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Characters you always rooted for, no matter what

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It's very nice to be objective and rational and reasonable, but that's not always very easy. There were certain soap characters I just could not ever root against, no matter what they said or did, no matter how hideous the stories were and how much damage was done to try to make these characters unsympathetic.

Who were your characters?


Laura - Knots Landing (I was so invested in this character that I never forgave the people who clowned around and made a mockery of her funeral)

Angelique - Dark Shadows

Carly - General Hospital (only Sarah Brown)

Jill - Y&R (Jess Walton)

Delia - Ryan's Hope (with two actresses, believe it or not)

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Gloria Marsh on AMC. She was always getting herself into trouble. I always wonder what peopl thought of her. She was never really a "lead actress" but she got a lot of airtime as a supporting player, and was connected to everyone. Even when she became unhinged with grief over Anna Claire's death, and really hurt Adam, I could not help but stand by her side.

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Tina Lord Roberts. (OLTL)

No matter what selfish or irresponsible thing she did, I always wanted her to come out on top. There was something so identifiable about the one from the wrong side of the tracks, who lost out on something that should have been hers all along... and was seemingly being punished for being the person that her environment created. Andrea Evans was so in tune with her character's circumstance, and really made her rootable in spite of her actions. And Karen Witter did a fantastic job carrying that ball in Evans' absence.

I'll admit that I lot interest in Tina after Krista Tesreau took over. She wasn't a natural fit for the role, and it always felt as if she was "trying" to be "Tina-like" in everything she did... and for me, it just felt disingenuous. So I can't say that I rooted for Tina at a time that I just didn't care.

But from 1985 to 1994, and from 2008-2011, I always hoped that Tina (with Cord!) would find that happy place that always eluded her. And I think she finally did.

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Raven - EON

Cecile - AW

Carly - ATWT

Lucinda - ATWT

Kate - DAYS

Nicole - DAYS

Shee-LA! - Y&R/B&B

Phyllis - Y&R (this will be unpopular)

Annie - GL


Lorna - AW

Dinah - GL

India - GL

Julia - ATWT

Emily - ATWT

I'm sure I'll think of another dozen..... LOL. For the most part, all of the actor on this list, had the unique ability to turn many crappy stories bearable. With great stories, they just always knocked it out of the park. The former to me, is what made them shine. Most competent actors can service good scripts.

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Skye Chandler

Bobbie Spencer

Nikki Newman

Phyllis Summers

Elizabeth Webber


Jill Foster

Billy Abbott

Todd Manning

Dorian Lord

Janet from Another Planet

Annie Chandler

Steffy Forrester

Robin Scorpio

Erica Kane

Kendall Hart (SMG only).

I'm sure I'll think of more later.

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