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  1. John Abbott was 60 and Jill was 44 (in real life) when they give birth to Billy on Y&R in 1993 Let's not forget Julian and Tabitha on Passions LOL.....they were well into their 50's and 60's when Endora was born and of course on the show Tabitha was over 400 years old LOL.
  2. Y&R Paternity Spoiler

    I hope this is more exciting then it sounds! I really just can't wait to see Victor's face.....I know he and Summer barely interacted but I wonder if it will make Victor uneasy that who he thought was his granddaughter is his archenemys daughter. On second thought, I wouldn't be surprise if Victor being the typical "Newmans can do no wrong" will be proud of Nicholas for sticking to his guns despite the fact that he hurt so many people......Then from there this will cause Victor and Adam's relationship to strain as Victor starts to think that Nick is more "Newman" than he thought.
  3. Nice to see Tracey Bregman in the top 10!
  4. Y&R Spoiler pics

    WOW, Really can't wait to see this! I'm gonna love seeing Gina again, but poor Patty Weaver does not look well. and jeez....I know it's been several years but Quinn Redeker sure got older...but he still looks good though.
  5. The one thing that I hope isn't true is that alleged Bill Bell affair she keeps mentioning now....
  6. I thought it was beautiful! Jess really got me at the end
  7. I often wondered if any of these kids cared enough about their job that they actually go on youtube to watch old episodes of their soap to fully understand what their job is all about.... I highly doubt it.
  8. Y&R: Old Articles

    The Jill scenes and the Paul/April/Robert scenes are great in this episode! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIYK6lPLLpk
  9. Y&R: Former actress returning

    Hmmm, maybe this is the beginning of pulling off their own version of the last few months of AMC on ABC?......(Bringing People back from the dead)
  10. They Almost Became

    Either one of those 2 probably would have made a better Nathan. I sometimes wonder what really goes through a casting director's head sometime....
  11. BTW Corbin revealed Jeanne's cause of death: Primarily advanced COPD.
  12. Really looking forward to the tribute. I can't wait to see which actors were grouped together to talk about Jeanne. From that clip it looks like JM, DG, GR, BM and KSJ are 1 group, then from the looks of the photo on the main page EB, MTS, CLB TEB and JMC are another group.
  13. I am actually not upset about this.... For all we care send Braeden packing too....He is someone who I am surprised has made it past JFP's enemy list so far. Maybe when they read Kay's will, we will find out that Kay gave him a S**ty deal or something and that will cause Victor to exit.
  14. Heartbreaking.... I feel so bad for Jess. I really do hope that whatever happens they make Katherine's legacy live on.
  15. Why do people constantly ruin their reputations with crap like this???