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ALL: Characters with too many miscarried/dead children

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Carly (GH) is who I first thought of. I know she only had two miscarriages, but it seemed like she was trying to get pregnant every five seconds.

It's also ridiculous that Sam had two (really only one) die at birth while Elizabeth is pregnant every year.

Nicole and EJ also comes to mind. They had two kids die at birth.

Blair Cramer has had two or three kids die. I thought of her because of Hope, too.

5/9 of Stefano's kids have died.

Monica Quartermaine sadly owns this thread. All of have her children have died at once and now only 1 is alive.

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Victoria (Y&R) I know has lost at least 2 kids. The little girl she had with Cole and she misscarried Billy's child. Sharon lost Cassie and suffered a misscarriage during the Matt Clark/Nick drama.

Barbara (ATWT)- Jen died and John Luc died shortly after childbirth.

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Ashley's lost 3 babies (one aborted, one miscarriage & one stillbirth)

Traci's lost 3 babies (two miscarriages & Colleen)

Lauren's lost 3 babies (two miscarriages & Dylan)

Victoria's lost 3 babies (two miscarriages & Eve)

Nikki's lost two babies (one miscarriage & John III)

Sharon's lost two babies (one miscarriage & Cassie)
Mary miscarried once

Nina miscarried once

Patty miscarried once

Jill miscarried once
Tricia miscarried once

Lily miscarried once

Chelsea miscarried once

St. Giggly miscarried once

Chloe lost Delia

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At this point, I am more surprised when a child is born and lives into adulthood than I am if they are miscarried, dies at birth, or in childhood. I think a better topic would be is there a child that you thought would never see the outside of their mother's womb but did?

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AMC's David Hayward owns this thread:

His pre-AMC girlfriend Siobahn was pregnant with his baby when she committed suicide (David didn't want to marry her but offered to support her no matter what she wanted to do with the pregnancy).

His daughter Leoa (with Anna Devane) died in infancy when David was capable of saving her life but was forcibly removed from the operating room by the saintly Martins.

His long-lost daughter Arabella/Babe (with Krystal Carey) was really only nice to him when it suited her. Her husband, JR, tried to kill her a few times, but it took a tornado in 2008 to finally off her.

Krystal then miscarried David's baby.

Krystal finally admitted that Babe had been a twin and she'd sold the baby. Marissa didn't want anything to do with her father, which was stupid since Krystal was the one who'd sold her, and then Marissa was shot and killed in front of David when he tried to wrestle the gun away from JR.

Amanda let him believe that he was the father of her unborn son... and then told him that her son died at birth. Months later after David went to absurd lengths to try to have a family with Amanda, it was revealed that Trevor wasn't David's son after all.

And of course, Cara told him that she aborted their baby, and he had no idea Oliver was his son. But hey, Oliver has a serious peanut allergy, so I figure even if AMC continued, David would still lose him too.

Beyond that... at 12, David watched his father blow his brains out, and he was there as an adult when his mother and brother went over the falls at Miller's Landing and were presumed dead.

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I'll be the first to throw this out there but what the men. My thought is Kevin Buchanan. He had Duke at a young age and then after Duke finally came back to Llanview, he was killed. Then Kevin thought Ace was his child but that turned out to be not true (it was Babe Chandler's baby i think). Then Kelly had a sillborn baby by him. and then just when things looked up with Kelly being pregant, he found out it was actually his son Duke's babyZane because he couldn't give her a child.

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