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Taylor Hicks and Fantasia go head to head *UPDATED*


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Here's the charts for this week

1. Young Jeezy - The Inspiration (350,000 copies sold)

2. Taylor Hicks - Self Titled (300,000 copies sold)

3. Hannah Montana Soundtrack

4. NOW 23

5. Josh Groban - Awake

6. Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts

7. Daughtry - Self Titled

8. The Beatles - Love

9. Mary J. Blige - Reflections

10. Il Divo - Siempre

#19 Fantasia (133,000 copies sold)

#23 Tyrese (116,000 copies sold)

#74 Ghostface Killah (36,000)

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Fantasia's voice gives me a migraine and don't understand how she made it big. I like Young Jeezy and would buy his CD if I actually bought CDs and think he will be #1 on the charts.

My prediction:

Young Jeezy

Charlotte's Wed soundtrack



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Taylor shouldn't have won ANYWAY IMO, but that's another story for another time.

Totally Agree Ryan, number one the guy can't sing, number two I can't stand the way he bounces his body all over the place, number three he was only voted to win because of his dang gray hair. But anyway I hope fantasia's will do much better than his.

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Listening to Fantasia is like hearing a cat being strangled.

I actually like Fantasia, but I am still LMAO at that comment. :lol: I think I like the direction she's going with her new album. It's more geared toward her base of fans and her style, I think. While that might help her career in the long run, it probably will turn off a lot of the general "American Idol" audience that expect more "pop" and thus the reason I think Taylor will outsell her this week.

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Crc, I know this is off topic but everytime I see your siggy it looks like the girl is trying to avoid a huge cum shot or about to take it on the face.

:lol::lol::lol: I'm dying. I'm dying. I'm dying. Give me second...

Okay. I think I got my breath back. Wow. Have you ever had one of those laughs when your stomach hurts and you can't breathe? You about killed me. LOL!

Anyway, ALICE SMITH ROCKS!!! And now I'm gonna have dirty thoughts everytime I listen to her music. Not that I didn't already, but that's besides the point. LOL!

KBT, did you use to go by another name? A lot of posters have been shortening their names or using initials and I'm forgetting who's who.

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