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1 hour ago, Faulkner said:

Erika/Rinna/Kyle just feel the Carly/Jason/Sonny of BH to me. Unpopular with a large portion of the audience, yet still allowed to stomp their way through the show with impunity and little pushback, at least in the most recent seasons. Makes the show a hard watch for me. I pray they get their comeuppance.


That analogy is very accurate and as an ex-GH viewer, certainly not lost on me! It has made RHOBH hard to watch the last 4 years. However, I do find that in the RH universe, karma does come around eventually. I don't expect Erika/Rinna/Kyle to avoid theirs. Erika's already feeling it. Rinna is disliked and if she decides to do nothing this season (like she did in S8), execs won't keep her around again. Kyle is hiding behind Kathy's skirts right now so who knows with her.


59 minutes ago, Chris B said:

Lisa Rinna definitely felt the backlash last season. Dumping a long term friend like she did Denise was shameful. I remember her even posting on Instagram that it’s the fans fault for how she acted because they want drama on the show....Ummm no. Fans want you to be yourself and be entertaining. The drama will come naturally. If she truly valued her friendship with Denise she wouldn’t have acted like that. I fully expect her to be in damage control mode this season. 


From the trailer, it looks like she is actively channelling Kris Jenner and keeping largely out of it. She and Erika are very good at throwing darts from their VTs. However, not sure fans want to be bored to tears by Rinna. They consider her a villain.


3 minutes ago, Soaplovers said:


With Kathy Hilton on the show, I don't think Kyle will truly win.  


Kyle was over showed by Kim as child actresses, by LVP and Kim on the show, and now big sister Kathy will be on part time...and is getting buzz and a little focus on the trailer.  Kyle wants to be  adored and #1...but never can attain that...so she loses.


Yeah, Kathy makes it look effortless in the trailer and I think many fans will be won over by that.


I was actually very sad not to see any Kim in the trailer TBH. 

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7 hours ago, Faulkner said:

Erika/Rinna/Kyle just feel the Carly/Jason/Sonny of BH to me. Unpopular with a large portion of the audience, yet still allowed to stomp their way through the show with impunity and little pushback, at least in the most recent seasons. Makes the show a hard watch for me. I pray they get their comeuppance.


What a perfect analogy. 


I found the BH trailer better than expected - and I'll be tuning in but only on the premise that we'll be witnessing the fall of Erotica Lame. I can only hope the editors feel the breeze changing as the evidence starts mounting against her (like last week when documents were discovered, apparently signed by Erika, that placed priority of a lender to Tom Girardi ahead of her own status as a spouse...). 


I'm glad to see Sutton get a diamond after she, Garcelle and Denise carried last season on their backs. 


Really looking forward to the Kathy Hilton FOH role. As @Soaplovers said Kyle is always overshadowed by someone and it'll be a delight to see Kathy naturally overshadow her. 




I am loving this season. The production company hit it out of the park given they filmed right in the middle of the pandemic. I like that everyone has some skin in the game and that the group as a whole can move on from some of the pettier crap and still laugh. The importance of the husbands cannot be overstated - sometimes they *make* the show. 




I tuned into this last episode to see what everyone was discussing re Kari and yeah...she's a terrible person. I haven't ever liked her and found her hard to watch always, but this reinforced it. I think this season has lost all of its momentum and I think this franchise might need to be put out to pasture. It's always struggled and this season has been markedly worse outside of the Mama D scenes which are, as always, soap opera gold.




For me, Marlo is a joy to watch and her appearances can make even a mediocre episode fun.


However, I think this season is weird with so many people ducking in and out of the show like Tanya, Fallon, LaToya etc. The cast feels unstable. I also think Cynthia's time is up - that wedding was an appalling Covid caper and I just don't see what she brings to the show anymore. I think they need to bring back Sheree and Phaedra next season.  

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OH, @DaytimeFan how I've been waiting for your opinion on the BH trailer. Not a disappointment at all.



I'm not sure I can sit through the whole season (though there are parts and pictures from online I would love to see what they are in references to) after all the nasty reveals of last season and how oh so triggered they made me. Like you and how ChitHappens feels about the Green Eyed Bandits over on POTOMAC, I am not sure I can sit through another season where Production is covering for the 'good' guys and well deserved comeuppance is not given. Erika HAS to pay. 


But I loved what you said about Production pulling the Denise hiatus from last year where they saw how the ladies were coming across and went back to editing for a month so the girls looked good. Well I guess I should say the anti-Denise hiatus.



6 hours ago, Faulkner said:

Just makes me remember this...


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Well...things sure are heating up for the finale. And rumor is that it will drop this week too (PS Trailer for FAMILY KARMA Season 2 dropped today for you fans here.

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 ). It would be hilarious if it overshadows BH again like it did last year. 


A few notes...it seems Production strunk again according to Shamea. What was seen was not her just coming for Marlo for no reason. Apparently Marlo came for her man, but it was editing out.


Le sigh...Production, production, production. The tea is that next season there are changes going on behind the scenes in THAT department so I hope whoever takes over will do what was the major mistake this season...PRODUCTION EDITED OUT ALL THE IMPORTANT SCENES!!! It sounds like a lot of what we saw was building slow burn style and then the bachelorette party happened and all beneath the surface came out. I kinda wished we had seen that. As is...this season is strictly transitional, but I feel there is potential with MOST of who we have. 


As for this episode...like a lot of people who called it before including myself...DREW WE SEE YOU!!!


Fake a$$. Lol.


Apparently there is a lot more to the Drew/Latoya relationship than is being shown. I wished we could have seen their up and down relationship. Why? They really are Kenya vs Porsha circa Season 5 2.0. It has not gone foul YET, but it suuure looks like it is getting there fast. And Drew is not helping by coming for Latoya. Yes, Latoya started it...but Drew finished that quickly. And they appeared to be on good terms. So why is Drew coming for her now? I mean...at when Porsha came at Kenya over Tanya a season back...you knew why...but Porsha still shouldn't have. But why Drew?


Because she had to cancel a christening cuz she thought Latoya and the pastor had a thing? Then get your mother who is a pastor to do it. This is clearly for some other reason. Or just drama. Thankfully, the pastor was able to disprove some of that for now. And I loved how unbothered Latoya was in the final scene. Stay pressed, heffa.


DREW. Yeah, I don't like fake nice either. I guess since she has Porsha on her side that Drew thought she could be messy. Well given that Porsha gave her some looks I doubt that friendship will be the same come next season...if everyone is coming back in any case. Meanwhile, yeah Kandi and Cynthia see her as well being messy. She currently is so 'throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.' Say what you want about Kenya, but at least she strategized better. Wrong road, Drew. Wrong road.


CYNTHIA. Other than her event, she didn't do much. I loved seeing her with Mike. And her helping black business is always nice. And it was nice seeing everyone come out and support. 


KANDI. LOL!!! I was so happy that as soon as Drew told her about Latoya and the pastor, she immediately took it to Latoya. No one can ever accuse Kandi of not having a brain. And if I am ever in Atlanta, I want to go to Blaze. Hmmmm steak. lol.


KENYA. On one hand, she is really coming out of this season smelling like roses. On the other hand, I still feel that production cut out a LOT of the Marc drama. So...some tea...Marc WAS ON THE NOLA TRIP. So what is real with that? What is not? Did he try to work it out at all or is this all storyline? For Brooklyn's sake, I hope it is real. And I wished they had showed it. Cuz I don't know what to think of Kenya except she is playing the game well and looking good.


PORSHA. Yeah...Team Marlo in that fight. While I understand where Porsha is coming from, Porsha has continued to make it wrong to the point that she is looking as childish as Kenya says she's acting in her own TH. It also appears to me that she is kinda of checked out now. Not a good sign.


LATOYA. I LIVED for her being all unbothered with Drew this week. For all of her messiness and the one time she would have normally gotten messy, she paid Drew dust. LOVED IT. 


Ready for the finale to see if S6 Kandi really showed up and the reunion with the receipts that are hopefully not about to be edited out...

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@Soaplovers well the running rumor an hour ago was that Gina had decided to bow out so they had Jackie...who was not originally coming back...on stand by as a fan replacement with one newbie. When Lydia found out Jackie was coming back, she was not for it either. So she bounced. Someone even found a cryptic tweet from her or something. 

30 minutes ago, NothinButAttitude said:

So Lydia and Gina are out?! 


I think this might spell the end of Melbourne...



Not sure how I feel about that. Gina's rep has always preceded her and love every gif and clip I've seen of her. 


Fans are livid, too. 

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Now that was much, much better.


So clearly for me, it had to be who was spotlighted. For the last few episodes, the focus has been on Brandi, Kary, and Stephanie with LeeAndra, Tiffany, and Kameron getting moments here and there, but most in the background. This episode was the end of the Oaklahoma trip and heading back to Dallas. Once there, the show shifted to individual scenes so it was only natural that it shifted since the stronger people with individual scenes (and are still somewhat likeable) are LeeAndra, Tiffany, and Kameron. And I liked all of them. And ooooo at the next leg of the LeeAndra family drama. I keep saying...she's so what soap opera heroines are made of. And as usual...the next nugget she gave in the saga of her vs her brother produced new questions. Hopefully, the answers will start to be revealed as LeeAndra goes to meet with her mother-in-law next week. 


Meanwhile, the trip started boring AF. But it ended in a good place I felt. The highlight for me was Tiffany, Kameron, and Brandi (yes, I said Brandi) performing the Bend and Snap from LEGALLY BLONDE as their warmup routine for the series of games Stephanie had set up for everybody. And not shocked that Kary does not know how to give a sincere apology so her trying to apologize to Charles the guy from last week fell flat for me. 


And surely I am not the only person who saw that Brandi was clearly preggers on the trip. 


Things to make you go hmmmm...


LEEANDRA. Well, well, well. Where do I start? Just like Ashley Abbott finding out that John Abbott was not her dad shattered her, there appears to be more to the story of the events surrounding LeeAndra's Dad's death. And as she was talking to Jeremy, for the first time I wondered if she had considered therapy or hmmm hypnotism? It sounded like either she was editing herself for television or that she might have blocked some of that day out. I thought she had been the one to find the body if I remember correctly...or am I wrong? She definitely saw it. And the reveal of her finding out that her mother-in-law put the one will on the bed day of death...and then Mama Dee's actions with the other will....and I'm wondering how BOTH of the moms factored into the breakdown in the relationship between LeeAndra and her brother. I get LeeAndra's reasoning for not telling him of the death immediately, but it sounded like the mother in law went all out to keep them separated. And then...Mama Dee made a deal with the Dad insuring that LeeAndra would get the inheritance in the first place. But then Mother in Law pushed for a court fight. I mean...WOW!!! This was just the stuff of good soaps. I'll say this much...LeeAndra's relationship with her family has always been her throughline throughout her time on the show and it continued to bear so much fruit for her. And that fruit continues to be juicy. And yes, I love the followup from the letter a few episodes back. 


KAMERON. God, Court is hot. lol. That said...I enjoyed her misadventures with moving this week. The packing. The ribbing from Court. The psychic from an earlier episode. Court accepting it all even with an eyeroll. Who didn't like Kameron's dog? It has been natural that she is still mourning Louie and worrying about him as she moves into her dream house. Meanwhile, Kameron was fun on the trip...except for when she got angry over the bed prank that went wrong. Yeaaah...mess with my sleep, I'm a bitca, too.

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TIFFANY. Wow at her and Kameron getting along. If only it would last. Meanwhile awwww at her and her mother coming to some understanding. That was a talk that needed to happen.  Tiffany always brings the real and I will be sadden if she does decide to leave at the end of this season. And I hollered at her and the twins' science project. That was my project in elementary school so it was a cute little walk down memory lane.


BRANDI. *side-eye*




KARY. Lint.


So next week we are going to be on the mansion from DALLAS? Good. That means also we are at the end of the season.








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5 hours ago, Taoboi said:



Now that's definitely official...Season 5 Cast Photo



Wait... So on top of Queen Giner, Lydiot is gone too? The dumbest but most entertaining villain in RH? That's me out. Sorry, but Shine Shine Shine can't make up for the loss of Gina and Lydia.

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6 hours ago, Cat said:

Wait... So on top of Queen Giner, Lydiot is gone too? The dumbest but most entertaining villain in RH? That's me out. Sorry, but Shine Shine Shine can't make up for the loss of Gina and Lydia.

Sad but true.



Gina Liano on Twitter: "Thank you to Foxtel and matchbox for a wonderful 4 seasons and for your well wishes as I step back from the show. Extra big thank you to all my gorgeous followers who have travelled through #RHOM with me and have made it the most enjoyable ride. Love always Gina https://t.co/9vczDvlilx" / Twitter



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