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Revenge: Discussion Thread


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I didn't like David being alive. It made the Revenge bad in my opinion. Other than that, I enjoyed the finale. I do believe the show has jumped the shark a bit. There is a murder almost every episode.

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Oh!!! Wouldn't it be fun if Amanda continued to pretend she is Emily in order to figure out what David is up to & who he is as a person now?

I can definitely see him siding with Victoria and helping her out of the mess, completely betraying the daughter who went to hell and back trying to clear his name. Jui-say!

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That was a great season premiere. Nothing too crazy happening but it was a really tight episode--the whole hour just flew by!

Jack is now a cop! And his partner is hotasfuck! I am hoping the partner will sex up Nolan asap.

Victoria's shenanigans in the mental asylum were hilarious. And she walked out of there like a boss! LOVED it.

I really like that Emily feels so lost without her persona that she doesn't want to abandon it.

Gideon is yuck.

Such great soapy camp when Emily answers the door and Victoria is there. And David goes for Victoria, who forgives him one second after his resurrection. Yes, baby. I guess she must really love him.

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I finally decided to stop trying to catch up with the show and just jump back in, and it looks like this season was the perfect time to do that.

YASSSSSSSSSSSS. That whole scene in the locker room was spectacular.

I'm really digging the vibe of the show, though. They seem to have really embraced the soapiness of it and are going full steam ahead with it. Madeleine Stowe's delivery of just about every single line is GOLDEN. She's really earned her place alongside the great TV bitches.

I'll have more thoughts when I'm able to watch the complete ep.

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Yes, the more she messes up, the better.

I believe so, too. They are continuing the story but also sort of rebooting it.

It was insanely hot. It left me all lusty. laugh.png

They've adjusted something and it really works. It's a little less frenetic and I noticed a lot of the scenes were longer than usual. And it felt really well developed and planned. I REALLY hope they keep it up.

And Stowe just doesn't let a single line drop. You're right, she is easily on par with Alexis, Angela, Abby, Amanda, etc. by this point (Hey! They all start with 'A' LOL!).

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WHERE THE HELL ARE EVERYONE'S COMMENTS???!!!! Come on, bitches, don't make me talk to myself here!

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed yucky Gideon's takedown. What a decrepit piece ofshit!

Charlotte was so pathetic wanting to kill herself because Yucky Gideon cheated on her. Bitch, please. It was just a convenient excuse to get Hot Cop into Emily's orbit. Speaking of hot cops, those locker room scenes should be mandatory for each episode!

Nolan's hair is horrid. What respectable gay rich bitch would go out like that? :lol:

DEAD at David's Knight-Riderish hideout and Victoria using him to make his own daughter pay!

DEADER at Charlotte turning psycho after Emily tells her the truth (a bit anticlimactic, if you ask me) and trying to burn Emily and the Stowaway into nothingness!

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