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Days: Character comes out of the closet

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Chandler Massey is so adorable <3

Yes he is..

rolleyes.gif at that first comment in the comment section. Pathetic!

Not surprised at all. I was woken up to all the bigotry this summer.

About dang time, we all basicially knew anyways, was getting ridiculous them keeping it a secret.

Yeah it's not surprise. We knew all slong but no one would confirm it...like this was some big announcement...lol

LMAO at the comment that gay characters "might be a curse" because the soaps that have them all get cancelled. Bitch, GET THEE BEHIND.

The curse is all the shitty writing the soaps have done to have fans leave in droves.

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Vanguardian...where you at boo? Haha

Here I am doll! Will is gay and I am going to take great delight in watching this FLOP! These new writers have been terrible with all other stories so far IMO, THIS ONE won't be any different. And through it all, NO LUCAS! I'm going to love watching Will tell his father he's queer over the phone!

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