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Trayvon Martin Killing


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I didn't expect a good result from this, but I'm sure there are many people who are very happy about this.

The fact that Trayvon is dead and couldn't tell his story doomed this case, it was never going to turn out well with just one biased story as the basis of the case. A civil suit can be won, if OJ Simpson could lose a civil suit, so can George Zimmerman and I hope the Martin Family gets a huge settlement.

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Well, at least we know a black man's life is worth less than a dog's! Michael Vick did time for dog fighting. Zimmerman is a free man after stalking and murdering a young black man.

My heart goes out to Trayvon because he must be looking down at this and weeping. I can't possibly understand how his parents are feeling right now!

It's quite shameful that we have to tell children that we have we have not progressed as human beings at all :(

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