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  1. Shivers, a 70s zombie movie with a twist. Picture Night of the Living Dead meets Alien meets Debbie Does Dallas and that's basically what it's about. It was weird and creepy. Gotta love Canadian filmakers!
  2. Shawn

    Just showing some love to a fellow Willow hater :)

  3. Same day, evening Nick watched with amusement as Julian hurriedly threw dirty clothes into a hamper and made up his bed. “Hey Jules, it’s your sister that’s coming over, not the President. You lived with her for eight years, I’m sure she knows what a slob you are.” Julian looked up and glared at him. “You have some nerve to be lecturing me on cleanliness when you hardly pick up after yourself.” “I would, but it’s hard to vacuum over a certain redhead, if you catch my drift.” Nick winked slyly at him. Julian threw off his black T-shirt, chucked into the hamper, and went to the closet to g
  4. Thanks. Whether I get readers or not, it just feels good to be writing creatively again.
  5. The first episode of Riptide is here! It's a short one, however, the first few episodes will introduce the main players. The stories will really kick into high gear soon, and you won't be disappointed! January 26 – Late morning The taxi is heading down Sundown Lane. Melanie Edwards takes a deep breath and looks outside the backseat window. She hasn’t been on this street in twenty years and as the cab advances towards her childhood home, her stomach flips and flops like a roller coaster. She looks down at her daughter Kylie, asleep in her car seat, oblivious to the drama that is facing her
  6. Riptide will debut on Friday, January 26th, sometime in the evening. The soap centers around the fictional Los Angeles surburb of Aurora Shores, and the lives of several key citizens. Former champion surfer Kyle Mackenzie was devastated when his thirteen year-old daughter Melanie decided to leave Aurora Shores to live with his sister. Melanie promised she would return---but only if her dad divorced her mom Lynda, a lush and an adulteress who bore another child with up-and-coming politician Alex Wheeler. Twenty years later, Melanie is a 33 year-old widowed mother living in Philadelphia. Still
  7. Stay sweet Bree...I miss you on AIM....Hpe we can chat soon :)

  8. Bree


    Kristen Bell.
  9. Thanks to digital cable, I've been able to catch a lot more movies and I recently watched Muriel's Wedding. It was a very good little indie movie, and anytime you hear ABBA in a movie, well it's going to be entertaining.
  10. Bree! My fellow Sheller! Just had to come and leave you a comment. :-D

  11. Ryan


    I love you Bree :)

  12. It's October, which means horror movies. The classic Halloween was the last one I saw. Even after almost twenty years, it still has an effect on people, which proves you don't need tons of gore and nudity to creep people out.
  13. Profondo Rosso a.k.a. Deep Red An Italian slasher movie from 1976. An American musician witnesses the murder of a psychic and decides to investigate with the help of a reporter. This is a classy, suspenseful, and somewhat gory movie. I don't reccommend this to anyone who has a short attention span, but it's well worth it.
  14. That was such a good movie. The stalker's identity was a total surprise. It had lots of twists and turns that kept you guessing. I watched "Terror Train" last night. I picked up the DVD at Circuit City for 10.99. It's a slasher movie from 1980 starring Jamie Lee Curtis about college kids being terrorized by a psycho on a train on New Year's Eve. While it's not scary, there is a big scene that is just very creepy and unsettling to watch. The camerawork is very stylish and glossy looking too.
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