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  1. Fantastic episode IMO. George/Izzie killed me with their beauty. Seriously. Beautiful, beautiful chemistry.
  2. Well, that's what HE told her the last time they interracted (before he started falling for Addie).
  3. I loved the Susan/Meredith relationship. They looked comfortable together and I'm glad Susan told Mere that it was ok to be upset about the picture. George/Izzie... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Exactly. She's not seeing a shadow by the fireplace, she's dead (flatlining and everything) and seeing them. Cause there were rumors that Patrick Dempsey wanted out.
  5. Ghost? How is he a ghost? He's not a ghost. A ghost would be if she saw him standing there... he's an after-person. Someone did die. Meredith did. But people have died and come back to live... Only takes a few seconds, but it has happened. The thing about Shonda Rimes is, the woman has balls. She could go there, and I belive, survive it. She's not afraid to break television rules. I'm actually not reading spoilers, but I think either Ellis or McDreamy will really DIE-DIE but Meredith will DIE-LIVE. I love George and Callie together, but I get Izzie's rant about it. She's terrified of losing her best friend. She belives he's made a mistake because in her mind, Callie's not right for George, she's not good enough for him (in that "no-one's-gonna-be-good-enough-for-your-best-friend" kinda way).
  6. The girl could be mute. She can obviously hear (Meredith asked for the equipment remember, and she obviously heard her).
  7. Fantastic episode IMO. Just enough shock and humanity put together. Um, Scandinavian Star anyone? Big accidents do happen on ferries. It's easy to drag out a ferryboat accident to three episodes... make it explode into a huge fire and you've got yourself two episodes just there. She asked to help get a thing, it's not like she sutured him up. And Shonda's said she doesn't follow the television rules (in her blog).
  8. Bored? Personally I think this is the best season yet. It only gets better to me.
  9. Ellen was fabulous yesterday. For the first time, I was truly impressed.
  10. I love that the Alex/Addie story is taking time to evolve. They're both facing the attraction, and it's awesome. George and Callie :wub Aww, snarky!Izzie rules.
  11. Apparantly she had an abnormal tumor.
  12. The show's timeline doesn't follow the show's timeline
  13. And I'm so psyched! I LOVE them. I hope they give Kate Walsh some focus soon, she deserves it.
  14. Awesome episode! Alex/Addison - wanted it since last season, so yay for that hoteyesex!stare! It's totally coming. I also felt, again, that the cases really reflect on what the characters are feeling, or going through. And I've had a feeling for a while that Addison might get pregnant, and the case really just made that stronger for me. It fit. The guy with the spine reflected that he did something he shouldn't have done and others paid for it (Burke/Cristina), George's dad has a heart problem (Izzie). I hate it when I like Derek/Meredith, and I really did in this episode. They were fluffy and cute. Derek mouthing "sex" in the CT room? So cute it almost hurt. So glad Cristina went to the cheif. We saw her strive to keep it a secret, and be conflicted but her love for Burke winning out. Character growth in this episode for her. Eeeek, George/Izzie angst! Loved Izzie and George's parents together. Aww, her should-be future in-laws. Hopefully. Would be so cute if the model ends up with the "geek".
  15. Great episode! George needing Izzie... so cute! And George being all "Cristina"... so funny. Alex and Addison need to either fight like hell or get it on. So much... grrr! McNotDreamy's sister was as annoying as McNotDreamy.
  16. I can't get myself to call Meredith a slut, because she's not. She's messed up, but who isen't? And I liked her in this episode, she stood up for herself. Some may call her selfish, but these two men WANT her and she's torn. Girl power people! Love Cristina trying to fix Burke. Poor Izzie... I loved the last Alex/Izzie scene where he asked her where it hurt and she just said "everywhere..." - I love how they're handling her grief. Most shows just have it over in a second, but grief takes time. I so want Addie and Alex to shack up. I just do. They'd be hot together. Even if I do like Alex/Izzie too at this point. George/Callie are so realistic to me. It just seems like the kind of real problems that people deal with. When to move in, when is it too soon etc... Loved the last scene, the three of them hanging out.
  17. Go. Grey's! It was just... dazzling. I liked the theme of the other characters sort of representing Izzie's greif. And Katherine Heigl was just... wow. The way Izzie seemed to be completely out of it. Amazing! And Chandra Wilson. I bow to thee for thee are teh awesome. So glad George didn't say 'I love you', it would have been wrong. If they continue that relationship, it needs to come at a totally just "normal" time, like having lunch or something. Addison kicks ass. And so does Kate Walsh.
  18. No, cause I haven't found a clip yet. LMAO, I love that friendship because they're both so funny (that's something they have in common). BTW, should I have mentioned that I just changed names? I'm Linn.
  19. Let me quote that wonderful Hall/Elliot article. "Among my favourite of her unsung talents is her endless writing of hilarious acceptance speeches. They are all different and deeply peculiar and leave me aching to see her name on a list of nominations. Not just because she's brilliantly talented, but to enjoy the speech. One of my favourites is about surviving unemployment. During an unusually long period of unemployment, she wrote a speech about not being able to watch TV because the mere sight of a dog food commercial would remind her that even the damn dog could get a job. As women in friendships, we are many things to people. This friend is everything to me. She makes me laugh, she makes me think, she helps me see and appreciate myself. And when I'm scared, lonely or depressed... she lets me color her hair."
  20. Hehehe, well, I miss our Tracy dose. Although, I'm still kinda living off of that Tracy/Luke "asclosetoalovesceneaswewillevergetithink" scene where he kissed her
  21. Aww, a healthy manly competition too much for ya Luke? I love what I've seen of Tracy and Coleman (which is just the clips that were posted in this thread), even though he's so the opposite of what I could imagine Tracy with. Minerva, I LOVE the quote you have in your signature. I *LOVE* that interview, I love what they said about each other, I love seeing two powerful women with a genuine friendship (loved that Jane was the first person Deidre thought of when she was on Leeza in 1995).
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