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  1. I feel like Hollyoaks has more storylines/couples that I"m interested in following but the whole format and most of the extended cast these days is just so annoying and not interesting. Meanwhile with Emmerdale I'm just stuck with Rob and Aaron and their cycle of antics....but at least I love seeing the Dingles, the Bartons, and the other members of the village.
  2. You are right I think as of the reunion? Either way I think it just helps solidify my point. Carole could easily be as desperate as Luann to find someone...ANYONE to marry her again but shes confident in who she is, what she has, and what she brings to the table. She's just CHILLING...enjoying life, her real friendships with Bethenny and Dorinda and brewing friendship with Tinsley. And tolerating her acquaintances with Ramona, Sonja, and that vile Luann. The only bad thing I see with her is that sometimes she can be a little too emotional about an issue and let it blind her to seeing the other
  3. RHONY: I'll never understand the group think here re Luann and Carole. Luann is a pompous fake ass liar who is so desperate for a man she married someone like Tom who obviously was cheating on her from the get go and then got divorced within 3 months. Meanwhile Carole actually has a brain. She had a career. She had a great marriage until her first husband passed away sadly. She actually KNOWS the issues. She actually knows people worth knowing and doesn't even brag or be pretentious about it. She dresses amazingly and has a nice thin figure for her age. And we won't eve
  4. Lol by nene duh boy! Wig would put up a few cat scratches and then get tossed aside. Ramona is like 5 seconds away from losing me as a fan. This beef with Bethenny is so dumb and unnecessary. I don't understand why she can't own the fact that she was way out of pocket and apologize. Bethenny and dorinda (along with Luann's delusions about her marriage) have made NY watchable again. Tinsley screeching bout page 6 is just stupid and immature. No wonder she's friends with Sonja. Speaking of Sonjs it's time for her to pack up and leave. She and Ramona are just toxic togeth
  5. Kenya would get destroyed in a fight. This kelli lady in OC is just pure trash and disgusting. I feel so bad for Shannon.
  6. I don't know I honestly disagree. I just don't think Porsha is that vindictive to keep lying.... I feel so sad for Kandi but glad she's been vindicated. Aaawwww I love Andy and his love for Cynthia. Such a touching moment.
  7. I think the healthiest gay relationship I saw was Ste and Doug. I was very moved by that pairing.
  8. I'm so sick to my stomach....this is literally disgusting. All I can say is God bless porsha. Say what you will but the girl is too dumb to even lie.
  9. Phaedra was absolutely exposed last week. Kenya should thank Jesus that Phaedra has been so sloppy this season. She's getting off Scott free. Doesn't excuse her past behavior and I still hate her guts. But what Phaedra has done to Kandi is just beyond the pale.
  10. God these ladies on BH are still talking about Erikas undies or lack thereof? WTF. This season has been so boring at least first few episodes I saw and I can't believe they're still on this topic. Thank God my girl Kimmy finally stated the obvious. Lisa Rinnas apology to Kim at Game Night was full of sh"t. "If I hurt your feelings" "this close to dying". WOW. She really wants to keep that diamond
  11. People have been calling sheree out left and right boy all season long. the DIFFERENCE is that sheree isn't talking bout life or death issues or real ish. She's talking petty ish like chateau sheree versus kenyas shack. Or who's rumored to be sleeping with who. Kenya meanwhile is saying things bout Matt that could ruin his life or get him real dangerous situations. She's trying to provoke Porsha yet again even though Porsha is trying to improve herself (whether you believe it or not).
  12. Kenya is disgusting. So annoyed with this b$$$ch. Stirring drama all the time with her stupid shade. Porsha definitely was right to beat her ass 2-3 years ago and if kenya does it again I'm fully Team Porsha. cant stand people who love to provoke sh&t and then act the victim
  13. "I think she worst than dem damn kardashians..." LMBAO. this is about to give me life.
  14. Lmbao I will give miss Moore props for her table at the event. That poster was flawless and she's looking gorgeous these days. and her shade at sheree was well thrown. Sheree def should be ashamed.
  15. Crap I'm tempted to watch BH now.... meanwhile Kenya and these fake tears. 4 years and still paying for fake relationships and drama. Ewww Phaedra and these fake charities.
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