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DAYS: September Discussion Thread

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Finally finishing up Friday's episode...Did Maggie REALLY believe Victor would say yes to Nicole of all people moving in?! I'm honestly at the point where I just want her to go straight to the back burner.

I watched Tuesdays show as well. I absolutely love the Hortons being a solid unit finally. I even view Hope as a Horton these days instead of just a Brady.

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I love the Nick stuff.

But everything else is still such a boreeee to me.

The countless Sami and all her dudes stuff.

Maggie is still super annoying.

The soooo entertaing Safe is on the horizon. mellow.png

Nicole is still in Dr. Pumpkins orbit

With the also sooooo entertaining Danifer on the horizon. I mean how compelling were those two last time? mellow.png

I am actually glad the rating are up, for now, but it is still painful for me to try and watch consistently when only one story is somewhat entertaining. mellow.png

Wake me up when September ends...and that one kinda cool character returns.

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I like the Nick stuff but I feel they dragged this parole stuff out a couple of days longer than needed. I'm also not hating the storyline for Will, Gabi, Sonny, Brian, T. I know it's cliche but I feel at least the right characters are interacting.

I don't mind the Nicole, Jennifer stuff. At least Nicole is back to being written more in character.i don't care about Daniel or Jennifer

Sami and her men are boring as heck.

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Ive always heard that Nick tried to kill Melanie by trying to push her out a window byut thats not what they showed in the flashback yesterday

Loving the T/Sonny stuff. This really should have happened a year ago and I hated how the old writers just dropped the T character. Suprisingly T has more chemistry with Sonny than Will does. I almost expected the two to kiss today when they were all up in each other's faces

Hate Gabi's hairstyle.

Nick's back but where do they go from here? With Melanie soon gone, there really a whole lot of characters in his age group to interact with. I guess there's Abby and Cameron but I dont see them mixxing it up too much

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