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  1. I see...well we can keep each other company here...lol

  2. pretty much the same, lol. now that GL/ATWT are done, I haven't really clicked with another soap, GH/OLTL are okay, but not must see.

  3. Not much...just working..lol....My ATWT is gone so I am not posting as much here. How about you?

  4. yeah, haven't been on for a while, figured I'd check in on things. What have you been up to?

  5. I've been doing good. Glad to see you back on the boards.

  6. pretty good, how've you been soapsuds?

  7. Long time no see ...how have you been smadleyb?

  8. Oh okay. I always wondered about that because I never really heard anyone say much about it at the time (maybe why it was cancelled, lol) and I never see it mentioned in the forums when they discuss defunct shows, so or a while I was thinking I was a nutter But thanks for the info
  9. Does anyone remember this soap that I think ran on CBS sometime in between Capitol and B&B? I can't imagine it was on for very long, and to be honest the only thing about it that sticks in my head is the theme song, but I remember watching it a few times way back when and one day it was gone, just wondered whatever happened or what the ratings were like?
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