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  1. Anyone else psyched about this show?
  2. Anyone remember this scene? Hands down Brown and Esenstein's finest moment during their tenure as writers on the show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIALKQXHUWI Jack at this point was a mature, responsible man and Jamal was rapidly spiraling out of control. The two reached out to each other in the only way they knew how, and in the end it was cathartic for Jamal. Sadly, after this Livvie cracked, Jack was back burnered and Jamal didn't get a story until the show cancelled. But this scene was BRILLIANT.
  3. I love Ryan's Hope. It's too bad it's on so late at night now. My favorite stories were the earliest, with Jack/Mary, Pat/Delia/Frank/Jill and the first incarnation of Siobhan. She was great. Did Labine write the Greer story line? I've always heard what a brilliant story that was.
  4. Rented United 93. PHENOMENAL MOVIE but I will never, ever watch it again.
  5. Neil LaBute's The Wicker Man: Was the worst movie I've seen all year next to When a Stranger Calls. Just plain bad.
  6. Poseidon (2006) which was probably the biggest disappointment EVER. When I watch a disaster adventure, I want to finish it on a jittery high, which Snakes on a Plane certainly achieved. Poseidon, on the other hand, is a somber 90 minute crawl with the worst character cliches of all time.
  7. Snakes on a Motherf---ing Plane. Best. Movie. Ever.
  8. Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
  9. Pulse: Not as bad as the critics are saying, clearly recut right before release, mindless horror fun
  10. Yeah that's just bad advertising. I did see something about "too similar to Lion King" but I didn't know what to think of it. I hate it when movie trailers and previews are nothing like the movie!
  11. The Forgotten, Monster House, Halloween: 25 Years of Terror, V For Vendetta
  12. Just saw She's the Man which was absolutely hilarious.
  13. Just saw Final Destination 3 on DVD and think it was better than 2 but not as good as 1. Also rented Tristan + Isolde, which was pretty to look at but totally generic and boring. James Franco is cute though.
  14. Just saw Edward Scissorhands. I almost cried and I NEVER cry in movies.
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