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  1. i love ur love for dee hall!

  2. The Cocktail Lounge

    Just did a search and dunno if anyone ever responded to this post JSF. Nell wasen't very rich (Take My Daughters, Please), neither was Muff in And The Sea Will Tell (true story). Same for Mrs O'Neil in For The Very First Time. And Jessie Witherspoon from Our House sure wasen't rich when it came to money. And the movie was done in 1992, but aired in March of 1993.
  3. Grey's Anatomy: Discussion Thread

    Fantastic episode IMO. George/Izzie killed me with their beauty. Seriously. Beautiful, beautiful chemistry.
  4. Grey's Anatomy: Discussion Thread

    Well, that's what HE told her the last time they interracted (before he started falling for Addie).
  5. Grey's Anatomy: Discussion Thread

    I loved the Susan/Meredith relationship. They looked comfortable together and I'm glad Susan told Mere that it was ok to be upset about the picture. George/Izzie... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Grey's Anatomy: Discussion Thread

    Exactly. She's not seeing a shadow by the fireplace, she's dead (flatlining and everything) and seeing them. Cause there were rumors that Patrick Dempsey wanted out.
  7. Grey's Anatomy: Discussion Thread

    Ghost? How is he a ghost? He's not a ghost. A ghost would be if she saw him standing there... he's an after-person. Someone did die. Meredith did. But people have died and come back to live... Only takes a few seconds, but it has happened. The thing about Shonda Rimes is, the woman has balls. She could go there, and I belive, survive it. She's not afraid to break television rules. I'm actually not reading spoilers, but I think either Ellis or McDreamy will really DIE-DIE but Meredith will DIE-LIVE. I love George and Callie together, but I get Izzie's rant about it. She's terrified of losing her best friend. She belives he's made a mistake because in her mind, Callie's not right for George, she's not good enough for him (in that "no-one's-gonna-be-good-enough-for-your-best-friend" kinda way).
  8. Grey's Anatomy: Discussion Thread

    There's something wrong with Izzie?
  9. Grey's Anatomy: Discussion Thread

    The girl could be mute. She can obviously hear (Meredith asked for the equipment remember, and she obviously heard her).
  10. Grey's Anatomy: Discussion Thread

    Fantastic episode IMO. Just enough shock and humanity put together. Um, Scandinavian Star anyone? Big accidents do happen on ferries. It's easy to drag out a ferryboat accident to three episodes... make it explode into a huge fire and you've got yourself two episodes just there. She asked to help get a thing, it's not like she sutured him up. And Shonda's said she doesn't follow the television rules (in her blog).
  11. Grey's Anatomy: Discussion Thread

    Bored? Personally I think this is the best season yet. It only gets better to me.
  12. Grey's Anatomy: Discussion Thread

    Ellen was fabulous yesterday. For the first time, I was truly impressed.
  13. Grey's Anatomy: Discussion Thread

    I love that the Alex/Addie story is taking time to evolve. They're both facing the attraction, and it's awesome. George and Callie :wub Aww, snarky!Izzie rules.
  14. Grey's Anatomy: Discussion Thread

    Apparantly she had an abnormal tumor.
  15. Grey's Anatomy: Discussion Thread

    The show's timeline doesn't follow the show's timeline