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We were playing Gimmie 4 in the playing field and I thought this deserved it's own thread :)

Here's a few of my fave MFTV movies.

Sybil (Sally Field, Joanne Woodward) - True story of a young woman who had such a horrible childhood that she developed 16 different personalities.

Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows (Judy Davis, Tammy Blanchard, Hugh Laurie, Victor Garber) - The Judy Garland story from her birth to death.

Her Last Chance (Patti LuPone, Devon Odessa, Kelli Martin, Jenna Elfman) - A widowed mother tries to help her daughter win the battle against drug and alcohol addiction. When the daughter is wrongly accused of her boyfriend's murder, the mother must prove her innocence.

Men Don't Tell (Judith Light, Peter Strauss) - An unhappy wife who was abused as a child physically beats her husband. When he defends himself during a huge fight, she is hospitalized and he is accused of attempted murder.

She Says She's Innocent (Katey Sagal, Charlotte Ross, David Lascher) - Three girlfriends accidentally kill their best friend. The girls promise each other to keep quiet. As the police get more suspicious, the mother (Sagal) of one of the girls is in a dilema, she must chose to protect her daughter, or help justice be served.

I've Been Waiting For You (Sarah Chalke, Soleil Moon Frye, Markie Post, Christian Campbell) - The new girl in town is suspected of using witchcraft to seek revenge for a murder that happened over a century ago.

Reefer Madness: The Musical (Kristen Bell, Christian Campbell, Neve Campbell, Alan Cumming, Ana Gasteyer) - An outrageous campy musical comedy adaptation of the classic 1936 anti-marijuana film.

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Some of them actually have some artistic merit. Here's my favorites:

Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay, starring Shirley MacLaine and Parker Posey and based on the true story of a cosmetics war, this hysterically campy and surprisingly poignant story featured powerhouse performances from its two leading ladies.

Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story, starring Aaron Ashmore tells the true story of Marc Hall, a gay teen who wants to take his slightly older boyfriend to his catholic school's prom. Never taking itselt too seriously but always with a positive message, this movie has a great message to it.

My House in Umbria, starring Maggie Smith as a woman who takes in an unlikely group of people in the wake of a tragic terrorist attack. Secrets, lies and love all converge in a beautiful dramedy.

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All of my favorite MOTW are crime thrillers.

Fear Stalk Jill Clayburgh is a successful soap opera producer who becomes the target of a deranged stalker, who not only terrorizes her, but her friends and loved ones. This one was very suspenseful and the identity of the stalker was surprising.

Body of Evidence Margot Kidder discovers husband Barry Bostwick is an adulterer and a murderer.

Eyewitness Suzanne Somers is a TV reporter who stumbles onto a mass murder at a bar and begins to think her husband is involved. But it's not the case, and the truth is a lot more frightening than she realizes.

With a Vengence Melissa Gilbert has amnesia and can't remember her past. With the help of her boss, she pieces together her past and learns what really happened to her as a child. It's scary, to say the least.

Dark Secret of Harvest Home A horror miniseries from the 70s. A family moves to a New England town and learns the citizens, led by Bette Davis, are pagan witches who make sacrifices in return for healthy crops.

Fight For Justice: The Nancy Conn Story Marilu Henner is attacked by a crazed redneck and survives, but gets angry when the law doesn't want to put him away. The more she fights, the crazier he gets and decides to kill her to keep her from putting him away. Doug Savant is really good as the psycho hillbilly.

Shadow of Obsession Veronica Hamel plays a professor stalked by an obsessed student.

Terror Stalks the Class Reunion Like the above movie, but this stalker is REALLY deranged and goes so far as to kidnap his ex-teacher and force her into marrying him.

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A couple that I remember off the top of my head are:

Salem's Lot (the original with David Soul) - that one seriously scared the cr@p out of me

Love Is Never Silent - with Mare Winningham as a girl who becomes the sole ears and voice for her deaf parents after the childhood death of her brother

The House Without A Christmas Tree - one of my favorite holiday ones

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I haven't really watched that many MFTV or Lifetime movies, but these stick out for me

Burning Bed- Farrah Fawcett is being beaten by her husband in the days when a lot of peole just ignored stuff like that, and she stops him from ever doing it again. Ture story too.

Shame- Amanda DOnahoe plays a lawyer on vacation, passing through a small town, and attmpts to get a young woman to press rape charges on a gang of boys who assaulted her.

Sin of Innocence- This one is kind of bad, but I remember it. Dermot Mulroney is the teenage son of Bill Bixby, who marries a woman with a teenage daughter, and the two teens fall in love.

Martha, Inc- Cybill Shepherd is freaking hilarious as Martha Stewart.

There was a Little Boy- Cybill Shepherd again, as a woman whose son was taken as a baby, only now she thinks he is one of the students in her class.

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Favorite of all-time on Lifetime?


"Jackie's Back!"


Seventies sex kitten Jackie Washington considers herself a true diva. Now she's out and about trying to reclaim her "fame" in this hilarious "mockumentary." Her hellish past unfolds with the help of guest celebrity appearances by Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O' Donnell, Bette Midler, Dolly Pardon, Tom Arnold, Melissa Etheridge, and more. (RottenTomatoes.com)

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I love Lifetime movies. Any lifetime movie starring any alum from 90210 is a favorite of mine, especially the Tori Spelling one where she was a teen age call girl. I totally forget the name. There was another one with Tiffani Amber Theissan who was pretty and popular and her friends kill her and her best friend moves in with her Mom, played by Patty Duke.

There was one called Satan's Schhol for Girls (I think) starring Shannen Doherty and Daniel Cosgrove which was weird but I watched it because I love 90210.

But my all time favorite starred Kellie Martin and Tori Spelling. This goes back to when I was in college around 1993ish. I totally forget the name but Kellie Martin's character wants to be like Tori Spelling and join this special club. Tori thought she was a freak. Kellie accidentially on purpose kills her. It was Becca Thatcher killing Donna Martin. I loved it.

I swear, it all comes back to 90210. Now, the Lifetime movies suck. Except the one with hottie Shawn Christian

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Stalking Laura: The Laura Black Story (1995) Brooke Shields plays Laura Black, who is constantly harrassed and soon stalked by a co-worker, who insists that she go out with him. Richard Thomas plays Rich Farley, the man that is determined to make Laura his "girlfriend". When he is fired from the job, he seeks revenge on all those that were against him, including Laura. He comes back to the job and starts a murderous rampage, shooting anyone on contact.

A Friend to Die For : Kellie Martin plays Angela, a girl who wants so badly to fit in with the popular crowd led by Tori Spelling, who plays conceited Stacy Lockwood. When Stacy shuns her, Angela continues her desperate pursuit to get the girl to like her. When heated words are exchanged, Angela, in a angry rage of being picked on, attacks Stacy, killing her.

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How the hell did I forget this one?!!

"Her Best Friend's Husband" (2002)


p.s. IF you watch, the Mandy Roberts character is the BIGGEST hypocritical !@#$%^&*]. It's like, "Yeah, I'm divorcing my husband but even though I don't want him no more, YOU can't have him, neither!"

Damn, shut up, !@#$%^&*]! He's A FREE MAN now, skank!

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Just thought of a couple more-

Body Language- Heather Locklear's temp secretary tries to take over her job, her man, and end her life.

It Was Him or Us- Ann Jillian has to protect her daughter from slimy Richard Grieco, who then takes the family hostage!

Babycakes- Ricki Lake is overweight and in love with a guy who will never be into her, until he is.

Best Title- MOTHER MAY I SLEEP WITH DANGER- So cheesy bad. I've never seen that one, but the title sticks out.

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There was a Victoria Principle/Robert Hayes movie that was on Lifetime, but I forgot the name of the movie.

She was married to him; he was a police officer that got injured in the line of duty; he suddenly started terrorizing her till she divorced him; he didn't want her with her current boyfriend and decided to kidnap her.

Does anyone remember this movie?

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Some of My Faves were short mini-series too but I will include them here:

Valley of the Dolls - version with Lisa Hartman Black

Little Women - with Susan Dey

The Users - with Tony Curtis and Jaclyn Smith

Rage of Angels - with Jaclyn Smith

The Rape of Richard Beck - with Richard Crenna

Dawn Anna - recent Lifetime movie about a teacher at Columbine - starred Debra Winger

There were also 2 1970 or 1980 TV movies about a teenage runaway. One was about Dawn played by Eve Plumb. In the movie she met a young male prostitue played by Leigh McCloskey. They later did a movie about him too. Those were both very good, but don't remember the names.

Bill - starring Mickey Rooney

Who Will Love My Children? - Ann-Margret played a woman dying and wanted her childred cared for after she was gone

The Last Convertible - had Bruce Boxleitner and many others. About growing up, going to war, and best friends and first loves. Great movie.

Double Jeopardy - wtih Bruce Boxleitner and Sela Ward and Rachel Ward

All Quiet on the Western Front - with Richard Thomas

The Dollmaker - hate Jane Fonda but loved that movie

The Burning Bed - with Farrah Fawcett

Sybil - with Joanne Woodward and Sally Field

Men Don't Tell - with Judith Light

Both movies about The Betty Broderick Story with Meredith Baxter in them. Those were great movies.

The Day After - with many stars in it about nuclear bombs being dropped on the US. One of the first really powerful movies about it.

In A Child's Name - with Valerie Bertinelli (great movie)

Gone in the Night - with Shannon Doherty

Sex, Lies and Obsession - with Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna - he's a sex addict

Dangerous Child - one of the best Lifetime movies ever

Friendship, Secrets and Lies - 80's TV movie about a dead baby found in the ruins of a sororty house - starred Loretta Swit, Cathryn Damon, Tina Louise, Shelley Fabares, and many others

And the Band Played On - one of the best movies about AIDS

An Early Frost - first TV Movie or maybe even first dramatization about AIDS

And last but not least:

all three of the Tales of the City movies - great story, great cast, and esp. great looking cast.

Wow there are just so many. Many TV movies I find more enjoyable than other movies. I just hate the commercials, and love the ones you can find without them.

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