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Big Brother: SON Edition!


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Drew, obviously, I can't.

You can't watch TV in the "Big Brother" house, and my love for Jaresa far transcends my friend's need for me to appear on a national game show.. but don't worry. We already notified Julie Chen. Perhaps someone else can take my place? It'd be a "Big Brother" twist.

Umm...............okay, whatever. JSF is out and Rick is in. Don't forget to catch the season premiere tonight right after Big Brother on CBS!

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All new applicants, I'm sorry but you are too late. Don't count yourself out though. There are many twists and turns expected this season. Stay tuned ;)


There are 11 awaiting houseguests standing in front of the Big Brother house eagerly waiting to go inside and start the game. DrewHamilton is in the other room looking at them. He turns to the camera.

DrewHamilton: Good evening. I'm DrewHamilton. Welcome to a summer of lying, cheating, backstabbing and deciet. Welcome to Big Brother: SON Edition! Behind me are 11 strangers all vying for the opportunity to win the big bucks at the end of the game. To get there, each participant will have to endure several weeks inside the Big Brother house. Lets begin the game. Before the houseguests arrived, their names were randomly selected to enter the house. There will be four that enter first, four that enter second and the remaining three will be the last to enter. Getting inside, in previous seasons, was the grand prize. Not this time. You'll see what I mean in just a little bit. Lets talk to the houseguests.

DrewHamilton turns to the houseguests.

DrewHamilton: Houseguests, it is now time to enter the Big Brother house. Each of you were randomly selected to enter the house in two groups of four and one group of three. The first players to enter the house are Toups, watt3213, Jinxed Soul and Ryan Chandler. You may enter the house first. Choose your rooms for you have first pick.

DrewHamilton: The next group of names will be read now. SweetNYGal33, King Reilly, amello16 and KryptonMan10, you may now enter the house and join the other houseguests.

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