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  1. Shivers, a 70s zombie movie with a twist. Picture Night of the Living Dead meets Alien meets Debbie Does Dallas and that's basically what it's about. It was weird and creepy. Gotta love Canadian filmakers!
  2. Shawn

    Just showing some love to a fellow Willow hater :)

  3. Same day, evening Nick watched with amusement as Julian hurriedly threw dirty clothes into a hamper and made up his bed. “Hey Jules, it’s your sister that’s coming over, not the President. You lived with her for eight years, I’m sure she knows what a slob you are.” Julian looked up and glared at him. “You have some nerve to be lecturing me on cleanliness when you hardly pick up after yourself.” “I would, but it’s hard to vacuum over a certain redhead, if you catch my drift.” Nick winked slyly at him. Julian threw off his black T-shirt, chucked into the hamper, and went to the closet to get a dressier shirt. “I think you need to go into the kitchen and have another glass of wine.” Nick snorted. “I’ve already had four. And why are you putting on your schoolboy shirt? I thought you only wore that when you knew your dad was coming over for one of his social visits.” Julian just brushed past him and went out the bedroom door. “You won’t need to look sharp man---when Melanie sees me, she’ll forget all about you!” Nick called after him. Now in the kitchen, Julian opened up the fridge door and took out a bottle of Chardonnay. He pulled a wine glass out of the cabinet and poured the wine into it. And then he downed the drink. He was working on his third when Nick appeared. “You’re gonna be plastered before Melanie even gets here,” he warned. “At least I can hold my liquor,” Julian retorted. He finished his glass and then the doorbell rang. His blue eyes widened. “She’s here!” He rushed to the front door and smoothed down his shirt. He took a deep breath and opened up the door. Melanie appeared before him, a tense smile on her face. “Hi Julian,” she said softly. He looked at her for a moment, and then engulfed her in a big bear hug. “Hey Sis, I’m glad you’re here.” --------- Meanwhile, Jeanette Wheeler was rushing to answer her door. “I’m coming!” she called out in a sing-song voice. She opened it slightly and saw Kyle standing there. “Kyle, what are you doing here?” she asked. “I need to see Lynda. It’s important,” he replied. Jeanette let him in. “Would you like something to drink?” She motioned to the small bar in the corner of the living room. Kyle shook his head. “No. This isn’t a social call. Where’s Lynda?” “She’s out on the deck. Is everything alright---“ “Is she sober?” Kyle cut in. “Sober? What kind of question is that?” Jeanette demanded. Kyle struggled to stay patient. “Look Jeanette, I really need to see Lynda. It’s a family matter.” He headed towards the sliding glass doors, leaving Jeanette standing there dumbfounded. Kyle saw his soon-to-be-ex-wife sitting in a patio chair, staring out at the choppy waves. The moon hung low in the darkening California sky. He walked up behind her and gently tapped her on the shoulder. “Lynda,” he said quietly. She jumped slightly and turned around, frowning when she saw who it was. “Kyle, what are you doing here?” She stood up and crossed her arms defiantly. “Lynda, I’m not here to fight with you,” he told her. “Melanie’s back.” Lynda’s mouth dropped open in surprise. “What?” “Our daughter’s home---and you need to see her.” He gazed at her intently. Lynda started to shake a little. “You told her you were divorcing me, didn’t you?” All Kyle could do was nod. Lynda turned around to face the beach again. “That’s why she’s returned. She made good on her promise to come home if you left me. It was the only way you could get her back.” She whirled around, her pretty face filled with anger. “You bastard,” she hissed. Kyle ignored the insult. “I have missed out on twenty years with Melanie because of you Lynda, because of your boozing and your whoring around, and I couldn’t take it anymore. Surely you could have realized one day I would get sick of it all." His eyes bored into hers. Lynda became uncomfortable and turned back around. “You were always a saint Kyle.” Kyle sighed. “Jesus Lynda, don’t do this---“ “No, it’s true!” She faced him once more. “You were the best husband any woman could ever have. You stood by me while I was pregnant with another man’s child. You stood by me when I slept with Sean Carlisle, when I slept with Wes and got pregnant with Shelly, and my drinking…you were there for me. And I took you for granted. I’m such a stupid fool.” She began to cry. Kyle resisted the urge to take her into his arms and hold her. “You had choices Lynda. You could have been a faithful wife to me, but you chose not to be. Now you’re facing the consequences of your actions.” He ran his fingers through his graying hair. “But I’m not here to scold you. Our daughter is home, and you two need to start working things out.” “Working things out?” Lynda stared at Kyle incredulously. “She hates me! It’ll be a cold day in hell before Melanie talks to me. Don’t kid yourself Kyle. We will never patch things up.” --------- Melanie looked around Julian and Nick’s bachelor pad. “Pretty snazzy Julian. How did you manage to snag this place without working?” Julian turned red. Nick put an arm around him and grinned suggestively at Melanie. “It was my dad’s. He gave it to us as a gift.” “Very nice gift, “Melanie murmured. “Your dad must be very successful.” “Nick’s dad is Duncan DeLorean,” Julian piped up. “I’ve never heard of him,” Melanie said flatly. Nick gave Julian a look that said “shut up” but Julian ignored it. “He owns Tempted Video. Porno. It’s right up there with Vivid.” Melanie looked at Nick. “You must be very proud of your father,” she cracked dryly. Nick played it smooth. “It’s a legit business. Nothing to be ashamed of.” He inched closer to Melanie. “You know, you’re a lot hotter in person. Julian has showed me pictures of you, and they don’t do them justice.” “What a flattering thing to say,” Melanie replied, but not really flattered. She had met men like Nick right after her husband died; she was used to all the come-ons. It didn’t work with them and it wouldn’t work with this one either. “Well, if you’re trying to recruit for your father, forget about it,” she told him sharply. Nick seethed and Julian couldn’t help but smile. That will teach you to come on to my sister, he thought to himself. He put his arms around his sister’s shoulders. “How’s my niece doing? I’m looking forward to spending time with her. I can’t wait to take her to the beach.” “Kylie is fine. Dad’s friends Rose and Ray are looking after her right now.” She looked down at the carpet. “He went to talk to Ly---our mother.” “You have trouble calling her mother too, huh?” Julian commented. “You don’t know what she turned into after you left Julian. She became a lush. All she cared about was when and where she could get her next drink.” She fought back tears. “I don’t want you following in her footsteps.” “Mel, I don’t think this is the time for one of those cheesy Afterschool Special moments. This is supposed to be a happy reunion, remember?” Julian replied tersely. “I’m sorry. I’m just worried about you, that’s all,” Melanie almost whispered. “It’s okay.” Julian kissed her on the cheek. “I think we should hit the town. A lot has changed since you’ve been gone big sister.” Nick grabbed Melanie’s hand and leered at her. “And I’m just the guy to show you the new hotspots.” Melanie shook her head. “I think I should just stay in Nick. Julian and I have a lot to catch up on. There’s plenty of time for partying.” “Nick, why don’t you make some sodas,” Julian said in a tone that meant “get lost.” He took the hint. “Gotcha.” He gave Melanie another seductive look. “You’re a hard one to crack beautiful, but I’ll soften you up.” And with that, he headed for the kitchen. Melanie rolled her eyes. “What on earth made you pick him for a friend?” Julian put an arm around her and smiled. “It’s simple Sis. Dad hates him.” ------- Tricia DeLorean was home, relaxing outside by her pool, sipping a mimosa when she heard the sound of high heels clicking on the pavement towards her. She knew it could only be one person. “Hello Cheryl. Are you looking for my husband? If so, he’s not here.” She eased herself out of her lounging chair and turned to face her. “No Tricia, as a matter of fact, I’m here to see you.” Cheryl Slade replied, tossing aside her red hair. Tricia gave her a puzzling look. “Me? Now isn’t this a surprise.” “Look, I’m just going to get right to the point of why I’m here,” Cheryl said firmly. She gave Tricia a stern look. “Have you ever heard of Melanie Mackenzie?” “Yes, she’s the daughter of that surfer---Kyle Mackenzie. What does it matter anyway? Didn’t she leave because of her mother?” “Yeah, but she’s back.” Tricia was still puzzled. “And this concerns me how?” “I had a nice chat with Duncan this morning at his office. He’s very interested in making Melanie his newest sex kitten,” Cheryl admitted. Tricia shrugged. “Are you upset because of the competition? Porno is a very cutthroat business Cheryl. I know better than anyone.” “You don’t have to tell me on how ruthless porno is Tricia,” Cheryl shot back. But I’m concerned Duncan is going to manipulate this girl into joining Tempted, and all for the wrong reasons.” “Oh!” Tricia exclaimed, coming to a realization. “I get it now! Melanie Mackenzie just so happens to be the sister of Julian Wheeler, your lover, and you’re afraid that if Melanie gets into the business, Julian will follow, and you’ll lose him. Am I right?” Tricia smiled cattily at Cheryl. “No Tricia, I am not afraid of losing Julian. He knows I can keep him fully satisfied.” It was Cheryl’s turn to smile cattily. “What I am afraid of is this is Duncan’s way of trying to get Julian at Tempted. He has enough problems---one major one being your slimeball of a son.” Tricia was furious at Cheryl’s remark. “How dare you insult Nick! May I remind you, if it wasn’t for Duncan being so generous and allowing Nick and Julian to live in his condo---rent free I might add---your boy-toy’s butt would be out on the streets.” Tricia put her hands on her hips. “I think it’s time you left. I need to salvage what’s left of this evening before Duncan comes home.” “I’m sorry I called Nick a slimeball okay? But you have to watch Duncan. If he keeps up being this manipulative, something bad will happen to him.” Tricia narrowed her eyes. “Is that a threat Cheryl?” “No Tricia. Call it a warning.” Cheryl turned on her heels and walked away, Tricia’s bravado starting to fade. She had to talk to Duncan, and before the night dissolved into morning… --------- Previews for Episode 3: -Tricia lays into Duncan about his plot to get Julian, and now Melanie into the porno business. -Melanie goes job hunting, and runs into Alex. -Cheryl informs Julian about Duncan’s plans for Melanie. -Rose receives a frightening letter.
  4. Thanks. Whether I get readers or not, it just feels good to be writing creatively again.
  5. The first episode of Riptide is here! It's a short one, however, the first few episodes will introduce the main players. The stories will really kick into high gear soon, and you won't be disappointed! January 26 – Late morning The taxi is heading down Sundown Lane. Melanie Edwards takes a deep breath and looks outside the backseat window. She hasn’t been on this street in twenty years and as the cab advances towards her childhood home, her stomach flips and flops like a roller coaster. She looks down at her daughter Kylie, asleep in her car seat, oblivious to the drama that is facing her as soon as she steps out of the taxi. Finally, she’s here. She glances out the window and sees the house. It’s been repainted blue, with dark blue shutters. The original color was 70s standard mustard yellow. What great times she had in this house. Unfortunately, it's the bad ones that have left an imprint on her mind. Melanie gulps, and gets out of the taxi. She goes to the other door and gets Kylie. The driver gets out to get her bags. She slowly begins to walk up the driveway to the front door, which opens wide. Her father Kyle rushes to her. He grins, and she grins back. The pictures he emailed her of himself didn't do him justice. Even after twenty years, he was still handsome, his skin still had that California surfer's golden glow. “Dad, I’m back,” Melanie finally says, feeling more relaxed. Kyle glances down at his granddaughter. “Look at her, she’s so big the last time I saw her.” Melanie nods. “She gets bigger every day.” Kyle puts an arm around his daughter and they go inside. --------- Julian Wheeler throws a black T-shirt over his bare chest and steps into blue jeans. He goes to the mirror and picks up a bottle of hair gel, spiking up his dark brown hair. He smiles at himself, pleased with the result and heads down the hall to the kitchen where his best friend and roommate Nick DeLorean is. “So Jules, when is that hot sister of yours supposed to come?” Nick asks before taking a bite of his bagel. “She said she would be here later this evening once she gets settled at Kyle’s,” he replies, somewhat pissed. “And don’t come on to her as soon as she walks in the door. She’s too old for you, and it’s only been a year since she lost Mike.” “Since when are you Mr. Moral?” Nick asks. Julian glares at Nick. “This is my sister, not one of your whores you find at the club and bring home for a wham-bam-thank you.” Nick just laughs. “Like Cheryl is classy. Last time I checked, I wasn’t screwing any porn stars.” ---------- Cheryl Slade, a striking redhead, enters the office of her boss, and one-time lover, Duncan DeLorean. She smirks at him and strikes a seductive pose. “I’m surprised to see you here Cheryl. Shouldn’t you be still recovering from one of your marathon sex sessions with Julian?” Duncan cracks sarcastically. “I should, but Julian’s sister is coming home and he’s wrapped up in seeing her. She hasn’t been back in twenty years.” Cheryl replied, brushing off the comment. “Nick told me about that. Apparently she left because her mother couldn’t keep her legs closed and her mouth off of liquor bottles.” He took a sip of bottled water on his desk and grinned. “Nick says Julian’s sister is a looker. Blonde, tan, and beautiful. Sounds like just what Tempted needs.” Cheryl shakes her head. “Typical Duncan. Always on the lookout for new moaners and screamers.” She leans over him, giving him an eyeful of her cleavage. “Give it up. You have plenty of hot, young starlets and himbos at your fingertips. You don’t need Julian or his sister.” Duncan stood up and rubbed Cheryl’s arm, which caused her to shudder for a second. “A brother-sister team would rake in more dollars for Tempted, especially a celebrity brother-sister team. The bastard lovechild of a disgraced ex-senator and the daughter of a famous ex-surfer. It’s perfect. Besides, it would give you an opportunity to bang your boyfriend on camera.” Cheryl pushed Duncan away. “I may have sex on film for money, but you are pure sleaze. It’s not going to work. I would never bring anyone I dated into the business unless they wanted to, and Julian sure as hell doesn’t want to be a porn star.” Duncan chuckled. “Anyone can be convinced for the right price. After all, I convinced you, didn’t I?” -------- Melanie and Kyle stood in the living room sharing a long, warm embrace. After a few moments, they looked at each other. Melanie sighed. “Well, I’m finally home.” She looked around the room. “You’ve changed some things.” Kyle laughed. “Yeah, some.” He picked Kylie up out of her car seat and twirled her around as the little girl giggled. “How is my big girl?” he asked her. Melanie’s eyes were drawn to a picture of herself and Kylie that sat proudly on the fireplace mantle. Next to it was a picture of Julian. Melanie remembered that picture. He was eight. It was the last picture taken before Alex sued for custody. Tears welled up in her eyes. Kyle noticed his daughter and joined her. She put her head on his shoulder. “He was so happy back then.” Her father nodded. “He’s really looking forward to seeing you Mel. He loves you so much.” Melanie’s face darkened. “If he loves me so much, why did he leave me Dad? Why did he break up our family?” It was Kyle’s turn to sigh. “The lifestyle Alex and Jeanette offered was too much for him. I can’t blame him honey. He was just a little boy. I probably would have done the same thing. That’s all in the past. We have to forgive and forget.” Melanie wiped away tears. “I know, and I did. But I still wonder.” She composed herself and got ready to make the one statement she was afraid to ask. “I’m glad you’re divorcing Mom. You should have done it a long time ago.” Kyle headed for the sofa. He let Kylie down, who sat on the floor. Melanie sat next to him. He looked intently at her. “I still love her Mel. I always will.” “I know Dad but---“ “However, I’ve finally realized I couldn’t go on living with her. Believe me, Ray and Rose kept telling me the same thing. I thought I could make her stop the drinking and the cheating. I was wrong. If she wants to change her life, it’s up to her.” He gazed at Kylie. “I’ve also made a petition to adopt Shelly.” Melanie was surprised. “How did Mom react?” “She’s not fighting it. She’s not fighting anything. She’s glad to be free of Shelly and free of me.” Melanie snorted. “And with Alex and Jeanette divorced, she can work her way back into his bed.” “Actually Mel, Lynda and Alex haven’t resumed their affair. I know they still have feelings for each other, but neither has made a move.” Kyle picked up Kylie and bounced her on his lap. Melanie let out a bitter laugh. “Give it time Dad. I guarantee you before this year is over, those two will be together. And she’ll do to Alex what she did to you. It’s poetic justice.” Kyle was taken aback at his daughter’s anger. “Honey, you’ve got to get rid of this hostility towards Lynda. She is your mother. She always will be. You need to see her.” Melanie vehemently shook her head. “No way Dad. Not after what’s she done to us. I will never forgive her as long as I live. Never.” --------- Previews for Episode 2: Melanie and Julian reunite, and Nick comes to on her big time, much to Julian’s displeasure. Duncan hatches a plot to introduce himself to Melanie. Cheryl warns Tricia of her husband’s scheme. Kyle tells Lynda their daughter is back home, who tells Alex. Upcoming moments you won't want to miss! A big bash is the scene for a murder plot... Rose's quiet life turns into a nightmare when her singing attracts a stalker... Teagan's love for Julian takes her down a dark path... Lonely Jeanette falls in love with a surprising man...
  6. Riptide will debut on Friday, January 26th, sometime in the evening. The soap centers around the fictional Los Angeles surburb of Aurora Shores, and the lives of several key citizens. Former champion surfer Kyle Mackenzie was devastated when his thirteen year-old daughter Melanie decided to leave Aurora Shores to live with his sister. Melanie promised she would return---but only if her dad divorced her mom Lynda, a lush and an adulteress who bore another child with up-and-coming politician Alex Wheeler. Twenty years later, Melanie is a 33 year-old widowed mother living in Philadelphia. Still reeling from the untimely death of her husband Mike Edwards, she gets the news she's been waiting so long to hear. "I'm divorcing Lynda...please come home." Melanie, along with her 2 year-old daughter Kylie, head back to Aurora Shores, and her life, as she knows it, will never be the same. Not only does she have to deal with seeing her mother, a woman she severed ties with twenty years ago, she discovers her half-brother Julian, the love child of her mother and Alex Wheeler, has turned into an out-of-control party boy only living for his next high, his next drink, and his next sexual conquest. The golden beaches of Melanie's once perfect little town have become a home for sin and scandal, and her return isn't just breaking waves---it's a hurricane waiting to happen... In the meantime, listen to the theme song and be prepared to get caught under with Riptide on January 26th! Updates: Before the first episode is released, read the backstory, in Melanie's own words, of how her family was torn apart...and lives would never be the same again! Character bios are up as well. Watch the opening credits
  7. Stay sweet Bree...I miss you on AIM....Hpe we can chat soon :)

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    Kristen Bell.
  9. Thanks to digital cable, I've been able to catch a lot more movies and I recently watched Muriel's Wedding. It was a very good little indie movie, and anytime you hear ABBA in a movie, well it's going to be entertaining.
  10. Bree! My fellow Sheller! Just had to come and leave you a comment. :-D

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    I love you Bree :)

  12. It's October, which means horror movies. The classic Halloween was the last one I saw. Even after almost twenty years, it still has an effect on people, which proves you don't need tons of gore and nudity to creep people out.
  13. Profondo Rosso a.k.a. Deep Red An Italian slasher movie from 1976. An American musician witnesses the murder of a psychic and decides to investigate with the help of a reporter. This is a classy, suspenseful, and somewhat gory movie. I don't reccommend this to anyone who has a short attention span, but it's well worth it.
  14. That was such a good movie. The stalker's identity was a total surprise. It had lots of twists and turns that kept you guessing. I watched "Terror Train" last night. I picked up the DVD at Circuit City for 10.99. It's a slasher movie from 1980 starring Jamie Lee Curtis about college kids being terrorized by a psycho on a train on New Year's Eve. While it's not scary, there is a big scene that is just very creepy and unsettling to watch. The camerawork is very stylish and glossy looking too.
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