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  1. Thought you might like these: http://www.welovesoaps.net/2013/04/happy-57th-anniversary-as-world-turns.html
  2. It's too bad GL didn't value the character of Hope enough to bring her back. I put up Part 1 of my Cindy Pickett interview: http://www.welovesoaps.net/2012/11/cindy-pickett-interview.html She was a real joy to talk with and remembers GL very fondly.
  3. We're counting down Dynamic Duos and this rivalry was always fun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcTl9fC241Y
  4. teplin, it's Tom Eplin's birthday! And the anniversary of the day Jake raped Marley and was shot.
  5. I warmed to Frankie after a while, too. I just loved the smart, fun and adventurous way Cass and Kathleen were written. I think sometimes it's a matter of when we started watching or how old we were or what we were going through at the time of a particular story that makes it stay special in our minds. I spoke with Alice Barrett recently but just about her latest play. Interviewed Carrie Preston last week about her new movie (she directs), which stars Anne Heche and features Nick Gregory, who played two roles on AW included Frankie's killer.
  6. Cass and Kathleen are my favorite soap couple. When she returned in 1991 the writers had changed and no matter what Cass did, even choosing Kathleen at one point, it always felt heavy-handed and biased toward Frankie to me. It was still one of the better soap triangles, but I never really felt Kathleen had a chance.
  7. Just interviewed Cindy Pickett. Been wanting to do that for years. She's playing the mom in a new web series opposite Nic Coster. Despite all she's done since GL, still gets recognized as Jackie Marler.
  8. I was just starting to warm up to Cali as Paulina when she was replaced. Paulina was too hard for me and was only softening when Jake woke up after being shot. I was a huge Judi Evans fan on GL (and then on DAYS) so I was okay with this change. I don't know if the character would have stuck around until the end if Judi wasn't playing her. It was a bit jarring though to get a new Paulina, new Vicky/Marley and new Grant in a short amount of time.
  9. There's a Rituals promo in the middle of this clip, not sure if it's been posted yet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Joe2TOACcI
  10. Not urgent, but any info would be helpful. Thanks to those who responded.
  11. I'm working on an episode listing from 1979 foward and wondering if anyone remembers how CBS (ATWT/GL) handled Thanksgiving and Christmas pre-emptions from 1979 to 2009. In the more recent years, they always aired football. Was that always the case, or were there actual ATWT and GL episodes on Thanksgiving (and the day after) and Christmas at some point? Thanks!!
  12. Gregg still looks great. Took Colleen to that show in May and we all went out after. I don't think they had seen each other since ATWT. He's a good singer.
  13. Didn't have time to really watch them. Scanned through five months of episodes. I did get stuck in late Jan. 1980 though when Barbara was confessing to Tom she had a kind with some man a few years earlier. As soon as the Dobsons took over, Barbara went on some secret trip to donate blood. Hopefully one day will have time to actually just sit back and watch. In the time that seems like would have been Marlands, Lisa spent most of her time with Bob after the Willows and then Brad.
  14. Well, I didn't see a single writing credit after Nov. 6, 1979 (Ellis) and Jan. 7, 1980 (Dobsons). Oh well. That was a few hours of my life spent. Dobsons first day: Joyce shows up at Nancy's door.
  15. Supposedly, and Eileen has talked to me about that too, but well into it and haven't seen his name. But they aren't showing the credits very often at the end which doesn't help.
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