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  1. Getting the chills and really missing the chili from Chasen's.

    1. AdelaideCate007


      Didn't that place close in 1995?

    2. MrQuartermaine


      Yes, hence why I miss it.

  2. WWE Legenda Jim "JR" Ross also has Bells Palsy. I don't think he's smiled in over a decade. I believe Don Rickles also has it.
  3. What does he consult on? How to fire your most senior & long-time employees without causing a strike?
  4. She was working a lot before GH too it seems.
  5. Susan was fired because it was deemed that her real-life pregnancy could not be written into Anne's character as she was a virgin. And yes, Jeremy left town with Anne.
  6. Back in the day, Gloria Monty, as domineering as she was, really encouraged the cast to have fun. When she first took over in 1978, GH went from a serious medical drama to a show that had a lot of humor and fun in it.
  7. That's one thing Leslie, Jane, & Sean all have in common. LOL.
  8. He had to take a medical leave from GH to have back surgery.
  9. His doctor gave him clearance to return, and I believe he filmed some stuff before GH went on hiatus on 12/19.
  10. No offense to anyone on here, but as Lucci & Erika Slezak got older, they started to look Asian. Their eyes began to shrink.
  11. JFP will probably bring on R.C. Cates, who was fired by Frank Valentini & replaced with Paul Glass after more than 20 years with GH.
  12. Wrapping my mind around that question, I believe they do still see each other, but I'm not positive.
  13. Shatner & Leslie Charleson are actually really good friends. They, along with Stuart Damon's wife, go horseback riding together.
  14. I agree. I'm a huge film & TV buff, but it's the TV shows that keep on playing nearly daily after all of these years. Sometimes, years will go by before a film is played on TV again.
  15. Hard to believe that the original cast of Star Trek is all over 75. Shatner's 81, Nimoy's 81, Nichols is 79, Takei is 75, Koenig is 76, & Whitney's 82.
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