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Y&R Discussion Week of June 14

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(I cut out the video since all you have to do is go to the last page to see it)

I agree with you. They just casually rewrite history without a care for how it makes the characters look. Has it only been a year since Phillip returned with a horrific butchering of his character, and not a care in the world from him about what he had done? And where was Phillip now? Too busy dealing with evil cattle rustlers to see his dying grandmother? Why do you use your show's history as confetti?? This stuff is pointless and somehow they think they need to become even more pointless. And I say this as a fan of Lauren and Jill. I'm sure someone who started watching more recently and has been trained by the show to not care about either of them will probably be even more annoyed.

They obviously think they are somehow "honoring" history with this BS, even though they just slap together a half-assed effort.

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Yes, it certainly HAS been poulated by nice people. that's what we're bemoaning, the complete lack of good characters to balance out the bad. the good characters were:

Stuart Brooks

Leslie Brooks

Liz Foster

Brock Reynolds

John Abbott

Traci Abbott


Amy Lewis

Olivia Barber

Paul Williams

Paul is really the only one left. And he gets bupkus for SL most times. He should be the TRUE hero of this show, not that wrinkled old bastard.

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I love how people keep bringing this up despite the fact it happened almost 30 years ago and has since been rectified. We need fresher examples! :P


Jess Walton is a Goddess. There are no words to describe her. The fact that she was so heartbreaking despite awful writing and direction says it all. She never falters--never.

But why the rush? I mean, really. We have Liz's death and the reveal in the same episode? Pace yourselves, bitches, pace yourselves.

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