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  1. Has anyone watched this yet? I actually really liked it, didn't think I would, but I did. Its the only current show on Freeform that I can stand.
  2. I did care for the reboot, pass their prime and they tried to hard to be relevant in todays society. Not going to lie, the characters are just "too old" and doesn't attract the younger audience and its also Network TV. Put it on Hulu or Netflix and it would have been a different story.
  3. Since it will be on HBO Max, I bet will be a lot more darker and riskier than on the CW, a network TV channel. Just hope they film in NYC and showcase the fashion and the city. It was a big part of the original.
  4. So... its seems to be every story line in all soaps for that last 20 years lol. I wish they would just tell modern day stories.
  5. I never cared for modern family, you can win all the awards you want, it was just annoying and you grow to hate all the characters. loved In the Middle and going to miss it. i really hope they stop playing the whole Sue and Sean thing and just get them together already!! I want a series finale with them getting married!!!
  6. I am still watching, last night was really good. I think this season is better than last.
  7. I am not digging the new season. Its to Clichy and over the top for it. Also not digging the new Reggie recast, dude is a terrible!
  8. I loved it and everyone at my job that saw it loved it as well.
  9. Some of you wouldn't agree with the ending, but I am happy with it.
  10. Showtime only releases Showtime shows to Netflix when they have ended. Makes me wonder if the show is coming to a end.
  11. I binge watch the show a few weeks ago, and fell in love with Richie. I was always rooting for Pat and Richie. Richie is like the guy I would marry.
  12. The Catch wouldnt last after season 2, terrible numbers
  13. This and the Catch should have been canceled due to poor ratings
  14. Everything on Soaps is overused from like 30 or 40 years ago, Get with the modern times and right stuff that is part of this era.
  15. This show is terrible, the actors on it make it even worse.
  16. Just re-saw the movie right now and NBC will ruin it. This belongs either on HBO, Showtime, Netflix, or even AMC.
  17. Why is the pilot being filmed in LA when the original movie was based and filmed in NYC? NYC is a character in itself, going to ruin the tv show.
  18. lip is starting to annoy me again.
  19. i like it to, Tom Ellis and i need to married. Still miss Shay on Chicago fire, but like her on this new show.
  20. https://www.yahoo.com/tv/days-lives-renewal-ahead-nbc-150053851.html looks like good news
  21. gtru1981


    Shouldn't we create a group just for Netflix, since they are rolling out so many different shows and we have many different discussion groups for their shows? Just be easier in my opinion.
  22. i just saw that, so happy. Loved the first season, thank you Netflix!
  23. people find anything to complain now a days, sad world we live in. i honestly can't wait for season two. it will be better since the first season was shot while still under NBC, season two is under Netflix's terms. They do a WAY better job on comedies than network TV.
  24. actually it got bad ratings. Sad I thought I was going to hate this, but actually really liked it. Even watched the 3rd one on demand after the first two.
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