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AMC Friday, June 17, 2011

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AMC Hos, Special Emmy Edition! Here are the winners for 2011 Outstanding achievement in....


Clueless Ho


Lesbian Ho


Hairstyling Ho


Celibate Ho


Captive-ating Ho


Plastic Surgery Ho


Teen Statistic Ho


Baby Mama Ho


Visually Impaired Ho


Crying Ho


Pancake Eating Ho


Devastated Ho


Stank Bitch Ho


Backburner Hos - Tie!


Poster Child for Abortion Ho


Most Missed Ho

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The Friday Hos just haven't been the same since Annie left.

It's Chrishell's tattoo.

First time I noticed it on AMC I did think it looked like a nasty scar. I honestly don't get why they don't cover it up.

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I love my girl, but I'll take her on BBC if it means seeing less of her with her shadow

Seriously I hate how David is being written in this storyline with Jane

Any contract she signs isn't worth the paper it's written on and when Erica finally is free she's going to be so pissed off he knew & didn't help her, there'll be no place he can hide

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    • Sorry.  I read your post as asking if the clones have been mentioned lol.  I think Rolf brought it up first even before the Possession telling someone about it.  So maybe Rolf was just telling anyone who would listen.  It's always used in a jokey way, but if everyone knows maybe John should have made sure Marlena's body was her body and all that if there were clones running around. I want to say Marlena was the one who said they found out Kristen was alive and maybe even mentioned it to Kristen in their initial conversation with one another.  But that was the first us viewers ever heard about it as far as I know. Anyway, agreed it was a missed oppurtunity to not have the shock value of Kristen appearing alive out of nowhere.   I also found it strange that most people in Salem were so aware of Kristen and her misdeeds despite her being dead for years. 
    • Congrats on Djokovic on winning the French Open.  

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    • Yeah, I know it's been mentioned several times in the last 1.5 years; I just don't recall who discussed it first. It's funny that something so vague and secretive suddenly becomes common knowledge, as if Stefano bragged about it to anyone who would listen.   I don't remember John/Marlena ever discussing finding Kristen alive offhandedly. I would've thought the shock and awe of her being alive in the first place would've been touched upon in a grand fashion when she returned in 2012, but it was instead glossed over as if everyone in Salem somehow knew how the whole Killing Pool murder of 1998 really panned out.   
    • It was discussed a few times during the Possession, Rolf has talked about it, and Megan mentioned she killed one of the clones for Marlena's body when she faked her death.   I know Leo has talked about it as well so I would assume everyone knows.  I don't believe I have ever heard Marlena or John speak about it though. With Kristen, didn't they have Marlena or John say that they found out she was alive off-screen years before?   To me that's even worse than not mentioning it.  A major revelation happened and we never saw or heard about it until Kristen is back and did Kristen even delve into to her years as a sex slave?
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