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New DAYS Promo!


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New DAYS promo aired today during PSNS!

Austin says Carrie being in Salem is all he has ever wanted.

"Sami's World Shattered!"

It showed Sami throwing something into her mirror and smashing it.

"Now, Sami will ring in the new year with a bang!"

Austin and Carrie kiss!!!! :wub: They're holding martini glasses and ringing in the new year at Sami's Apt.

Sami drinks her drink and says she's not going to let Carrie have Austin!

Then it shows John and Roman arrest Alex and throw him in jail.

"And a deadly twist!"

Alex says "Marlena's life is in danger!"

Marlena is in the penthouse and runs for the phone. She answers it. It's John. He says "Don't open the door to ANYONE!"

The doorbell rings.

"Days of our lives!"

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