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  1. I didn't like David being alive. It made the Revenge bad in my opinion. Other than that, I enjoyed the finale. I do believe the show has jumped the shark a bit. There is a murder almost every episode.
  2. I have to say that this show keeps me intrigued. Like others, I enjoy the mix of music and soap. I think Juliette is great. Scarlett (Elly Mae) is working my last nerve. There is something about her that I have never enjoyed. I guess I like the Juliette types better than the poor dumb victims that every man loves. I do believe the Ray/Deacon chemistry and tension is pretty awesome.
  3. Revenge was once can't miss for me. This season may have jumped the shark. It seems to be all over the map. I would like to see it get back on track because I once enjoyed it so. If not, please do a nice little wrap up. Right now I struggle with who is a good guy and who is a bad guy. I guess it was difficult after the first season to maintain the Revenge beat.
  4. Well we could make registering to vote like registering to drive. You register, get your picture taken and your voter registration has your picture on it. I personally think we should make it easier not harder to vote. Voter fraud is not such a huge problem in our country that we should put into place laws that discourage not encourage voting. It is difficult to believe that this is not voter suppression.
  5. I think Christian conservatives dislike Obama enough to vote against him and to overlook the vote means supporting a Mormom.
  6. I think it is an intersting pick. It is risky, but of course, Romney was bullied into doing it. Ryan is a smart man. his budget presents a contrast to Obama. I don't like the Ryan budget, but he is intellectually honest. Romney is not intellectually honest and the question is will the contrast be between the Democratic and Republican tickets or between the issue commitment between the top and bottom of the Republican ticket.
  7. It is always good to come back here and discover interesting political conversation. You know, I fancy myself a liberal, but have to admit there was always something hard to like about Kucinich. I can't put my finger on what it is. Truthfully, it is kind of like Romney on one end of the political spectrum and John Kerry on the other. There is something that is hard for me to like about each of them, but I really can't say what it is. I think it has been an interesting campaign thus far. Three months ago, I believed that there was no way that Obama could be re-elected, but there were ways that the Republicans could lose the election. It is a long time before November, but I think now Obama could quite well get a second term. I have not seen much enthusiasm for any of the Republican candidates. I believe the best thing for the party would be for the race to go the convention and the party to nominate a candidate not currently in the field -- a Jeb Bush or Mitch Daniel, someone different. With only three months left, that candidate would probably ride a wave of momentum and newness into the White House. I, of course, am for Obama so any of the current crop of candidates is fine with me
  8. Seeing all the FNL updates makes me miss the show even more. I am anxiously awaiting its return to NBC

  9. The interesting thing about the Nancy Pelosi "controversy" is that it all contrived. It is meant to hide the big question about whether the United States violated the Geneva Conventions and tortured captives. If so, is it now OK for other countries to use "enhanced interrogation" techniques on U.S. soldiers held captive? Those briefers between the CIA and members were one-on-one. Nancy Pelosi was not even Speaker when she was briefed. It is very possible that she interpreted briefings one way and other members interpreted them another way. I guess the question is, are Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats being overly critical of the CIA, or are the Republicans covering up for them? Or is it possible that neither is doing anything intentionally dishonest? Perhaps, oh my goodness what a concept, the CIA never told anyone they were waterboarding because no one asked. Perhaps the CIA said they were not using torture because they believed they were using "enhanced interrogation techniques." It's all semantics, and perhaps we would be well-served to stop demonizing those with whom we disagree. JMO.
  10. I am an assistant professor and service learning has been in place for well over a decade. I too see the value of service learning. It was one of the issues that Obama and McCain agree on during the campaign. Moving on to a different topic, I'm reading the book "The Big Sort" now. It talks about how people are moving into politically homogenous communities. I find people's tendency now to only live around or pay attention to opinions that mirror their own very disturbing. We now have the Republican and Democratic news channels. I don't think it speaks well for our system of representation.
  11. Reagan had a good first 100 days. Clinton's first 100 days were terrible. In fact, he didn't find his footing until after the miden-term elections (1994) and the Republican landslide. Bush had a horrible first 100 days. Obama's first 100 days haven't been bad. He's accomplished things. You can bitch about what he has done. He has done exactly what he said he would. That is just like Reagan. I personally thought Reagan's policies did a great deal of harm. Yet he didn't do anything that he didn't tell the American people he was going to do during the campaign. Now, GD, I can also argue I spent more time debating issues during the general election than touting a candidate. However, there was not doubt I was supporting the Democrat, just as there was no doubt your were supporting the Republican. :lol: In fact, I believe we both made it clear that we had wasted our votes in our home states. You voted McCain in California and I voted Obama in Texas.
  12. I think most independent lean either Democrat or Republican. Judging from SteveFrame's voting record, I could be wrong. I do think there are a lot of people who are apathetic. In this country, all you have to do to register to vote now is say yes to the question when you go get a driver's license or visit some other types of government agency. People say no when asked if they want to be registered. More than 20 percent of voting age population doesn't even bother to register. I don't think the government can lower barriers to registration any more and people still don't register. The only answer can be, they don't want to register. I vote Democrat probably 99 percent of the time. I don't vote 100 percent of the time, but most of the time. I don't think that means I have to blindly follow the party though. I really like Obama and think he is doing a very good job. However, he has to compromise on his budget. We can't go that far in the hole. That doesn't mean, I don't support him or what he is trying to do. It just means, I'm not going to follow blindly. I still know that the president works for me, not the other way around. Bush being so stubborn cost him dearly. It will cost Obama too. One thing I want to say: Democrats and Republicans in Congress are awful. They don't accept responsibility for anything. The AIG bonuses were stinkers in my opinion. But my goodness, those bonuses are pretty small potatoes. Those bonuses are symbols of the problem, they aren't the problem. Congress - Democrats and Republicans -- decided to Dixie Chicks the executives who received those bonuses. Rush Limbaugh is a gas bag 99 percent of the time, but even a blind hog can find an acorn. Rush was right about McCarthyism tactics with AIG.
  13. change has come to Washington. Obama admitted a mistake, something that shrub did not do the entire eight years he was in office. As far as the treasury secretary, he had paid his taxes prior to being nominated, it was a mistake and he is one of the most respected people in his field, which is why even the GOP overlooked the tax thing. Daschle didn't pass the ethics test. I find it interesting that people criticize Obama for having an ethics code. Had he not put in place an ethics code, the fact that he has ONE former lobbyist in the defense department would not even be noticed.
  14. I think it's OK for America to celebrate right now. It will be the last time for a long time that we have much to celebrate. Hell, I think we ought to have the biggest celebration in the world for that pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson. We have spent so much time as a country being unhappy and negative that I'm glad that right now we can be positive. I don't think that the reaction would be any different if it were McCain. We all know things are bad and the celebration now is temporary, but that is OK. We need to smile. Let's celebrate. Steve, I want to amend this post to add that I have other friends who also are concerned about the cost of the inauguration and whether it sends a bad message. We are all big Obama fans too. I don't think you are some bad guy for having these concerns. LOL. I just think the country needs a celebration and I'm glad we are happy -- for what will likely be a limited amount of time -- with our president. Peace.
  15. First, the very same article said that inaugural celebrations are NOT paid for with taxpayer money. I think it's great that Obama has supporters -- and they are not corporate supporters -- who want to celebrate. I think it is absolutely wonderful that so many people are so excited about a president. If that is what you are criticizing politicians for, then you and I do not agree. I think it is absolutely wonderful that so many Americans are excited about this president and want to go to Washington to see this inauguration. Second, Who said the majority of politicians take private jets that are paid for with taxpayer money? Air Force One is paid for with taxpayer money, as it should be. Otherwise, I don't know where you come by your assumption that "the majority of them took private jets that were paid for by the taxpayers." The only thing in your post that was paid for with taxpayer money is security for the inaugural. I agree, it is a shame that we live in a society where there needs to be that level of security. In my opinion, it is money well-spent.
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