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Primetime Ratings: September 2010


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Of course not. Following the peck makes life so much easier... ;)

I got tons of shows on stand-by (which I really want to watch and know that they are great) so that I've been very hesitant for 4 years now to check out anything new. In order to watch one of the newbie shows I either rely on very positive reviews or a mass audience. If not I probably would have skipped on MODERN FAMILY or HOT IN CLEVELAND which I consider two of my favorite shows these days.

However, if a show does not initially captivate me like "Good Wife" I drop it immediately. So I do sometimes still have my own mind. LOL

Ratings buzz

That Tom Selleck cop show scored HUGE on Friday apparently in both total viewers and demographics. Considering the DOA timeslot this seems to be the biggest surprise hit so far...

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People will say that still isn't good enough because of the 18-49. The obsession with that never ends.

Tom Selleck is some kind of a national institution so I guess people were waiting for him to come back. I wonder if this validates the changes he made in the show's format.

I guess it also proves that Friday night TV still has a chance when someone makes an effort.

As for Cougar Town, I have never understood why this got through or why they had that awful, dated in five minutes title. Courtney Cox shouldn't be headlining her own series anyway IMO.

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I was joking, which should've been clear from the :P smiley.

Anyway, I have written off all the sitcoms from the time of Will & Grace onwards and my life has been so much easier. The only exceptions are My Name Is Tina Fey and I'm Exceptional dry.gif & The Big Bang Theory. The others can just be too weird, grotesque, bordering on if not outright sick shows so I have no interest in that. Or... they're dull, the premise doesn't intrigue me.

I've just read about TS and wanted to post about it, I guess CBS will always be a procedurals network... :yawn:

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I've gone on overload this year with comedy shows... Mike and Molly, Cougar Town, Modern Family, The Middle, Better with You, Raising Hope, Running Wilde, [!@#$%^&*] My Dad Says...

So far the only pilots that impressed me were Better with You and Raising Hope. Also, the sophomore shows are all fine, IMO.

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It was my last sitcom, too.

I just did not get any sense of humor from comdedies in recnet years. 30 Rock and Modern Family brought me back last year (and I admit that I do watch Cougar Town for the silliness and it has gotten a lot better in the second half of season 1) and for Betty White's sake I took a glimpse at Hot In Cleveland.

I still don't like any other old-fashioned multi-camera sitcom on TV these days; I've probably grown out of liking these, I don't know.

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CSI NY does well on Friday and Blue Blood premieres with big numbers for Friday Night. Imagine if this show was on Wednesday or Monday.

8 p.m.

NBC: "Dateline: NBC" premiere (6.5 million, 4.5/9)

CBS: "Medium" premiere (6.1 million viewers, 4.0/8 households)

ABC: "Modern Family" rerun (4.2 million, 2.6/5)/"Better With You" rerun (3.1 million, 2.1/4)

FOX: "Human Target" rerun (3.1 million, 2.0/4)

The CW: "Smallville" premiere (2.9 million, 1.7/3)

18-49 leader: "Dateline: NBC" and "Medium" (1.4)

9 p.m.

CBS: "CSI: NY" premiere (10.3 million, 6.5/12)

NBC: "Dateline: NBC" (7.9 million, 5.4/10)

ABC: "The Whole Truth" rerun (2.9 million, 2.0/4)

FOX: "The Good Guys" premiere (2.9 million, 1.7/3)

The CW: "Supernatural" premiere (2.8 million, 1.7/3)

18-49 leader: "CSI: NY" (2.0)

10 p.m.

CBS: "Blue Bloods" series premiere (12.7 million, 7.9/15)

ABC: "20/20" premiere (5.9 million, 4.1/8)

NBC: "Outlaw" (4.9 million, 3.4/7)

18-49 leader: "Blue Bloods" (2.2)

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Friday, September 24

Total Viewers

1. Blue Bloods: 13.01 million

2. CSI: NY: 10.35 million

3. Dateline: 7.29 million

4. Medium: 6.10 million

5. 20/20: 5.52 million

6. Outlaw: 4.89 million

7. Modern Family ®: 3.93 million

8. Human Target ®: 3.07 million

9. Smallville: 2.98 million

10. Supernatural: 2.90 million

11. Better With You ®: 2.90 million

12. The Whole Truth ®: 2.89 million

13. The Good Guys: 2.80 million

Adults 18-49

1. Blue Bloods: 2.2/7

2. CSI: NY: 2.0/7

3. Dateline: 1.6/6

3. 20/20: 1.6/5

5. Medium: 1.4/5

6. Smallville: 1.3/5

6. Supernatural: 1.3/4

8. Modern Family ®: 1.2/5

9. Outlaw: 1.1/4

10. The Good Guys: 0.9/3

10. Better With You ®: 0.9/3

12. The Whole Truth ®: 0.7/2

13. Human Target ®: 0.6/2

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Sunday, September 26

Total Viewers

1. Sunday Night Football: 18.15 million

2. 60 Minutes: 14.41 million

3. Desperate Housewives: 13.06 million

4. Undercover Boss: 11.54 million

4. The Amazing Race: 11.54 million

6. Brothers & Sisters: 9.49 million

7. Family Guy: 9.13 million

8. Extreme Makeover Home Edition (8pm): 8.47 million

9. The Simpsons: 7.82 million

10. The Cleveland Show: 6.61 million

Adults 18-49

1. Sunday Night Football: 7.3/19

2. Family Guy: 4.5/11

3. Desperate Housewives: 4.3/10

4. Undercover Boss: 3.8/10

4. The Amazing Race: 3.8/9

6. The Simpsons: 3.7/10

7. 60 Minutes: 3.1/8

7. The Cleveland Show: 3.1/8

9. Brothers & Sisters: 2.9/8

10. Extreme Makeover Home Edition (8pm): 2.5/7


Wow at Family Guy's demos.

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