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December 5-9, 2005


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I don't think ratings were due to snowstorms. I am a new viewer to General Hospital, having quit watching Guiding Light, and GH is a very good show. I don't care if it snowed or what it did, if I didn't like the show I wouldn't be watching it. There are too many choices for me to watch something I don't like.

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ATWT cracked the Y&R/B&B Top 10 block, impressive!

1:(3) Y&R Friday: 4.7/6,102,000

2:(1) Y&R: Tuesday: 4.3/5,427,000

3:(5) Y&R: Thursday: 4.3/5,415,000

4:(2) Y&R: Monday: 4.0/5,226,000

5:(4) Y&R: Wednesday: 4.1/5,163,000

6:(7) B&B: Friday: 3.8/4,959,000

7:(9) B&B: Tuesday: 3.4/4,403,000

8:(6) B&B: Monday: 3.4/4,392,000

9:(8) B&B: Thursday: 3.3/4,257,000

10:(27) ATWT: Friday: 3.1/4,188,000

11:(10) B&B: Wednesday: 3.2/4,106,000

12:(26) GH: Friday: 3.2/3,903,000

13:(11) GH: Monday: 3.1/3,782,000

14:(20) DAYS: Friday: 2.9/3,699,000

15:(19) ATWT: Tuesday: 2.8/3,662,000

16:(17) ATWT: Thursday: 2.8/3,568,000

17:(14) GH: Wednesday: 2.9/3,537,000

18:(21) OLTL: Monday: 2.9/3,527,000

19:(30) GH: Thursday: 2.7/3,523,000

20:(39) OLTL: Friday: 2.8/3,515,000

21:(18) ATWT: Monday: 2.7/3,480,000

22:(13) AMC: Monday: 2.8/3,427,000

23:(38) AMC: Friday: 2.8/3,382,000

24:(15) GH: Tuesday: 2.9/3,375,000

25:(29) AMC: Wednesday: 2.7/3,362,000

26:(28) AMC: Tuesday: 2.8/3,347,000

27:(16) DAYS: Thursday: 2.6/3,339,000

28:(36) OLTL: Thursday: 2.6/3,332,000

29:(22) ATWT: Wednesday: 2.6/3,324,000

30:(34) AMC: Thursday: 2.6/3,280,000

31:(35) GL: Friday: 2.4/3,267,000

32:(12) DAYS: Tuesday: 2.6/3,221,000

33:(23) DAYS: Wednesday: 2.5/3,142,000

34:(37) GL: Tuesday: 2.4/3,112,000

35:(31) GL: Monday: 2.3/3,056,000

36:(25) DAYS: Monday: 2.5/3,018,000

37:(33) OLTL: Tuesday: 2.6/2,972,000

38:(32) GL: Thursday: 2.3/2,971,000

39:(24) OLTL: Wednesday: 2.5/2,930,000

40:(40) GL: Wednesday: 2.2/2,722,000

41:(42) PSNS: Thursday: 1.8/2,250,000

42:(45) PSNS: Friday: 1.8/2,199,000

43:(41) PSNS: Tuesday: 1.7/2,137,000

44:(43) PSNS: Monday: 1.7/2,075,000

45:(44) PSNS: Wednesday: 1.5/1,867,000

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GL and Passions are usually about the same in 18-49 Demo and GL has nearly a million more overall viewers than Passions. But it seems like most think GL will be the next soap to be canceled. I still think if GL was on at 3pm ET everywhere, it would be doing better in the ratings.

Great to see ATWT jump especially on Friday.

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I don't think ratings were due to snowstorms. I am a new viewer to General Hospital, having quit watching Guiding Light, and GH is a very good show. I don't care if it snowed or what it did, if I didn't like the show I wouldn't be watching it. There are too many choices for me to watch something I don't like.

I agree with this, having shut the show off about 4 times in the last 6 years for an extended period of time when the show was really, really bad.

But in this case, I think if people are stranded home and there's nothing of interest on TV, viewers may default back to soaps they used to watch 20 years ago out of habit OR if they're typically a viewer of the show prior, they may let let the channel stay put rather than surfing through the stations. The only way we can truly tell if the day to day ratings were not merely a snowstorm related fluke, is if the show kept the viewers interest, that the Monday and/or Tuesday episode received higher than average daily ratings.

I've been off work for the last few days and watched Passions of all shows for a little bit, but I can't see myself tuning back in anytime soon since there was nothing of interest to continue watching.

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4.7 for Y&R

3.8 for B&B

3.1 for ATWT

WOWOWOWOW Good job to them

Just WOW!

Y&R always delivers such numbers during the holidays (so at least once a year) but B&B hasn't had such high ratings in the last years I guess. I wonder if the shows manage to keep the momentum and sweep into the actual holiday season?

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You know Phoenix, I will always give you props for being a hardcore pro-Days fan :) (I know I can never be that optimistic) but you see this:

Oh please :rolleyes:

:rolleyes: <----- The use of that emoticon in response to anti-Days comments by posters is what's gotten you in contention with certain posters (eg xDaysAddict) and I think it's something you might need to ease up on. I know this isn't really the appropriate thread for this but let's turn the tables a bit. Exactly how would you feel if everytime you said something positive about Days that that was the automatic response you got? For me, it'd come off as pretty disrespectful and that's my point. You've already said it's not always easy for you to ignore negative posts, especially when they're mixed up with the positive ones, but trust me, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. I was here at a time when people bashed Rimi and Broe to death (I didn't post regularly but I was here ;) ) and it hasn't affected me one bit. :)

Just a thought. Not attacking you or anything cause I admire your devotion to the show :) . Just putting this out there, for what it's worth :).

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Uh that is meant in good fun and sometimes people use that same icon for me so,according to your post, that means they are disrespecting me too. I don't see that being the meaning behind using it. Bottom line is that I know people are out there who aren't happy but I know there are just as many that are like me. My only point of debate in this thread is that people said that the ratings for Days wouldn't rise as much as the rest of the soaps and I know for a fact that every year soaps see monster ratings no matter how bad things are over the holidays. Days saw it even last year with all the horrid crap they had going on. That was all I was saying in this thread.

People have used that icon to respond to my pro-Days post and it really doesn't bother me although there is alot more I would like to say about why I think people don't like the show right now but I won't cuz I don't want to disrespect other posters since no one here has ever disrespected me. Like I said, it is often hard to ignore negative posts sometimes mixed in but why should I ignore them? If every person on here did what you are suggesting we would have nothing to discuss. There would be no arguments or use of opinions, something I enjoy doing on here. I would hate to have peopel agree on everything but I also think people should have an open mind about things and not bash a show when they haven't tuned in in awhile or when they have quit because of one thing IMO. But enough of that-save that for another time.

I understand what you are saying dimples but I am not the only one who does what I do with the icons and such. Other people do it too and IMO there is nothing wrong with that. Its a message board and if people want to have fun and argue back and forth that is fine. That icon is merely used to playfully reject another's opinion since you will never see it that way. That is all but thanks anyway :) .

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