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AMC Friday, June 17, 2011

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I cannot believe this show is getting cancelled. Weird how around the time the announcement came through, AMC got interesting. GH got a repreive, and any story it had going for it went straight downhill.

Any Jane & David today? Because I am kind of digging those two.

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The Bianca and Scott scene was strange, it just ended.

I didn't hate the JR and Marissa scene, well I hated the kissing but I didn't hate the the arguing because for once they seemed semi honest with each other and this was the first time since SG came on that I saw some vulnerability in Marissa.

I agree about SG's roots, she looks like crap.

I loved Amanda today, she was pissed and she was snarky, that's the Amanda I love. :wub:

I like the Dixie scenes but I really don't see the point of them airing the same scene once every 3 weeks.

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