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  1. So she's like mother to the baby dragons? They totally LOVE her! Did the wicthes power cause the dragons to be hatched?
  2. Misssed last night's ep. Did any of the characters leave the show?
  3. Sammy the Bull's daughter clamied he never killed anyone! He admitted in court to killing tons of folks on Gotti's orders.
  4. Like the little guy and the wrestler dude! That evil prince guy is like totally EVIL!
  5. So Drake and a couple chicks on the CW , anymore peeps make it big after Degrassi?
  6. Someone just told me that Drake used to be on Degrassi , is that true?
  7. Seen this in a rerun and he was played by J Roc from TPB!
  8. I near Garica will be getting a bigger role plus doing the spinoff but i still think this will hurt the show really bad. Prentiss only being on now and agian will hurt them story wise than A.J but hardcore fans love her and whne y P.O hardcore fans your in TROUBLE! BTW all the show are losing female cast members in order to pay Charile "FREAKING" Sheen 2 mill an episode!
  9. Joey will NEVER b back. He got fired because he wouldn't stop selling copyrighted merch on the interweb!
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