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  1. The Jill scenes and the Paul/April/Robert scenes are great in this episode! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIYK6lPLLpk
  2. Either one of those 2 probably would have made a better Nathan. I sometimes wonder what really goes through a casting director's head sometime....
  3. It's great that 1995 episodes are slowly surfacing more and more. I can't imagine Victor ever having a conversation like this again. For someone who has spoken about how much he hates the scenes where Victor has to fight with his kids, Eric Braeden sure hasn't helped matters since that is all Victor does now. I'm guessing Victor was at his "Hero" peak here. I really am curious to know how often we saw Ashley around this time. Someone else is uploading some December 1995 episodes that involve Ashley mourning Blade and meeting Rick for the second time. Even though the writing is better, you can kind of see here how Phyllis is still the same, only difference is that she was sucking the life out of Danny and Christine/Paul and not the whole time town.
  4. So I'm guessing that Katherine lecturing Jack about taking over Newman a few months ago was OOC, if Katherine could really care less about business herself. Katherine shouldn't have been as upset, knowing Victor's history with taking over Jabot.
  5. That's the part I forgot to add. Sometimes I wonder if Bill actually liked writing for Katherine in the early 90's. If you watched all those episodes I posted (or anyone elses) all she does is give advice (not very good advice i may add) to Nikki about her boy toys, throw parties, or just sit around with Rex talking crap about Jill.
  6. So I'm guessing that huge catfight in the courtroom lobby was sort of used as a way to reignite Katherine and Jill's rivalry. I know Kay had already planned to testify for John without letting Jill know before Rex died, but since Rex had just been killed at that point, I guess Katherine's pain would drive her to start getting into catfights with Jill again.
  7. Deeedee I was wondering if you could sort of explain this, it's about Katherine and Victor's relationship. Where exactly does the idea come from that Katherine can say whatever she wants to Victor and get away with it? I know they are always tight (Which makes me sick everytime they share scenes together) but has there ever actually been any major scenes involving Katherine totally ripping Victor apart for his actions. The little scenes I can make of that, is that Katherine in a way seems to be Victor's conscience, but for someone who doesn't put up with any crap, Victor seems to get a free pass in all he has done to Nikki and the Abbotts (which John and Katherine seemed more close in the old days, Katherine hardly had any scenes with Victor in all the episodes I have collected myself) did Katherine ever try to convince Victor to stop trying to steal Jabot from the Abbotts?
  8. Brenda Dickson is fantastic in this "new" classic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUrKZ0hlk84 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9ax8XYY6HM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWoDqmjSh0s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHmC7pOLPl4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjZ5F5IiqXw
  9. That's weird....and that was also around the time Neil was an alcoholic right, so I doubt Neil would care too much about who Victor or Jack invited. haha. I really wish I had the 1993 July 4th episode. I think that's when Jill and Katherine were arguing because Kay crashed the BBQ or something and Jill suddenly went into labor and had Billy. I also want to see it because I read that Lauren was included in the festivities that year, when she is usually absent from those sort of events.
  10. Thats what i keep thinking should have been done! Who knows.....Maybe this triangle could've pulled off the first threesome in daytime history?
  11. Yeah it really threw me off guard, I actually had to rewind the disc to make Sure I didn't Imagine Ashley mentioning Sheila's name LOL. What's funny is that no last names were given when they mentioned Scott and Sheila, almost like they knew them a little bit better then what we thought. Then you have to remember that Scott was dating Cricket around the time Jessica was gonna marry John, so Ashley and Traci would probably know Scott more since Cricket was once their step-sister for a little while. I know Brenda Epperson mentioned on that On air with Douglas Ashley Abbott tribute show that she recalls sharing at least 1 scene with Kimberlin, but it's hard to guess what that could be, unless it was the very beginning when Sheila was still in dayplayer mode in that nurses's uniform.
  12. Haha, I just want to make sure everyone gets their daily dosage of classic Y&R I actually am going to upload the July 1991 episodes I just got in a little bit, but I just wanted to upload the one episode from 1993 first because I thought that Ashley/Traci moment would be interesting to see. I can't wait to upload those episodes, you get to see some of Victoria's scheming in breaking up Victor and Ashley, but most exciting is these are the episodes where Molly has the stroke at Fenmore's.
  13. Kind of an odd, but interesting moment. Ashley and Traci actually talk a little about the Scott/Lauren situation and Ashley very casually talks about the "bizarre" things that happen with Sheila. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8pLPub76M0
  14. For some reason when I first glanced at this I thought you were gonna say that she auditioned for Taylor on B&B LOL
  15. Nice little treat in this episode...Victoria slaps Nina! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64i_6K1EHaA
  16. I wonder if she cold have also pulled off Dorian?
  17. I'm sorry if this is old news but I just read that Brenda Dickson was considered for Sally on B&B? I think that's nice that Bill Bell was able to put aside his differences with Brenda to consider her for the role. as much as I love Darlene, I think Brenda could have done great in the role.
  18. It's such a damn shame to say this but at least MAB made sure to use some classic scores..... why did she have to be the show;s death knell??, on paper you would think she really was suppose to restore the show to the glory days
  19. So basically he was upset because he couldn't get his way with the stories.....so typical....This is why sometimes he is the one vet that I could care less if he left the show or not.... Would Bill Bell have been against Braeden trying to control the regime with these changes if his health was not a factor then? I know Braeden didn't like how Jack Smith was trying to "take Victor down" but what if Bill Bell had the intention of doing that himself?
  20. No Brenda Dickson. Lauren Woodland played Brittany Hodges from 2000-2005. Were these minor problems more about how the actresses behaved on set or something personal that they said or did to him. I know how MTS can be and I know the recent twitter wars between Case and Braeden.
  21. That's good to hear, I figured they got along but I just wasn't sure because I know Braeden complained when Heather had to slap him, even though he only agreed cause he probably loves her too. Were there ever any female actresses on the show who Braeden wasn't fond of at all, whether he worked along side them or not....All the actresses that worked with him seem to have nothing but good things to say. (as do most of the cast in general...(besides Bergman), despite his behavior sometimes)
  22. That's why it's sort of hard to watch these clips cause despite how "better" the show seemed I knew it had already been going down thanks to Jack Smith. hey deeedee, this is going back to the Jill and Victor relationship but I wanted to know if Eric Braeden had a problem during the scene from 1996 when Jill threatens Victor before he was shot during the primetime special. Did Braeden have issues with being threaten by Jess shooting that scene? I had to ask because there has been this idea that Braeden hates it when women get to 1-up Victor during a scene, and not only did she do that but she also got "the last word".
  23. Maria dismantled everything about this show....some of these characters should have been still on the show I will never forgive her, and right now i can't stand Bradley's writing either. too many egos kill a soap opera.
  24. The show was all over the place here. but so much better at the multi- storytelling part where is this B&B now? I miss Sally and Darla Stephanie was still acting like Stephanie here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCpplBOjrGM Too bad Bradley lost interest in this hispanic family and the entire show in general. I still don't get the casting of Justin Torkildsen as Rick, he's not even good looking.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYZS-fs-Eks
  25. and some more It's funny how this is when the show went down the tubes, but this is still better than today....I can't believe how likeable Victor was even though he;s the reason Brad and Ashley are fighting in these clips. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLV0nLHBmPE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw9pG_IUmaQ
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