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  1. Awesome! Thank you for sharing this! Is this your tumblr?
  2. I realize she's likely wearing a wig and that she's had substantial work done, but damn she still looks good.
  3. Thanks for sharing! I miss all the Kane women. I know some people here really liked the AMC reboot, and I admit that it did have some good qualities, but it just wasn't AMC without the Kane family.
  4. I will admit that Gordon Thompson was my first soap crush. I was 12. He was Mason on Santa Barbara. I had vague childhood memories of him on Dynasty. I have to remind myself that he's not nearly as young as he used to be. John James doesn't look all that different from his stint as Jeff Martin on AMC about 8-9 years ago. He looks sunburned, but not horrible. Yes, All My Shadows, Michael Nader hasn't aged well at all, but drugs tend to do that to a person.
  5. I did! I love seeing Erica pre-Bianca. It's so interesting to me! I don't know. I'm not sure how long they had the Anton thing in the works. When Erica and Dimitri first slept together, it was established then that she was afraid of thunderstorms, so I wonder if they were laying some of the groundwork for the Kendall retcon. In late 1992, when Erica and Dimitri went to Budapest, they spent some time with Corvina (same actress, I think), and it's funny because she has a little boy who looks to be about Bianca's age, named Josef, who Dimitri offers to take fishing one morning. It's watching Dimitri with Corvina's little boy that convinces Erica to accept his engagement ring because she knows then that he'll be a wonderful father. No clue what happened to Josef, as he was not mentioned again, unless we're supposed to assume that in the course of a year and a half, he became surly medical student, Anton. Erica didn't sleep with Jack until well after the trial ended, and frankly Jack pursued her. I think their 1994 affair says so much more about Jack and Erica than it does about Erica and Dimitri. Jack wants her, and he enjoys the chase, and he loves being able to woo her away from another man. He especially loves playing the knight in shining armor, coming to rescue her and help her when she's hurt or sick or lost or scared, but I don't know that he ultimately really loves her for the dysfunctional person that she is. Don't get me wrong - there are so many, many Jack and Erica scenes and stories that I absolutely loved. I just think that they want vastly different lives and aren't compatible in the long-term. I absolutely believe that Erica/Dimitri would have reconciled again at some point had Michael Nader not had drug problems that forced him off the show. There's a great scene with Erica/Dimitri after Bianca's intervention, with them talking about their past and everything that happened between them. Had Jack not interrupted and asked Erica to leave with him, I think it could have led to a kiss between Dimitri and Erica. Even in early 1999, when he was toying with the possibility of something with Brooke, Dimitri admitted to her that he still had feelings for Erica, but that Erica (post Mike Roy return and Jack break up) wasn't interested in a serious relationship at the moment. He was by her side after her car accident with David, and he only backed away from her because she was furious he didn't tell her that her face was scarred. Even "dead," Dimitri loomed over Erica's relationship with David, and she constantly brought him up. She tried to reconcile with him when he came back in 2000 and was livid that he was still with Alex. If Nader had stayed clean and/or TPTB at ABC had been willing to keep him, I think we could have seen a very interesting story in 1999/2000 with Erica/David/Alex/Dimitri.
  6. The whole Erica rape story was riveting to me, and it's still riveting now. I was 14 when that storyline started, and even now at 36 there are some scenes I can't watch in one sitting because I find it too disturbing - I have to pause it and walk away for a while. It was soapy, thrilling, tragic, and scary all at the same time, and you could see these characters hurtling toward the edge of a cliff, but you couldn't do anything to stop it. Erica, Dimitri, Kendall, Mona and Bianca were so incredibly watchable from early 1993 through spring 1994. As much as I loved that storyline, there were a few things that I wish the writers had done to flesh it out more and provide a better motivation for the characters. First, Kendall knew exactly how old Erica was when she was born, so it didn't make sense to me that she hated Erica for "throwing her away." Erica was clearly too young to raise a child. I could understand Kendall hating that she was deprived of a life of fame and glory and wealth because Erica went on to be THE Erica Kane without her, but it just was strange that she hated Erica for a decision Mona made. Mona even told Kendall that SHE made the choice to put her up for adoption, not Erica, but Erica was the one who bore the brunt of Kendall's wrath. Second, again because Kendall knew how old Erica was, even if she wanted to believe that her father was not a filthy rapist, even if she wanted to believe his lie that the sex was consensual, no one disputed Erica's age. It was her BIRTHDAY PARTY - Richard Fields knew how old she was. Erica told Kendall it happened on her 14th birthday. It should have been obvious to Kendall that Erica was too young to consent and this was -at a bare minimum - a statutory rape case. I thought it would have made Kendall more sympathetic if Richard Fields had insisted that Erica claimed to be older, that she pretended to be 16 or 17 even, and Kendall had clung to that belief because she didn't want to believe the truth. The other thing I wish the writers had done was explained Dimitri's motivation a bit better. He really pushed Erica to accept Kendall as her daughter and for them to have a relationship. I've always assumed that he did so because of his own experience with Edmund, and he thought it would be better in the long run if they accepted each other as family as quickly as possible. The problem was that he came off as pushy and arrogant and frankly stupid because he had no parenting experience but was telling Erica how to parent her own kids. I also wish that his motivation for helping Kendall find Richard Fields had been flushed out a little bit better. Dimitri was a control freak, and I think he agreed to help Kendall because he figured she'd search with or without his help, and if he helped her, he could at least exert some control over the situation. I think he also naively believed that she really would find closure and would drop the whole thing. Unfortunately I don't think the writers did a great job of having him explain his actions, and it turned some fans against the Erica/Dimitri pairing as a result.
  7. Hmmm... I know Joel Fabiani played Adam's lawyer Barry Shire in the late 90s/2000s. Larry Pine also played Barry Shire in the mid to late 90s. I don't remember who Adam's lawyer was before that. As far as lawyers go... when was Adam NOT in trouble?
  8. I've seen photos of their house in Garden City and their house in the Hamptons, along with photos of wherever they lived in the city before buying the house in Garden City. I heard they had a place in Manhattan, but I don't know anything about it.
  9. I think Agnes is such a giant in the genre that it's hard to think of her aging and eventually dying. She seemed larger than life for so long.
  10. Her husband is really into fast cars, I think. There were a bunch of paparazzi pics of them a few years ago in Italy looking at sports cars at a dealership. As far as scale goes, she's said many times before that she likes everything big in scale, and he prefers small, which she says explains why they chose each other - he's a good foot taller than she is. Apparently it was an issue when they did a huge remodel of their house a while back because she wanted everything from furniture to art to be really big, and he likes smaller, more detailed pieces.
  11. Finn Wittrock, who played Tad's long lost son, Damon, has a role in Jolie's new film, "Unbroken," where he plays a soldier lost at sea. Wittrock has had a bit of a breakout year, including a much talked about role on American Horror Story: Asylum. Buzzfeed has a great interview with him that includes an AMC mention: http://www.buzzfeed.com/jarettwieselman/finn-wittrock-one-of-the-years-most-talked-about-new-stars#.wwmZ1e7XA I admittedly was not fond of the "Tad has a son with Hillary" retcon, and I thought the whole Colby/Damon/Liza affair was very mishandled, but I like Wittrock, and I'm glad to see he's doing well in Hollywood.
  12. Right, and that alone would have provided so much fodder for drama. Adam would have likely had some issues with Ross being named Palmer's heir, especially if he'd come back to town as Ross Cortlandt instead of Ross Chandler. Ross would have remembered JR as a baby, so him interacting with an adult JR would have been so layered and interesting. The only problem I see with it would have been the possibility of an Erica/Ross romance - would Erica really have a romantic relationship with a man who'd admitted to raping a woman before? Given the way that rape affected Erica and her family, I have a hard time with that, and it's something that would have had to be handled very carefully.
  13. I think enough time had passed after the Natalie rape story that Ross could have come back. Natalie was long-dead after all. They could have still made the mountain man thing work by saying that after he was released from jail, Ross retreated to the wilderness and lived alone, trying to put Pine Valley behind him, but that he stayed in contact with Palmer via letters. They could have then played with the history there - Erica falling for Ross while working with him, even though she'd been married to Adam and had considered Palmer a father figure. Julie wouldn't have been believable as Jane, given the supposed age difference between Julie and Erica, but I would have loved it if Connie had been Jane. I loved the idea of someone taking over Erica's life and thinking it was all glamour and fun. I loved watching Jane swill beer, roll her eyes, and literally jerk David Hayward off a barstool. I just thought the whole explanation for who Jane was and how she pulled it all off was really under-developed. I did ultimately love the ladies of Oak Haven scenes, but I'd have much preferred the Jane storyline to drag out until the show's end. The storyline ended far too abruptly and too neatly for my taste.
  14. Thanks SFK - it sounds like Michael was in that same age range then with Bianca, JR, Molly, Matthew/Sean, Jamie and Amanda. It's strange to me that he was never brought back. He could have gone to high school with JR and Bianca. Can you imagine how much Adam and Palmer would have hated it if JR and Michael had been friends? Cassadine, Erica's brother Mark fathered Julie (played by Lauren Holly). I think her biological mother was a prostitute? She was adopted as a teenager by Ross and Ellen Chandler. Ellen and Mark later married and are still together off-camera, living in Asia. From the episodes I've seen, Julie was very much accepted by Erica as part of her family. Lauren Holly became a big enough star that I doubt AMC could have wooed her back, but I think they could have recast that role at some point.
  15. It's odd then that they brought Bobby back but not Michael. You'd think at some point they'd have brought him back, especially since Bobby and Nina returned. What year was Michael born?
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