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  1. Paparazzi It seemed really low budget but was actually pretty good. Nice action scenes when the guy was running from the paparazzi. I thought the movie was good with all the action and suspense. It puts a spin on revenge!!
  2. The last movie I saw was Cruising with Al Pacino. LOL There were soooo many gay guys in that movie. LMAO @ what they were wearing in the clubs. I thought the storyline was pretty good but there was too much dialogue. It was an ok movie IMO (definitely NOT one of Pacino's best), but if you want sum laughs rent it!!! LOL There were many funny parts. :lol:
  3. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous I really only liked the scenes where Sandra Bullock fought with Regina King. The movie was blah. Funny in some parts but overall boring. LOL I am not like chick flicks anymore...lol dunno why.
  4. The last movie I saw was Little Black Book with Brittany Murphy. It was cute but a warning to all the guys THIS IS A CHICK FLICK LOL I know that's kinda obvious and all by the cover but I just wanted the guys to know that. Honestly, I wouldn't really waste my time on it. It's definitely NOT one of Brittany Murphy's best films. I thought there was wayyyyy too much dialogue though the movie did have a few punch lines here and there.
  5. Red Eye It was awesum...nice suspense and drama...and damn Rachel can fight! That girl can hold her own! You show 'em!!
  6. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. For a movie made almost 20 years before I was born, it's pretty funny. It's like really long but Jack Nicholson is great in the movie! He's a crazy man, indeed, and deserved that oscar for the role.
  7. I saw most of After The Sunset with Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek. It was a pretty good movie though I did find myself paying more attention to Salma than anything else. She looks very hot in the movie and I thought it was funny how she dressed up as a homeless dude. I thought the movie was pretty action-packed and I thought Salma and Pierce had good chemistry together--(they had some HOT love scenes). Not a bad movie, I'd recommend it.
  8. I agree about Urban Legend. I like those movies. They scare kids. That's funny. I saw Wicker Park. I was expecting something along the lines of Swimfan with the hot, crazy, [email protected]#$%^&*] who falls in love with the guy who's with the All-American girl and then she tries and kill the girl. But I thought Wicker Park was boring and I'm glad I got it free from the library. I only liked the fact that Josh Hartnett and Matthew Lilliard were both unknowingly having sex with the same chick who they both considered thier girlfriend. She was playing like everyone in the movie and that's about all I liked. It took too long to develop suspense and drama so I don't recommend renting it.
  9. The last movie I saw was The 40-year-old Virgin. I thought it was HILARIOUS!!!! I knew it was a hit among us teenagers but I didn't think it'd be really really funny. It was and I don't buy dvds like all these other posters do (I like to use my money on video games instead ) and I would buy The 40-year-old virgin. It was THAT good. I'd recommend it to anyone.
  10. I saw The Third Wheel with Denise Richards and Luke Wilson. They said it was "from the producers of American Pie" and if any of you have seen the pie movies they're hilarious but this was not funny at all. It's more like a love story that they try to make funny if you ask me. The only part I liked was seeing Denise cuz she's hot so yea the movie sucked. Not her best that's for sure.
  11. I saw The Ring 2 and it freakin' BLOWS yo!!! It was not at all like the first one.
  12. Monster-In-Law with J.Lo....I was surprised....I had heard that the flick was funny but considering J.Lo's acting career I really didn't picture it. But it was a RIOT! It was funny. I'd recommend it
  13. I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith YO! It WUZ [email protected]#$%^&*]HHHHHINNNNNN!!!!
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