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  1. I am going to be honest, never saw the appeal in the actor. Ever since watching Passions, he just comes off as basic in the look departments. Don't get me wrong, would love to have his body, but i find guys like Zander and new EJ to be WAY hotter. Maybe its the accent.
  2. I totally forgot Chloe had a sister named Joy. lol. Reasons why i thought she had a daughter. Same thing could happen, Joy is aged to early 20's and becomes a massive famous pop singer. Chloe gets jealous and hooks her on booze and pills to convince her parents to create a conservatorship and ala , Britney storyline in the making.
  3. Chloe and many others need a new direction. However that is the thing with soaps, it about creating drama between couples. Why can't Chloe run a successful music school funded by drug lords? Another could be age her daughter to a teen and cause tension between her and the daughter. Daughter becomes a massive pop singer and goes on a downfall spiral with the success, that leads to drugs, alcohol and do a Britney story where she is under a conservatorship by her mother and the dark side of it.
  4. Brady along with Rafe need to leave in my opinion. Time for them to set sail and bring back other characters.
  5. This is true, they aged Brady 10 years older that the group he was suppose to be in.
  6. Honestly, if I were the HW, the characters of Rafe, Brady and Nicole would be retired and written off. I would kill off Rafe, in some Police shoot out. I would have Brady, ran off and search for Kristin, however ala Soap style, have his plane explode and not found. I would have Nicole go to South Africa and try to win Eric back. I wrote this on another board. I would bring back Carrie, Austin, Will and Sonny. I would age Noah between the ages of 16 to 18, to be a troubled kid. Getting kicked out of school, getting arrested. Carrie and Austin just don't know what to do with him anymore and its causing an issue in their marriage. We have Noah, who becomes fascinated with the Dimera family and its history and becomes EJ's protégé, something that his own son doesn't doesn't want to be part of. This would lead to, which should have been done years ago, Carrie and Anna resolving their issues with each other, since Anna left her as a young girl. Add in Kate, who loves to get involved in her kids lives. Some good drama between Anna, Kate and Carrie. During this time, Austin just can't deal and decides to starting boxing again and Carrie, trying to save her son from EJ, becomes involve with him. I would bring in Rachel as well, however, she wants nothing to do with her mother Kristen and the Dimera name, but starts to fall for Noah and tries to redeem him. I would also introduce Tyler Kiriakis into the mix as well, who has a thing for Rachael and dislikes both the Dimera and Kiriakis family name and their legacy and tries destroy the two families, after he finds out his mother Mimi was murdered (off screen) by EJ along with Zanders help. I would also add Sydney into this bunch. Have her be the quiet shy girl, however she has a deep dark secret. She is out for revenge against her father EJ and teams up with Tyler to destroy both the Dimera and Kiriakis empires with the help of Ava. Make Ava bad again.
  7. I believe the actor who plays Will is living or working in Atlanta now, so probably when they filed that scene, he wasn't in LA.
  8. Same, just wished they give her a better storyline. Maybe a triangle with Carrie and EJ? lol and your point? Soaps rehash storylines over and over again. They been on for years and clearly the networks like the old stale format from 30 years ago.
  9. Holy Crap, I just Googled it and Christie did start in 1986..wow!
  10. Isn't this like the second or third time they actually ever has scenes together? I know when Anna was on in the 80's, the Carrie was played by the actress who was Kimmy Gibbler. Omg, just thinking Anna during the JER era, her and Kate teaming up and Anna working with Celeste. Would have been great!
  11. Glad Barnes is out, he was SO boring. Sad about Hyder.
  12. After watching all 5 episodes and than re-watching them, i truly think this should become a spinoff. Do it like they do with other peacock or Netflix shows. Each season, consist of 13 episodes and focus on certain characters. Than can bring back people like Billie, Carrie, Will, etc and other former cast members. They seem to get away with more stuff than on the regular show. Daytime is general has become stale and they don't seem to be taking risks like they did in the 90's or up to the early 00's. Each season, focus on a certain main storyline and have a whole bunch of current and former cast members be in different seasons.
  13. Has anyone watched this yet? I actually really liked it, didn't think I would, but I did. Its the only current show on Freeform that I can stand.
  14. I did care for the reboot, pass their prime and they tried to hard to be relevant in todays society. Not going to lie, the characters are just "too old" and doesn't attract the younger audience and its also Network TV. Put it on Hulu or Netflix and it would have been a different story.
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