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  1. #RIP to Larkin Malloy. His acting style was a grounding factor for GL at a time when things were often way over the top.
  2. Bumping this old thread because Drag Race is pretty much my favorite TV show, and I wanted a place to say that. LogoTV is running a marathon of the entire series starting this Thursday nite. My poor DVR.
  3. Can anyone tell me the exact airdates of Cricket & Danny's Hawaii wedding? I know it was 11/1990, but I would love to know the dates of that whole trip, including the afternoon that Cricket & Danny spent at a private beach.
  4. ' I would've loved this! I didn't mind Reva being, um, curvier? at all. India would've been the perfect one to try to be snarky about it. I guess I was so accustomed to GL going thru phases where it was The Reva Shayne Show (® the mid/late 80s) that it didn't bother me as much. I expected it. They didn't really have another larger than life heroine on deck, no matter how they tried to turn Harley into one.
  5. Does anyody know of or have a good timeline of the last several years of the show? Just one that outlines which general storylines happened when. The last decade of the show is a blur for me and now I'm really curious.
  6. I've already said that clone!Reva was when the show lost me as a fan, but I really need to say how much I hated everything about San Cristohell. I tuned out the show so completely at that point that I don't know a single detail of the mob story arc. I saw a few scenes of it at some point but I have no idea what happened.
  7. Interesting to think about, but John Conboy believed Capitol was axed partly due to Bill Bell holding a bit of a grudge against him. And after that, even at its best, B&B never outscored Capitol in the ratings. Capitol was a hard show to get into. I watched intermittently and only ever cared about two storylines. But when Grant Aleksander was on they had him with his shirt off a lot, I guess they thought that was more important that story and characters. I do remember hearing some speculation around 1988 about GL maybe being in danger considering its slow ratings slide. And it may have been just fan chatter.
  8. Jonathan Brooks! Talk about something I've blocked from my memory. I have to be honest, anything Nola that happened after her attempt at trapping Kelly just didn't hold my attention. None of it. Remember Nolaerobics? Yeah, me neither. +1 vote for the theme song. The sweeping, string-heavy theme that was used during that time has always been my favorite.
  9. I can't imagine. Probably Celebrity Housewives or something even worse. Thank you for the welcome..
  10. I think 1983-1984 was a mixed bag. The best of it built on the history of characters - Phillip's adoption coming to light and the way that built up to the Four Musketeers adventure, and even the Lewis/Shayne Cat On A Hot Tin Roof that used the lives and history those characters had together. The loss of many important characters was the worst of it, and I don't think the effects of that were felt for awhile. I think 1985 was when the WTF started to outweigh the good in many ways.
  11. Currently Watching - Guiding Light - the Jennifer RIchards trial episodes

  12. My first post! Please be gentle if I don't do this very well. I found this forum looking for vintage soap footage, and I'm so glad I did. I miss my Guiding Light so much! I've been at least aware of soaps my whole life, having spent summers and afterschool hours at my grandmother's home as a kid while my parents worked. She had her stories on everyday and I kind of absorbed what was going on. Over time GL became my favorite. I remember when it went from being The Guiding Light to just Guiding Light, and I remember the jump from 30 minutes to an hour. The first plotline I remember really understanding, and being excited to see what would happen on the next episode, was Alan and Hope marooned on an island. Hope was already my favorite character. I also liked Rita and Ed. GL was an important part of my growing up. I was too young to really understand what was happening when Roger was on trial for marital rape, but my grandmother explained to me that it was wrong for a woman to be forced to do something she didn't want to do, even by her husband. That was still a controversial idea at the time, but a lesson I learned early. I have GL to thank for part of that. I was devoted to GL for most of the rest of its run. They lost me with clone!Reva. Believe it or not, the Carrie Carruthers mess brought me back. It was a combination of glossy John Conboy production values and the realization that they've chucked the whole show's history, it's not going to be on much longer. I watched as much as I could stand until the end. Sometimes that wasn't easy! Glad to be here. I love Guiding Light.
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