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Ex-soapers you love

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As much as some people keep wanting their favorite actor/actress/character to return to their show, we can't deny that there are some actors who blossom once they leave soaps. I love watching the rest of the world discover the talent that so many of us saw years ago. Who are the former soap actors that give you a "Hell yeah!" reaction to when you see them on other shows?

For me its:

Jessica Tuck (Megan, OLTL)

Renee Elise Goldsberry (Evangeline, OLTL)

Noelle Beck (Trisha, Loving)

Michelle Forbes (Sonny/Solita, GL)

Rachel Miner (Michelle, GL)

Cynthia Watros (Annie, GL)

Nia Long (Kat, GL)

Nathan Fillion (Joey, OLTL)

Tika Sumpter (Layla, OLTL)

Ellen Bethea (Rachel, OLTL)

Jane Krakowski (T.R., Search for Tomorrow)

Kelli Giddish, (Di, AMC)

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I feel really culturally ignorant right about now because most of these people I never heard of. JT has a supporting role on True Blood, right? REG I know does Broadway, and the rest I would be hard pressed to tell you what shows they are on, or even be able to pick them out of a police line up. NF was on that sci-fi show that had a cult following I think. And CW I want to say played Hurley's girlfriend on LOST.

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Probably doesn't count because I never knew her from ATWT, but Parker Posey. And I really enjoyed seeing Robin Strasser in her primetime stints during her breaks from One Life.

Esta Terblanche would be this for me if she went on to do more post-AMC, and I really need to seek out more of Debbi Morgan's primetime work as I :blush: whenever I catch her in something.

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Harley Jane Kozak

Stacy Edwards

Jessica Tuck

Victor Webster

Jensen Ackles

Susan Sullivan

Stephen Schnetzer (I don't see him but LOVE hearing him do voice-overs)

Gina Gallego

Justin Hartley

Josh Duhamel

Antonio Sabato Jr.

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William Fitchner and Anne Heche (Hung) are the two ex-soapers that I was always convinced would make it in prime time/the movies. Heche's career was derailed by the Ellen drama, but Fitchner is now getting regular supporting work in the movies.

The other two that I thought would do well were Jessica Tuck (True Blood) and Matt Bomer (White Collar).

When Zach Roerig (Vampire Diaries) was on ATWT, the easy way he carried himself reminded me of James Dean. I still expect him to become a big movie star one day.

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Cynthia Watros and Wendy Moniz were the first two that immediately came to my mind... though Moniz is returning to daytime soon! Any word on an airdate? I haven't heard...

After seeing the responses, I definitely have to add another vote in for Kelly Rutherford.

And who doesn't love Susan Sarandon?

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    • I don't think that this is a bad thing. Tucker was such an unmemorable character before. He had no other descriptor than "business mogul." He is evolving from a plot point, and into a character.
    • The last 6 minutes of the episode....   https://www.facebook.com/generalhospital/videos/746258113870539
    • I looooooooved Luna on OLTL. I had never seen anything like her as a kid. And since I was from the South, someone on tv with the hint of a country accent was news to me.    And then...Celeste on DAYS. The beauty. The passion. That accent and fashion! The sophistication that dipped off her. And when it comes to villains, I love female henchwomen so she was perfection. And she gave such an allure of mystery, too. I could not get enough of her growing up. 
    • Kristina's brutal honesty shows how far this show has come from the dark ages of JFP's reign. I remember an interview a few years ago with Jane Elliot and Nancy Grahn where they called out how they were the only women above the age of 50 allowed to have a contract in the past regime.... and how much happier they were that the veteran actors like Finola, Michelle, and Maura getting lead roles in the current regime. I give Kristina so much credit for holding out for a contract time-and-time again. Yes, it lead to years where she was not on the show (and recast), but she showed integrity in her actions.  
    • Smh. I would rather her in a triangle with Noah and Allie. Though Kyle could use something to do.
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