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Soaps and Casting Families (Looks/Resemblances)

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It's funny. In the Tom/Erica wedding on youtube there's a blond, Ken doll-ish guy playing Sean who looks nothing like Shoberg. They did a great job casting Dysart the next year in the role. Also that actress they had on as Brooke's mother in 80s for a hot second--Sasha von Scholer (sp?) looked a lot like Julia Barr.

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Darnell Williams, Debbi Morgan, Cornelius Smith & Shannon Kane


Robin Strasser & Laura Koffman

Erika Slezak & Erin Torpey

Patricia Maureci, Kamar Reyes & David Fumero

Pamela Payton Wright & Kassie DePaiva

Michael Easton & Chris Stack

Kassie DePaiva & Kristen Alderson

Kim Zimmer & John Paul Seponski

Janet Hubert & Tika Sumpter


Kristoff St. John, Vicki Rowell, Davetta Sherwood, Bryton James

Eric Braeden, MTS, Heather Tom & Josh Morrow

Jerry Douglas, Marla Adams, Terry Lester, Eileen Davidson & Beth Maitland

Jerry Douglas, Jess Walton & David Tom

William Espy, James Houghton & Brenda Dickson

Norma Donaldson & Victoria Rowell

Veronica Redd & Victoria Rowell

Susan Seaforth Hayes & Tracey Bregman

Sharon Farrell & Tricia Cast

MTS & Roberta Leighton

Brett Hadley, Carolyn Conwell, Doug Davidson & Lillibet Stern

Beau Kayzer & Ashley Bashioum

Doug Davidson & Vail Bloom

Josh Morrow, Sharon Case & Kevin Schmidt

Eric Braeden, Signy Coleman & Michael Muhney

Peter Barton, Tracey Bregman & Blair Redford

Don Diamont, Beth Maitland & Lyndsy Fonseca

Don Diamont, Beth Maitland & Adrianne Leon


Andrea Evans & Adrianne Frantz

Dan McVicar & Mick Cain

Darlene Conley & Bobbie Eakes

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