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Rachael Ray is good luck for Guiding Light. She presented the award when Guiding Light won its Oustanding Daytime Drama Emmy in 2007. Interestingly, that was also a tie, and the presentation of the win was also mangled. Rachael Ray said "The Guiding Light" that year, and now her copresenter this year said "Shayne Lewis" won the award lol.

I believe in destiny. These are not coincidences.

Furthermore, wow, Vincent Irizzary, someone with so many GL connections of his own, including starting on GL, being the other person who tied for the award? Again, this is cosmic destiny.

It still sucks that GL is ending ... But I am glad they got an award. And next year Rachael Ray needs to present one of whatever final nomination categories they are in, lol.

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Jeff has been much better on GL. A revelation, at times.

Vincent got his job because of Pratt, and Pratt continues to keep him in a large role. With today's economy I can see why he kissed up.

I'm also glad he mentioned Beverlee McKinsey. I miss her :( Ruth Warrick too.

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