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More OLTL Casting


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What Vee said!

Yes, he played a lawyer on OLTL around 1989 or so. I think he represented Gabrielle or someone?

It's a shame such a charismatic and talented actor is playing a generic creep who will be there to prop the disastrous Edsels. The sad thing is back before soaps started their big downward spiral a short term guest stint could be electric. Like Shipp's run as Douglas Cummings on ATWT. He was only on there for about five or six months but he changed Oakdale for years and years.

At least we might get some kind of amusing homoeroticism in his scenes with the Fjords.

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Hopefully he can add SOME layers to this lame sounding character. I first knew him as the woman beating Carter Jones on AMC (which led to his crossover to Loving) and I thought he was terrific--but they did write the character with a soft side, getting into his own abuse as a kid, and then his loving relationship with a blind Natalie (before she realized who he was...)

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