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  1. Eve and JJ are in her bedroom where JJ wonders why Eve brought him back there. Eve shrugs. She's not even sure. Eve wanted to talk to JJ in private. JJ figures a bedroom couldn't be more private. Eve shakes her head. JJ knows exactly why Eve brought him back there. JJ isn't sure they should do this again. Eve says she has a bottle of wine out front. JJ asks what happens after that drink. Eve looks down at the bed. At the hospital, Jennifer tries calling Roxanne back. When she gets Roxanne's voicemail, Jennifer leaves a message, insisting Roxanne return her call. Lucas drops into Jennifer's
  2. DrewH

    Spring Previews!

    "The first six months of story will really be a transition period," explains Head Writer Drew Hamilton. "There's a big milestone coming in the fall that will celebrate 50 years of the show's history. To be able to honor that properly, everything needs to be in a certain place by the time the anniversary gets here. Spring is just the beginning. We'll touch on young love, secrets from the past and shocking revelations." Aiden/Hope: Aiden took a big step admitting the truth to Hope. In a way, it solidified their relationship. However, something happens that causes Aiden to question his decisio
  3. DrewH

    What to expect...

    The most recent version of ‘As Days Go By’ was approaching its 2 year anniversary this summer. What made you decide to restart? There were a lot of factors that went into the decision. I have to admit one of the reasons was Keith bringing ‘Our Days in Salem’ back and picking up with the current storylines on the real show. Through his work, I saw the potential the current canvas has. I wanted to take advantage of that potential. Currently, the show’s stories and characters are very different from when you took over the writing duties in the summer of 2013. Sami and EJ are no longer on the
  4. I really hope whoever replaces Kate at Oakdale Now also replaces Kate in Brad's life. He deserves so much better than that trash. Bye Gwen! Alison has diabetes?! I see ANWT is about to actually tackle a social story. I'm interested!
  5. DrewH

    Episode 278

    Don't even tell me that Colin's alive! Thank God Ali's not pregnant. I want Aaron and Alison to break up! That would been a nice Snyder reunion to see. Poor Babs...
  6. DrewH

    Episode 277

    Glad to see that Jack's back. Now he's got some explaining to do as to where he's been. Bye Katie! Don't come back! The Cabot storyline's getting juicy!!
  7. DrewH

    Episode 264

    Damn! I wanted Mac to be a good guy. I hope there's still hope that he's a character that has lasting potential. Glad to see Craig, Rosanna and Carrie are all closing in on the same story.
  8. DrewH

    Episode 261

    I know Jade didn't kill Colin. I want to know who did though. I think you should've had Brad hire Steve Johnson as his PI and not this Neil Garner.
  9. DrewH

    Episode 259

    Dusty and Emily Barbara's in denial. She is totally trying to replace Jen with Belle...oops! I mean Carrie. Yay, Paul and Rosanna are official! Craig's like family to Lily and always will be no matter what he does. Holden needs to realize that. Holden and Lily really need something added to spice them up. They're so boring! Molly needs to come back and raise some hell for these two.
  10. DrewH

    Episode 258

    That was the fastest reunion I've ever witnessed on a soap for Dusty and Emily. Jade's looking guilty, too guilty. Someone else must've killed Colin. Paul sounds like a freaking baby, complaining to Mommy how a girl stopped him from beating up another guy. Grow up!
  11. DrewH

    Episode 257

    Nice to see you're taking a page out of my book with the picture and caption. LOL! I do like Paul, only when he's with Rosanna though. Hey Katie, MIND YO BUSINESS!
  12. DrewH

    Episode 255

    Glad to see Susan talking some sense into Emily. Carly used the word "douche!" Keep Katie away from Mac please!
  13. DrewH

    Episode 253

    Shut up, Lucinda!! I wish someone would vandalize Katie's face. I want Casey and Gwen
  14. DrewH

    Episode 251

    Brad scores points from me for calling Katie a bitch. I knew Luke would end up in trouble protecting Jade. I like Mac so far, so I'm hoping that Brad's wrong and he turns out to be a nice guy and not some creep, trying to move in on Carly. Although, if he turned out to be a conman, it would be right down Carly's alley because isn't that how she arrived in Oakdale? If that's the case, then they're destined to be together. Either way, I just want Grant Show and Maura West together.
  15. DrewH

    Episode 250

    Go Kim! I have a feeling that Luke's going to get himself into big trouble for helping Jade.
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