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Big Brother: SON Edition!


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Okay, it's official. Big Brother: SON Edition is going to premiere tomorrow night.

Here are the rules:

1. There will be one thread for the game. In this thread, annoucnements from BB (me) will be made throughout the game. Nominations will be placed announced here. Competitions and winners will be announced here. Evictions will be announced here. This is also where you guys (the players) will interact with the other players. You could say this would be like the backyard, or the living room/kitchen, open spaces where everyone would be.

2. Which brings me to strategizing. Secrets are a must in the BB house. Alliances are almost manditory to remain in the game. I don't expect you guys to talk about your strategy with your group in a place where everyone can read. You can PM your secret meetings with each other to keep whatever you're talking about a secret and unknown the the rest of the house.

3. Confessionals are MANDITORY! You must make a confessional at least once a day. It doesn't have to be a lot just at least a little bit of something once a day. You have to PM the confessional to me. I repeat again, EACH PLAYER MUST MAKE A CONFESSIONAL AT LEAST ONCE A DAY.

4. As for the competitions themselves, I have decided that I'm just going to pick out the winners. It's nearly impossible to fully be able to have actual competitions online. I would've had questions like where is so and so from? Well, anyone can just look at the name and see where the player is from. That's not easy. This way, I'll create the situation and make whoever win or lose the best way I see fit. Besides, the point of this isn't to actually compete, LOL. Big Brother is all about backstabbing and alliances. That's the real drama. That's the real fun! The competitions are there to just classify it as a game hahaha.

5. It's going to be like the real show. Eviction and HoH is on Thursday. Nominations are announced Saturday. POV is Tuesday.

6. The chosen HoH for the particular week will have the decision on who he/she wants to be nominated for eviction. The HoH has to send me their two picks before they hold the nomination ceremony in this thread. That means, on Saturday, if you're HoH, you must PM me your 2 decisions. Then, afterwards, you can go and hold the nomination ceremony.

7. Votes will also be PMed to me as well. It will be just like a confessional. Just send me your vote. If you want to add a few words in there that's even better, but not manditory.

8. I think that's enough rules. Just remember to have fun and please try to stick with the game until you are either evicted or the end. Everyone will be welcomed back on Finale Night where there will be many surprises handed out and the winner will be crowned!

Here is the official cast list for Big Brother:

Jinxed Soul


King Reilly







Ryan Chandler


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I'm confused about how you'll pick the winner of things? Is it going to be based on valid things? Like are we going to have assigned characters and then the winner is like how many people have played that character or how many times that eprson has been married orrrrr? Something? Because I think randomly picking people might be cause for some trouble for you because I think people might FREAAAAAAK! LOL.

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Because I think randomly picking people might be cause for some trouble for you because I think people might FREAAAAAAK! LOL.

Wisely said. You're definitely onto something there, King ;) Remember the basis of this game......D-R-A-M-A! I want big blow out fights. I want this to be the best season Big Brother ever had, LOL.

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You're right. Okay, scratch the random idea. I've thought of another way to validate who wins HoH and it's never been done in BB history. It's really going to throw a wrench in everyone's game plan once alliances are made and sides are chosen. :P You'll find out all about it tomorrow during the HoH competition.

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INT - JSF's House - Afternoon


Jandon: Well, JSF, you're all packed and ready to go.

(She hands him a suitcase)

JSF: Yeah...

Jandon: How long is it?

JSF: Guess that depends. Whether I win.

Ashleigh: He'll win. He's gonna make this whole town proud, aren't you, JSF?

JSF: I guess...

Jandon: Well, you don't sound very sure.

Ashleigh: Yeah, JSF, you've been cast on freakin' BIG BROTHER. Aren't you excited?

JSF: Um...yeah.

(Jandon's eyes immediately widen)

Jandon: OH MY GOD. Come here.

(She grabs him by the hand, takes him to the couch and they sit; Ashleigh waits by the back door)

Jandon: Tell me you're NOT gonna screw this up.


Jandon: JSF!

(JSF stares at the blank TV screen; Jandon notes his expression and realizes something)

Jandon: Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. Don't tell me you're screwing up this GREAT opportunity for, for THEM!


Ashleigh: You guys, what's the delay?!!

Jandon: JSF's gonna give the big '[[email protected]#$%^&*] you' to freakin' Big Brother, THAT'S the delay!

Ashleigh: Wha--?

JSF (clenching a couch pillow): I'm not going.

Jandon (frustrated): He's not going.

Ashleigh: What? Are you crazy...? WHY?!

(Jandon looks JSF square in the eyes)

Jandon: It's THEM, isn't it?


Jandon: ISN'T IT?!!!

(JSF abruptly stands up)

JSF: Dammit, Jan, YEAH, fine, it's THEM.

(Jandon droops her head; she gives up)

JSF: Look, what'd you expect...? Jan, what do you WANT from me? I can't live that life. I just...I can't live that life. It's not MY life, it's not MY dream!!! Remember, you were the one who signed me up...

(Jandon, limp, cradles her head in her hands)

Ashleigh: Are we going or not?

(Jandon stiffens up on the sofa)

Jandon (stands): NO, he's not going, you stupid [email protected]#$%^&*]!!

Ashleigh: Damn, Jan, that time of the month?

Jandon: GET THE [[email protected]#$%^&*] OUT!!!

(Ashleigh leaves the house; Jandon composes herself)

Jandon (to JSF): Why?


Jandon: JSF, WHY?!

(JSF sits back down on the couch, grabs the remote control from the coffee table and turns on the TV)

JSF: It's them, Jandon. Can't you see? It was always...it was always them.

(Jandon looks at the screen and sees Jared and Theresa engaged in playful banter on "Passions.")

Jandon: I knew it. (beat) DAMMIT, I KNEW IT!

(JSF watches the TV; a big smile forms)

Jandon: Unbelievable.

(the phone rings in the kitchen; Jandon answers it)

Jandon: Hello?

Jandon: Julie Chen, hi. (beat) No, he's not... (beat) No, he's not running late. He's just ... he's not coming (beat) Why?

(She looks at JSF, who is deeply immersed, almost in a hypnotic state while watching "Passions," and returns to the phone)

Jandon: All he needs is here.

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Umm, what the hell was that about? Are you doing the gam or not?

Drew, obviously, I can't. :(

You can't watch TV in the "Big Brother" house, and my love for Jaresa far transcends my friend's need for me to appear on a national game show.. but don't worry. We already notified Julie Chen. Perhaps someone else can take my place? It'd be a "Big Brother" twist. :)

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