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Non-romantic Supercouples

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There are some characters that shine onscreen together and they aren't always the romantic pairings but rivalries or friendships. These are some of my favorites.


Viki and Dorian (OLTL) - This one is pretty obvious. The intensity of any scenes between the two regarding Victor Lord was always played extremely well by Slezak and Strasser.

Nora and Lindsay (OLTL) - Not everyone was partial to these two, but I think they were perfect onscreen together. When they got into a food fight on Thanksgiving it was hilarious.

Brooke and Stephanie (B&B) - Brooke's odd need for Stephanie approval while simultaneously fighting with her all the time was gold. They were more entertaining to watch than any of Brooke's romantic pairings.

Donna and Pam (B&B) - Donna torturing Pam was incredibly funny and the two actresses played it out so well.

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GH- Luke/Robert and Luke/Sonny.  Once upon a time Tony Geary was a charming actor that brought a lot out in his scene partners.


Monica and Lesley.  How I wish the show would have invested in Lesley when she was brought back.  The scene where she slaps Monica is in my top 10 GH scenes.


The only thing I look back fondly on when it comes to JFP’s OLTL is Lindsey Rappaport fighting with Nora.


GL- who knows what could have happened, but Roger and Maureen have my attention whenever they shared a scene.  



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