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  1. Happy Birthday Clint!!

  2. To my fellow ATWT viewer.. Love your comments tons...Stay sweet Clint :)

  3. The Cocktail Lounge

    Thanks Ryan, I will take you up on your offer to make me one
  4. The Cocktail Lounge

    OMG, Ryan your banner and siggy are beyond hot.
  5. The Cocktail Lounge

    Don't worry, it will be shown again tonight right before the Emmy's air.
  6. The Cocktail Lounge

    Congrats Shawn
  7. The Cocktail Lounge

    He's back, someone check out the name stefano demira
  8. The Cocktail Lounge

    I think I found our friend on yet another board http://boards.soapcentral.com/showthread.php?t=253952
  9. The Cocktail Lounge

    Well I will see everyone in a day or two, we are going to be leaving in a few hours
  10. The Cocktail Lounge

    I am glad you changed it back
  11. The Cocktail Lounge

    Where has Dusty gone, I have not seen a post by him in almost a week
  12. The Cocktail Lounge

    I am going on a short vacation Thursday and hopefully on Friday. Hopefully we will do better at the Casino there than we did tonight.
  13. The Cocktail Lounge

    It's official I hate American Idol
  14. The Cocktail Lounge

    LOL! The price of Gas here in Michigan just jumped 14 cents today to 3.41 which is only 2 cents cheaper than California, which two months ago we were a dollar cheaper than California, if that is not price gouging nothing is.
  15. The Cocktail Lounge

    Just checked out his site, and he made my computer freeze, that is how much crap he has on there,lol. Anyway at least he used some capitol letters on his page.