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The Revolution: Discussion Thread


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Good that Kimberley Locke's been dropped. She annoys me.

That said, this show is going to flop, probably not as hard as The Chew since there is more they can do with a makeover show versus a cooking show...but still. Terrible. These hours should have just been given back to the affiliates for syndicated programming.

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There's less than three months to go before the premiere, but I have yet to see one promo for The Revolution on ABC. With The Chew, the network was airing promos well before this point.

I second Jack's point regarding that ABC should have had a game show as one of the Nixon soap replacements. IMO, the only reason why this did not happen was because game shows are costlier to produce than talk shows (and the heads at ABC just wanted to go for the cheapest programming available).

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Weak Start for The Revolution on ABCby marcberman on January 17, 2012 in Highlights with 9 Comments

One day of metered market (overnight) data does not a hit or miss make, of course. But based on the initial Monday results from Nielsen, The Revolution on ABC was left at the starting gate. According to weighted results for the 56 metered markets on January 16, new talker The Revolution, hosted by Ty Pennington, Tim Gunn, Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, Dr. Jennifer Ashton and celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, opened with a sluggish 1.9 rating/5 share. Comparably, that declined from the lead-in average (2.4/ 6) by 21 percent in rating, and year-ago time period occupant One Live to Live (2.3/ 6) by 17 percent.

With so many talk shows flooding the daytime airwaves (including recent ABC entry The Chew), did we really need The Revolution? And should ABC have canceled long-running One Life to Live?


The Revolution tanks in its first day plus even more disturbing is it was a holiday so ratings should have been higher. It was even 21 percent lower then the Chew. The Chew actually has done well I think because its a cooking show, its a harmless show and easy to watch but this show requires more committment. Honestly I tuned in to see a bit of it it was DOWNRIGHT BORING DULL LIKE WATCHING PAINT DRY. My phenom OLTL is gone which NEVER should have been cancelled considering how strong the ratings were and how great the show was ON TOP. Hopefully the Revolution tanks more. If it tanks more maybe this will be good news for GH if they can pull it together. This show wasn't just bad for me but it did the worst thing you can do to a viewer it was BORING BORING BORING.I don't need a show to tell me how to lose weight, how to improve my mental health and wardrobe. I can tune onto other cable channels or read books to find this info out. We aren't stupid indivduals we know how to improve our well BEING.

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We're going to hear a lot of - the ratings don't matter, because it's automatically more profitable, since it's cheaper.

This show has had problems from the start, and seemed to be in some kind of development hell. I have wondered all along if all this is just a bait and switch so ABC can sell off their afternoon time.

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