see her father and these hallucinations are lending to her belief that death is immaterial. Jennifer asks what is next… -At the wake, Carrie comforts Austin who admits that he’s been away for most of Phillip’s life and regrets that. Austin regrets leaving Salem and his family. He admits to Carrie that he regrets letting Carrie go. In his grief, Austin kisses Carrie but she doesn’t kiss back. She backs off and asks him what he’s doing. -Victor kicks Nicole out of the wake after she gets drunk and makes as a scene. Nicole makes her way to Max’s house and barges in. Nicole and Max make it up to the bedroom and start to go at it. -Bo is stunned that Marlena spoke to Lawrence and is unsettled by his connection to the book. Bo doesn’t believe that Jack wrote it either. Bo, however, doesn’t have time to worry about this. He found Jack’s coffin but is no further along with clues than he was before. And now his son needs him more than ever when all of a sudden his arch rival returns… Bo is not amused… -Alex stuns Marlena when he says that he’s leaving Salem tonight and gives her a gift… Friday -Nicole and Max bask in afterglow when Max starts to think of Belle and realizes that the sex with Nicole is getting old. Max breaks it off with Nicole, much to her surprise. -Billie, Chelsea, Patrick, Frankie and Carrie arrive home after the wake and are shocked to see Nicole’s and Max’s clothes all over the house leading up to his room. When Nicole bursts out of her room, nearly naked and picks up her clothes Billie gets in her face about being a slut. They have another confrontation as Nicole leaves. -Alex kisses Marlena good-bye and pays his respects to Kate. As he leaves, he says to himself that he’s not going anywhere and that the fun is just starting… -Caroline is closing up the Brady pub when she tells Shawn that she’s worried about Victor and what he might do. Shawn thinks that Caroline might still love him. -After everyone leaves the wake, Kate and Victor still haven’t spoken to each other. They finally break the silence and tearfully confront their grief. Kate is convinced that Sami killed Phillip but Victor believes it was Belle. Either way, Victor plans to make John pay and Kate is too depressed to stand in his way. -Bo and Marlena arrive at the penthouse to learn that Shawn and Belle have agreed to joint custody. -Shawn and Belle talk alone about this and Shawn tells her he feels betrayed that he never knew. Shawn makes it perfectly clear that Claire changes nothing between them and that his life is moving forward with Mimi. Mimi overhears this. -Bo tells John that he’s been investigating the mystery of Jack and Steve’s missing coffin and how it turns out that Phillip is in Jack’s coffin. John doesn’t know what to think but knows that something is going on. If Jack isn’t in his coffin could he be alive? And if so, where is he? -Roman gets a call on his cell phone from the police station. A witness has come forward with evidence that Belle killed Phillip. -Abe awakes at the hospital and opens his eyes to see Celeste standing above him… -Roman arrives at the penthouse and arrests Belle, much to everyone’s shock. -In the control room watching Lexie, the man watching the tv screens (face unseen) is startled when he sees the door open. He turns around and welcomes his boss into the room. The boss walks into the light… it is Lawrence… (I’ll probably be taking a writing break over the holidays with few updates) Next time: Hope tells Jennifer about the found coffin… Laura and Roman start a relationship… Lucas wakes up in an unexpected bed… John investigates whether the witness is legitimate or not… Marlena and Bo go back to Marion to find Lawrence and get answers…
  7. "Expect Jack to be gone awhile and to go on a long journey to find a cure. That journey may lead to the shocking reveal of a long buried secret." You better not be bringing Steve back before I am! Haha.... I'm excited to see where your stories go. I think the blogs are an excellent forum for this sort of thing and I hope that you can creatively tell and tangle exciting and intriguing stories. I like how you said that most of your stories are going to be realistic. I hope they are character driven as well. You have a wealth of history to build from so I hope that you get the momentum that you're looking for. I'd only warn you about making too many big moves too fast since it brings with it a dizzying feeling. If you're ever looking for pointers/brainstorming or fanfic chat, send me an IM or PM. In the meantime, I wonder how many of our stories will intersect... sounds like your Jack story will reveal Steve... just like where mine is headed. Good luck.
  8. Glad you're on board Bree. Phillip's murder will play out as the major story for the next little while but Lawrence's return will eventually grow into a major umbrella storyline. I'm putting all the peices together for what I think will be an amazing story. It will incorporate John, the mystery of Jack's coffin, Lawrence, Alex, Victor and all the dangling strings of that web. When we get to the bullseye my hope is that readers will be blown away with how i developed a great twist from organic roots. So please stay tuned And feel free to guess at some of the mysteries! Any guesses on who killed Phillip?
  9. Tracy (or did I spell it Tracey, too lazy to read up) was not actually scene or heard on the phone, just referenced too. But I'm glad you caught that. If I could be in charge of casting, I'd picked Nancy Lee Grahn to play Tracy Roberts-Kaplan. But a point of order is, she's not the first new character I've created. Ariel is (Eric's fiance) who we met over webcam on x-mas eve. Lawrence's return has been one of my major plans since I started writing this spin-off. I wasn't going to bring him back this quickly but I realized that dragging out a "who is behind Marion" mystery probably wouldn't work with all the other mysteries going on, mainly: the mystery of the missing coffins, the mystery of Marlena and Lexie's kidnappings, the mystery of Alex and Victor's secret plans and the new murder mystery "who killed Phil?". So many mysteries, I thought a "who is the mastermind" would get diluted. I'm also trying to find a balance between non-stop emotional heartache and some happiness. The trauma over Abbey's mental breakdown and eventually being committed is definately weighing some heavy and dark emotions on the Hortons. I'm hoping that the tenderness of Shawn bonding with Claire, the sexyness of Max/Nicole/Chelsea and the "coming into her own" story with Carrie are enough to offse the heavy drama and mystery of the other main storylines. I've also tried to inject some humour, mainly using Bonnie and her New Year's eve fiasco. But you should notice some other breadcrumbs I've dropped in the past 7 weeks of stories. Colin is alive... Eric is engaged... Steve's coffin is missing (Bo and Hope finally know that)... Kate has a never-before-seen sister... and yes, Lawrence is back. Don't hold your breath for the eventual Lawrence/Jennifer meeting. While he will eventually be a central figure in her storyline, his re-introduction with Marlena is both non-historical and meant to be a non-event. The deep history Lawrence shares with John, Jennifer and Bo will not be forgotten but I won't go there right away. Patience!
  10. Looks like things are shaping up. Things have moved very fast in your version but it is fun to see how you waste no time getting right back into the over-the-top element that has worked on Days so many times. And I think in this set up it works again. I'm interested to see how you deal with the fallout. That has been the real DAYS major flaw - it doesn't do fallout. I personally expect you to cut the cast down considerably with the explosion and doubt that we'll see the likes of: Patrick, Shawn Sr., Bonnie, Chelsea, Phillip or maybe Roman and the other "dead weight" but that's good. I'm interested to see how it is developed. Keep it coming.
  11. Previously: Carrie moves in with Frankie and Max in their new house… Abe calls of the search for Lexie… As the truth about Claire’s paternity is revealed to all important parties, the list of people angry with Phillip, Victor and Kate for their roles in publicly humiliating Marlena and taking Claire from Belle grew… the result: someone stabbed Phillip with a shard of glass… Monday January 16th -Jennifer puts Abbey to bed and discusses with Laura to have her committed to an institution for round-the-clock care. Laura is against the idea. Kate waits impatiently in an abandoned Kiriakis mansion with the gut feeling that something bad has happened. -John returns home to find that Marlena and Belle are no where to be found. Victor shows up and confronts John, threatening to take John down if Phillip loses Claire. John fights back when Marlena returns, freezing cold, with no straight answers for where she’s been. Victor gets a call on his cell phone: someone has found Phillip’s car abandoned in the snow bank. -Mimi and Shawn return to their flat and discuss the ramifications of him being Claire’s father. Shawn invites Mimi to play an active role in her life. -Victor and John arrive at Phil’s car and search the surrounding area. The rain has caused most of the snow to melt and there are no track marks leading from the car. Victor is shocked to find blood on the driver’s side handle. -John sees Belle up ahead and drives to pick her up. She’s disorientated and says something horrible has happened. She tells John and Victor that Phillip is dead, she saw him get stabbed. -Victor and John race to the scene where Phillip is laying lifeless. -Victor accuses Belle of killing Phillip. Victor vows to make Belle and John pay. -Meanwhile, Roman is at Sami’s to leave her a note when Sami arrives with her jacket on inside out. Roman notices blood on Sami’s sleeve and pulls off her coat to reveal she is covered in blood. This is juxtaposed to Victor phoning Kate to tell him that Phillip is dead. Tuesday January 17th -Roman is called to the scene of the crime but first tries to get information from Sami about the blood. Sami refuses to say whose it is or how she got it. -When Roman arrives at the crime scene he orders John, Belle, and Victor in for questioning. Kate, with Billie, shows up at this point and drops to her knees in agony at the sight of Phillip being zipped up and put into the back of an ambulance. “who did this she cries?” as Victor says it was Belle. -Billie phones Bo, who was sleeping, to tell him that his brother is dead. Bo is shocked and asks if there is anything he can do? Bo agrees to meet her at the Kiriakis mansion and to help call the family. Hope goes along. -Roman continues to oversee the investigation at the crime scene with John, Victor and Belle already en route to the police station for questioning. Roman sees a blond hair and fears it is Sami’s. He picks it up and bags it, but does not tell anyone else about it. -Bo and Hope arrive at the mansion before Billie does and they start to call Phillip’s family. -One by one, Lucas, Austin, and Cassie are woken up with the news that Phillip is dead. They agree to come over to the mansion and be with Kate. Cassie tells Caroline and Caroline agrees to drive her over there. Caroline knows how crushed Victor must be. -At the penthouse, Marlena gets worried that she can’t get through to John when there is a knock at the door: it is Alex. He pushed himself in and tells Marlena that she needs to take him back. -At the police station, John and Belle are in the same room together and Belle tells John she didn’t do it but she saw it happen across the street. Belle didn’t see who did it. -Sami, meanwhile, takes off all her clothes and sets them on fire on the balcony when there is a knock at her door: Lucas… Wednesday January 18th -Kate returns to Victor’s where she is greeted by Billie, Austin, Cassie, Hope, Bo, Henderson and Caroline. Everyone wonders where Lucas is. -Sami (naked) is shocked when Lucas barges in. Lucas grabs a hold of Sami and gives her a huge hug and kisses her. He’s crying. As they embrace, Lucas says something about realizing what is important in life when he sees the fire on Sami’s balcony. Sami explains that she’s going through a “cleansing ritual” as Roman shows up with 4 police officers. -Roman tells Sami she has to come with him to talk about Phillip’s murder. Lucas is stunned. -Marlena asks Alex to leave the penthouse but he refuses, instead he offers to help her find how who kidnapped her a few weeks ago. -At Jennifer’s, Laura continues her case to keep Abbey out of a mental institution. Laura may not be a practicing psychiatrist anymore, but she will be there around the clock to help Abbey. Jennifer breaks down and asks who will be there around the clock to help her? - At the police station, John, Belle and Victor are shocked when they watch Sami being escorted into an interrogation room. -Kate and family show up and see this, where Kate instantly accuses Sami of murder and rushes towards her and attacks her… Thursday January 19th (new day in Salem). -Victor is furious that he’s been kept in holding all night when he had nothing to do with his son’s death. Roman explains that he had to otherwise Victor would have taken the law into his own hands. Caroline shows up to sit with Victor and Roman leaves. -Victor breaks down in front of Caroline, never wanting to go through losing a son. Caroline recalls the times that Roman was through to be dead and how hard that was for her and her family. Caroline will be there for Victor in his time of need. -Next, Roman talks to John who is equally furious at Roman for keeping him in holding all night when he had nothing do to with it. Roman isn’t so sure. Roman shows John the listening device that was in Phillip’s car that is registered to the ISA. John admits to tapping Phil’s car. John is let go, but Sami and Belle are to remain. -Marlena and Carrie arrive to support Belle and Sami. Austin is there and he and Carrie face off on the issue of defending Carrie’s sisters verses the impact of Austin’s brother’s death. -Both Belle and Sami try and convince Roman they did not kill Phillip. -The hair found at the scene is sent to the lab to be compared to samples from Sami and Belle. -Laura wakes up to find Jennifer has disregarded her advice. People from Bayview Sanatorium are here to take Abbey away. -Laura lashed out at Jennifer for this move and reminds her of the years Laura was drugged in that place. Laura has haunting flashbacks of being a ‘prisoner’ (her words) at the Marion run health facility. Marion Industries is the same company with a publishing stake in book Jack supposedly wrote about the SSK before he died. -Elsewhere, book stores across the world open in the morning with a new book on their shelves: Murder without Death: the Salem Serial Killer by Jack Devereaux. -Victor returns home to find Kate making calls to arrange the funeral. Kate can’t seem to place the call to her sister Tracy, who she’s been estranged for over 30 years. -Mimi and Shawn wake up to the news of Phillip’s death, news that is on the cover of the Spectator. There is a knock at the door: it is Bo and Hope for Shawn. They are with Claire and tell Shawn the he should look after Claire for now… Friday January 20th… -The blond hair found at the scene does not match Belle or Sami but neither have an alibi for the time of Phillip’s death. With no fingerprints on the murder weapon (sharp broken glass fragment) Roman lets them both go. -Lucas lashes out at Sami for her role in this and vows to never forgive her if she had anything to do with it. -The police are still searching Sami’s home, so Sami and Belle agree to go with Carrie to her new place with Frankie. -There, the sisters try to absorb what has happened. Belle breaks down in Carrie’s arms. She still loved Phillip but wasn’t willing to let him take her baby away. Belle is shocked to learn that Shawn has Claire for now. -Carrie convinces Belle to go upstairs and take a shower and then take a nap. As Belle is leaving the shower, she accidentally runs into Max and drops her towel in front of him… -Bo, Mimi and Hope watch as Shawn takes hold of Claire for the first time since finding out she’s his son. -Kate shows up and demands that Shawn give her Claire. Hope tries to calm Kate down but Kate is out of control. Bo finally restrains Kate when Shawn offers Kate to hold onto Claire. Kate hold baby Claire and remembers having Phillip. Kate starts to quietly sob. -Marlena, meanwhile is driving to Marion industries to find out who is in charge of publishing a book about her life she did not authorize. Marlena finds it hard to believe that Jack had time to write a book while he was help captive in the castle or dying in Salem without anyone knowing about it. -Marlena arrives at front door but there is no receptionist or anyone in the office. Marlena walks around the eerily empty front office when a man reveals himself from the top of the stairs. Marlena cannot see his face. She demands to know who he is. He finally speaks and says “Hello Marlena, I’ve been expecting you” and he walks down the stairs… it is Lawrence Alimain… Next week: Lawrence reveals some shocking details to Marlena… Max calls things off with Nicole… Abbey sees Jack… Bo discovers that the funeral home where Phillip is being shown is reusing coffins, one of whose is Jack’s… Abe gets a pleasant surprise… Carrie goes on a date…
  12. I have wanted to kill Phillip since the beginning of this story and thought about doing it at midnight on New Years but that was too soon. I like the irony of he finally getting his life back (his edge, his manhood, his Kiriakis side) only to wind up dead thanks to a betrayal from his mom and his dad's other agenda. Who killed Phillip? I know. But all the motives will be fleshed out a bit more and then you guys can feel free to speculate. The rest of my stories are starting to pick up speed as well... slowly but surely.
  13. Previously: -Phillip wins a nasty custody battle that aired a lot of dirty laundry… Billie nursed Chelsea’s broken heart… Carrie decides to stay in Salem… People started to notice Lexie is missing… Bo and Hope step up their plan to discover who took Jack and Steve’s coffins, and why… *note, to make things shorter I’m going to get more to point in my bullets* Monday January 9, 2006: -Belle and family are outraged over the judge’s decision to award Phillip full custody. John vows revenge on Victor and Belle makes one final plea to Phillip to reconsider. -Mimi and Shawn cannot believe things have turned out like this. Shawn reconfirms to Mimi that he’s in love with her, and not Belle, but they both agree that Shawn should be there to help Belle recover. When Shawn offers a shoulder to cry on Belle lashes out, saying it is all his and Mimi’s fault. -Austin and Lucas recall the times they fought for custody of Will and attempt to reason with Phillip not to shut Belle out of Claire’s life. Phillip won’t listen to the combined wisdom of his brothers, and Austin realizes that Phillip is growing up to be scary, with the worst attributes and coldheartedness of Victor and Kate. -Billie, Bo and Hope discuss Chelsea and how important it is now that they work together to be good parents to her. Bo tells Billie that he wants Billie to have a more active role in Chelsea’s life and this surprises Billie, and makes her very happy. -Bo explains to Hope that he wants to devote a lot of his time to getting to the bottom of Jack’s coffin mystery. Bo remembers Steve’s death and how painful it was for everyone. -John demands that Kate get through to Phillip or their friendship is over. -In the hallway, Marlena and Victor share a confrontation over his use of her history in the trial and her utter disbelief that her long time friend would do that. Victor is unapologetic and Marlena promises to tell Caroline all the slimy things he’s done today. At the moment, a messenger shows up and hands Victor a package. Victor opens it up and it is an advanced copy of the Serial Killer book with a note, “to the accidental victim, enjoy reliving the past”. Marlena is stunned. Tuesday January 10th -Marlena runs after the messenger of the book about her life but he’s driven away. Marlena has no idea who wrote the book but when she learns that all the victims have received advanced copies she knows something is afoot. Perhaps Tony has done this from jail. But why would Marion Industries publish a book from a convicted felon? And who exactly is Marion Industries? -Carrie and Austin meet after the hearing and discuss how brutal it was in there. She tells him that she’s decided to stay in Salem and that her relationship with Mike is over. Does this mean anything for Carrie and Austin, he asks? No, Carrie not interested in going down that road again but she is hopeful he and she will become friends, in time. -Lucas goes to the hospital to see Jennifer and is glad to hear that Abbey will be released tomorrow. He tells Jennifer of the antics that took place during the hearing and how grateful he is to have Will in his life again. Jennifer and Lucas bond. -Frankie, meanwhile, finds a three bedroom house he is very interested in and thinks that perhaps a roommate might in order. He has an idea. -Phillip arrives home with Claire and is happy to have crushed Belle. Kate is worried if the truth is ever revealed he’ll lose Claire forever. -At the police station, Roman and Abe put out a search for Lexie. -Sami is surprisingly nice to Belle during her time of grieving. Sami knows what it is like to lose a custody battle but also knows that Kate’s family will do anything to protect their interests. Sami is sure that Kate or Victor are up to something. Wednesday January 11th (new rainy day in Salem) -At the police station, Abe receives a call from Lexie who tells Abe that she’s left town and left the baby behind to move on with life. He needs to call off the search. Abe tries to reason with Lexie but she hangs up the phone. Abe can’t believe Lexie would be so irresponsible but does call of the search. We see that Lexie was reading form a script. Lexie had to read from a script or else her captors promised to kill Abe and Issac. -Jennifer and family all show up at the hospital for Abbey’s release from the psych ward. Alex still contents that this is a bad idea and that Abbey is potentially dangerous but Abbey has medication and will not return to school right away. Jennifer, Laura and Lucas take Abbey home (where Frankie has moved out). -Frankie, meanwhile, calls Carrie and asks her to come by 425 Ferris Cr. to look at a house he’s considering buying. Carrie shows up really likes it. She is impressed with the walk in closest in all the rooms, the authentic hardwood floors and high ceilings and huge windows. Carrie gets really into and starts suggesting ways for Frankie to decorate and paint when Frankie asks if she would help him do that. Carrie doesn’t really have the time but then Frankie asks if she’ll move in as his roommate. Carrie agrees. -Claire is sleeping so Phillip and Kate go to the store to get some baby things. While in Phillip’s car, Kate admits that she knows a huge secret – Phillip is not Claire’s biological father. -Through his listening device, John overhears this and cannot believe that Kate kept this secret. He now has the ammo he needs to get Claire back… Thursday January 12th: -John tells Marlena, Sami and Belle that he knows that Phillip is not Claire’s biological dad. Belle remembers sleeping with Shawn but until this moment, had no idea if it really happened or not and did not know that Shawn was the father. Belle is happy to hear this news because it means she can get Claire back. -Sami is livid with Phillip and Kate for this secret and vows revenge. -Mimi and Shawn, meanwhile, return home to find their place has been broken into. Nothing appears to be stolen. -In the control room where the man who is watching Lexie (she is pacing in the cell) we see another video monitor, this time from hidden cameras placed in Mimi and Shawn’s apartment. Mimi and Shawn are unaware they’re being watched. -Abbey is happy to be at home but memories of Jack are everywhere. Abbey has a bit of a breakdown but Laura gives her some medication. Jennifer silently worries if Abbey is well enough to return home. -Carrie likes the idea of living with Frankie and Max and goes to Sami’s to pick up her things. Carrie returns and Max is there and is happy to be out of Jennifer’s but is not totally thrilled that Carrie is moving in. Max, meanwhile, calls Nicole and asks if she wants to come christen his room tonight. Nicole rejects Max. -Abbey really wants to go visit Jack’s grave but Laura and Jennifer agree that is too big a step and that Abbey should take a nap. When Jennifer goes to check up on Abbey she’s gone… -At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip and Kate return home in a massive argument in front of Austin, Billie and Victor. Phillip is irate and starts accusing Kate of nasty things when Austin steps up on Kate’s defence. Phillip drops the bomb that Kate lied and knew the whole time Phillip was not Claire’s biological dad. As Phillip says this, John shows up in the open doorway… everyone is shocked… Friday January 13th (rainy night of Friday the 13th… ouhhhh….) -The rain is fierce outside as a wet John invites himself into the foyer of the Kiriakis mansion as Phillip admits he’s not Claire’ dad. Victor tries to kick John out but John vows to everyone that Phillip and Victor will pay dearly for this and they should expect to hear from the judge and police shortly. -Caroline visits Alice and Maggie at Maggie’s house to discuss the book. There are many stories that only insiders would have known and they are not sure that even Tony would be aware of some of the details. Alice shocks them with the revelation that she knows who wrote the book. She says it was Jack! -Lucas, Jennifer and Laura frantically look for Abbey in the rain. -At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip is upset and storms out to chase after John and go see Belle, to try and make things right so that he doesn’t lose Claire. -Mimi and Shawn, meanwhile, are confronted by Belle and Marlena with the truth that Shawn is the baby’s father. Mimi is devastated and takes off to be alone. Belle says she’s going to get Claire back and Shawn decides to go with her. En route, Shawn and Belle discuss the night Claire was conceived and what this means for their lives now. Belle’s car breaks down and while Shawn is out fixing it Belle sees Phillip drive past. Belle gets out and grabs a cab and follow Phillip, leaving Shawn alone in the rain. -Laura and Lucas rendezvous with out any luck of finding Abbey. -Jennifer, meanwhile, waits at Jack’s grave confident Abbey will show up there. After an hour of waiting Abbey does show up but she’s covered in mud and talking delirously. Shivering and cold, Jennifer takes Abbey back to the car drives her home. Jennifer reluctantly admits to herself that Abbey might be better off in the hospital… -Carrie has moved the rest of her stuff (a few suitcases) and she and her adopted uncles toast their new arrangement. -As things calm down, Shawn phones Mimi and asks her to come pick him up. She shows up and they hug. Shawn admits that things are going to be a lot different but nothing can change how much he loves Mimi. -Kate arrives back at Victor’s to find the place empty after her search for Phillip came up empty handed. She knows that Victor will stop at nothing to protect Phillip and not let John win… camera fades to black -Camera fades back to the show, only this time the image of Phillip laying dead on the ride of the road stabbed with a piece of glass…. Next time: Marlena goes to Marion Industries… Abbey is recommitted… Kate learns of Phillip’s murder… Roman catches Sami with blood on her hands… Hope finds the coffins…
  14. Monday January 2nd (new years eve continues) - Bart’s arrival sweeps Bonnie off her feet as the two enjoy a humorous and magical private New Years at Alice’s. Bonnie completely forgets that no one showed up to her party. - Over at Chez Rouge, everyone is there and the combination of excitement, romance and drama circulates the room and outside patio. - Outside, Austin sees Carrie for the first time and she’s in the middle of an emotional confrontation with Mike. Austin is about to leave when Mike yells, “wait”. Mike tells Carrie he knows why she’s here and not with him goes inside, leaving Carrie and Austin alone. - Austin cannot believe Carrie has been back in town for nearly a month and hasn’t been in contact with him. He feels hurt. They talk about their past and Austin admits to moving on with Greta, almost with Nicole and with a woman in New York, who he nearly got engaged to until she lost her job and moved away. - Austin has no interest in Sami or Nicole and wanted an honest fresh start with Carrie. Carrie is not sure she can offer that to him. But thanks him for understanding and kisses him on the cheek. - Carrie runs after Mike, but he, Jennifer and Bill have already left. - Roman apologizes for his mega kiss to Laura but she’s ok with it. Taken aback, but ok with it. However, she believes she should go and find Bill. - Victor and John share words over their impending war, which will escalate beyond the courtroom and to the boardroom if John continues to back Belle in the custody fight. - Belle tries to plead with Phillip to rethink their marriage but Phillip is tired of being with a woman who doesn’t want him and pines for another man. - Belle feels she’s lost everything and asks Marlena to take her home. En route, they discuss this and Belle admits to still being in love with Shawn but loves Claire more and wants nothing more then to raise Claire, with or without Phillip. - Meanwhile, a stranger continues to lurk outside of the Horton Cabin watching Mimi and Shawn as they hold each other by the fire. - Chelsea is furious that Max and Nicole have been having an affair and takes off. Bo and Billie confront Nicole about her actions. Seeing how upset her daughter is, Billie vows to make Nicole pay for her irresponsibility. They two get into a verbal war of words. Patrick is there to cool Billie down, and they take Chelsea home. Chelsea is very civil and receptive to Billie as Billie tries to comfort her daughter’s broken heart. Once Chelsea is in bed, Billie is ecstatic that she was able to mother Chelsea and be there for her. But Billie vows to fight Nicole on this. - At the penthouse, Marlena does some old fashion mothering with Belle and puts her to bed as John finally returns home. John has a cut on his arm and his tux is dirty. Marlena asks him what he’s done. John replies, “getting ready for war…” Tuesday Jan 3rd (new day in Salem) -Frankie has a discussion with Max about his affair with Nicole, to which Max reminds Frankie that he’s been with many women before Nicole. -Laura reminds Frankie that he has to move out soon before Abbey comes back from the hospital. -At the hospital, Mike is there for Jennifer as she waits for Abbey to take up. Mike tells Jennifer about his and Carrie’ falling out after Carrie had a miscarriage. Jennifer tells Mike that he needs to, more than ever, follow his heart and not let anything get in the way of love. -Bill, meanwhile, shows up at the Devereaux house to talk to Laura about their relationship. They agree that they’ve had a rough go at it recently. They still love each other, but not in a romantic way anymore. Bill is grateful to Laura for staying in town to help Jennifer and Abbey. Bill will be headed back to Israel and then Africa later today. -Bill heads over to the hospital where he has a heart-to-heart with Abbey. -Bill and Mike head for the airport. -Carrie learns that Mike is leaving town and heads to the airport to meet him. Frankie drives her. -There, Carrie and Mike have a final discussion about their relationship breakdown. She cannot be with Mike if he’s too committed to his work. She blames him for the miscarriage, which she admits is unfair. She needs time to heal but they will always love each other. Mike and Bill leave. -On the ride home, Carrie tells Frankie that she’s got closure and now it is time to move on. She tells him there is no better place to do that then here in Salem, where she will stay. -Over at Sami’s, Sami is happy that she and Lucas were able to ring in the new years together. She’s confident that her 2006 will be alright since she rang it in with the man she loves. Lucas shows up to inform her that the kiss was a mistake and won’t happen again. Lucas tells Sami that they are over for good. Wednesday January 4th -John hires Mickey to represent his family in the custody battle, which starts tomorrow in court. -John admits to Marlena that he broke into Phillip’s car last night to plant a listening device. -Victor and Phillip strategize with their lawyer. Phillip will play the American hero card and the loyal husband card. Victor’s lawyer needs to put Belle infront of the judge to admit to being in love with Shawn. -Billie meets Nicole at Salem Place and they two go at it for breaking Chelsea’s heart. Nicole says Max is a big boy and can make his own decisions. After an afternoon of calling each other sluts and whores, Max shows up and tells Billie to mind her own business. Nicole revels in delight when Max plants a huge kiss on Nicole. -Chelsea, meanwhile, goes to visit her grandmother Kate. Kate gives Chelsea some “broken heart money” and they go shopping. They turn the corner and see the kiss. -Carrie comes home to Sami’s apartment, which is a disaster since Lucas left. Sami’s trashed most of the stuff, and Carrie believes she can’t stay here anymore because Sami is too destructive. -At the hospital, everyone is wondering why Lexie is missing her shifts. The hospital board approves Alex’s hiring as a full time doctor and Alex tells Jennifer that Abbey is not ready to go home yet. Jennifer wants a second opinion: Marlena’s. -In her padded room, Abbey is acting fine but still contends that Jack is alive. -In her locked up cell, Lexie realizes there is a camera and someone is watching her. She demands that her captor let her go. -Roman visits Abe, who is having a hard time with the break up. Celeste shows up with the baby and says Lexie hasn’t been home in two nights and is worried something has happened. Thursday January 5th (end of day and new morning) -Mimi and Shawn return to the main land and are not happy when they are summoned to appear in family court tomorrow. -Chelsea slaps Max and heads home with Kate and Billie to Victor’s for dinner. There, Victor has summoned all of Phillip’s siblings. Bo, Lucas, Billie, and Austin are requested to be there for Phillip tomorrow as a sign of family solidarity. -John, meanwhile, calls Sami and Carrie over to ask them to show up to support Belle tomorrow. Sami is not receptive at first but Marlena convinces her that if it were Will, Belle would be there for her. Carrie is obviously upset with all of this and she admits to her family that she had a miscarriage in Israel. -Marlena feels guilty for having abandoned her family over the past few months and vows to make things right for all of them. -Hope, meanwhile, goes to the hospital to talk to Jennifer about next steps in the investigation into Jack’s missing coffin. Jennifer doesn’t know what to think of this and wonders if Jack is still alive. Hope doesn’t see how it is possible but knows that anything might be possible. Their first step is to learn who is behind this and how it is connected to Steve’s missing coffin. -The next morning, the Black and Kiriakis families prepare for the custody battle with Kate, saying to her self, the truth that only she knows could stop this custody battle before it even starts. -Marlena gets a call to check in on Abbey before the hearing and goes to the hospital. She disagrees with Alex and believes that Abbey should be able to be let go soon but with extensive therapy. -Frankie starts looking for houses. Friday January 6 -The whole episode takes place at the custody hearing. -Things get very ugly Belle admits to having said she loved Shawn. -Shawn announces that he has no intentions of being with Belle and that he’s moved on. -Bo and Hope are suspicious that Victor is up to something. -Marlena makes a plea stating that she’ll help Belle raise Claire which forces Victor to bring up Marlena’s past (with Alex’s help). Marlena’s mothering skills are put on trial during this time. -During recess, Marlena lashes into Victor for doing that, recalling one time he admitted to Marlena that she was the best mother he’s ever known. What happened to their mutual respect? Would Victor really stoop to these lows? Marlena was opposed to the war between John and Victor before, but not anymore. -Phillip is portrayed as a hero, loving father and wealthy provider. -Belle is portrayed as an opportunist, liar and shallow girl. -The judge is reads the verdict: Phillip gets full custody. Next time: The fallout of the custody battle leads to deadly consequences – one of Victor, Phillip, Kate, John, Belle, Claire or Mimi is killed… Frankie finds a new roommate… The author of the SSK book is revealed… Abe calls of the search for Lexie…
  15. With one "month" under wrap, here is a current cast list before I launch into the January editions: Cast of Current Characters: Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady Christie Clark as Carrie Brady Ashley Benson as Abigail Deveraux Kyle Brandt as Philip Kiriakis Darin Brooks as Max Brady Jason Cook as Shawn Douglas Brady Bryan Dattilo as Lucas Roberts Farah Fath as Mimi Lockhart Christopher Gerse as Will Roberts Deidre Hall as Dr. Marlena Evans Drake Hogestyn as John Black Brody Hutzler as Patrick Lockhart John Ingle as Mickey Horton Renee Jones as Dr. Alexandra "Lexie" Carver Lauren Koslow as Kate Roberts Martha Madison as Belle Black Rachel Melvin as Chelsea Benson Wayne Northrop as Dr. Alex North Austin Peck as Austin Reed Julie Pinson as Billie Reed Peter Reckell as Bo Brady Melissa Reeves as Jennifer Horton Devereux Frances Reid as Alice Horton James Reynolds as Abraham "Abe" Carver Suzanne Rogers as Maggie Simmons Horton Alison Sweeney as Sami Brady Billy Warlock as Frankie Brady Arianne Zucker as Nicole Walker Recurring Characters John Aniston as Victor Kiriakas Jamie Lyn Bauer as of Dec 1, 2006 Tanya Boyd as Celeste Perrault Judi Evans as Bonnie Lockhart as of Jan 1, 2006 Bill Hayes as Doug Williams Susan Seaforth Hayes as Julie Williams Peggy McCay as Caroline Brady Frank Parker as Shawn Brady Josh Taylor as Roman Brady as of Jan 1, 2006 Alexis Thorpe as Cassie Brady Recently Departed: Matthew Ashford as Jack Deveraux (Visions) as of Dec 1, 2005 Daphne Bloomer as Eugenia Willams as of Dec 1, 2005 Rhassan Orange as 'Tek' Kramer as of Dec 15, 2005 Recent Guest Appearances: Kale Browne as Bill Horton (6 Episodes) Roark Critchlow as Mike Horton (6 Episodes) Mary Beth Evans as Kayla Brady Johnson (2 Episodes) Patsy Pease as Kimberly Brady (1 Episode) 3 teenage actors as Jeanne Brady, Andrew Brady and Stephanie-Kay Johnson (1 Episode) Kyle Lowder as Brady Black (1 Episode) Nadia Bjorlin as Chloe Lane-Black (1 Episode)
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