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  1. pretty much the same, lol. now that GL/ATWT are done, I haven't really clicked with another soap, GH/OLTL are okay, but not must see.

  2. yeah, haven't been on for a while, figured I'd check in on things. What have you been up to?

  3. pretty good, how've you been soapsuds?

  4. Oh okay. I always wondered about that because I never really heard anyone say much about it at the time (maybe why it was cancelled, lol) and I never see it mentioned in the forums when they discuss defunct shows, so or a while I was thinking I was a nutter But thanks for the info
  5. Does anyone remember this soap that I think ran on CBS sometime in between Capitol and B&B? I can't imagine it was on for very long, and to be honest the only thing about it that sticks in my head is the theme song, but I remember watching it a few times way back when and one day it was gone, just wondered whatever happened or what the ratings were like?
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