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Y&R: Week of May 11, 2009

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LOL, as opposed to pissing one?

That Lane "photoshoot" was a total rip-off of Brangelina's Domestic Bliss shoot. Did anyone catch that shot when Cane pretended to be about to punch Lily? This is where they got it from:



Also noted: Lily stressing that she and Cane did not (I repeat: NOT) fall in "dog poo." It was "dog PEE." Charming.

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I love what SH is doing with the character! She's spot on, I don't know the character's game plan or anything but I am loving every beat the actress herself is playing to the story. I asked weeks ago if we can "keep her".

Wow at the complete villanous road Adam is taking. MAB needs to be very careful here this has already become a beloved character. I see the potential with him being veryvery dark but he needs to have relative redeemable qualities still.

The show is making it pretty obvious that Chloe is being molded after Phyllis for now. Does Chloe bring Sami from days to anyone else's mind? It's like Sami played by a better actress (IMO), with differences in backstory

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You know, Estella has to be careful around Victor. She has to appear 'grateful'. I'd like to have seen her outside the door...alone...simmering rage. THAT would have held promise.

I really liked how Rafe hugged his aunt. [The pics below, I confess, are partly to irritate Alvin :)]


But I didn't like how he left her alone to visit with Adam. This convinces me that the boy (who wears jeans quite well) needed an excuse to see his furry otter-boy client.


I really think it would be cool if Rafe were, literally, the male Heather. Another lawyer who does too much for Adam because he's infatuated.


Why? Because then one day Rafe and Heather could compare notes. And once they get past the "rival" thing, they could double-team Adam in ways that would leave his head spinning! Revenge, thy name is "lawyer scorned".

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As long as they need more story for Victor, I think Adam's always going to be what he is now, or worse. I love what Chris does with the role but if Adam was gone by the end of the year I wouldn't be shocked, because they've taken away more and more ways of redeeming him.

Why do Cane's photoshoots always involve violence? Are they setting up a future story?

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LOVED Rafe's look yesterday.

Now if only they could style his hair the way it was in that photo in the soap hunks thread. Anyone have it? It's the one with his hair in his face. I didn't even RECOGNIZE him! WOW!

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I had to rewatch the show this morning (Monday's ep) to show some scenes to someone.

That in itself is remarkable. "You have to see this...", "You missed this...". That's the mark of a show on fire. Some thoughts:

1. It was delicious to see Jill in full mode. Anyone else have my dirty mind? When she was redoing her lipstick after going private with the governor, I automatically assumed b.j. Am I nuts?

Jill had so many classic lines...it was amazing.

2. Jana and Daniel dressed all Rat-Pack-period/edgy. Amber and Kevin more conventional. Jana and Daniel spending the evening together; so are Amber and Kevin. Jana bolstering Daniel; Amber and Kevin bolstering each other.

Then, when the "good news" came, what an interesting sequence of hugs:

Amber-Kevin/Jana-Daniel, then

Amber-Jana/Kevin-Daniel, then


You don't think they're setting something up, do you?

3. Lackluster Nikki/Paul proposal. Sigh.

4. I love Clementine Ford. She's working soooo hard, but people are missing her nuance.

So, she's being all stern and schoolmarmish ("kilt", "caber"). And Billy plays with it, "Go Caber Man!".

Mac has a genuine smile...and instantly tries to suppress it and look away.


It is so clear the actress is playing "suppressed affection for Delia's sake". I don't know why people keep thinking she's lackluster...she's playing "defended".

5. Murphy's act, no matter what, constituted bribery. Even if there was no explicit quid pro quo. Moreover, my guess is that possession of that enemy rifle might, itself, be illegal...especially if the gun was not registered. This puts in mind two things:

- first, Murphy may be more of an "operator" than we gave him credit for, and

- second, I wonder if this will bounce back later...eventually erupt in a scandal down the road. I hope!

6. The photoshoot might have been a Brangelina ripoff, but I still loved it. My favorite was Lily with the frying pan (contemplating murder?) and Cane with the plane ticket (contemplating escape?)

7. All this hue and cry against Daniel Goddard is unwarranted. People are taking it out on the actor that:

- he's a bit too old to be P3

- they should not have retconned the P3 story

- he's in a less-than-perfect romance with Lily

Here's the thing: Goddard the actor is a terrific "bloke". Average guy, like's footy and rugby and racing cars and some Fosters. He's remarkably attractive.

Unfortunately, for a very long time (ever since Clear Springs) he's been written wrong. At Clear Springs he was "promoted" to construction manager (that was already a mistake...the promotion...but it fit his working class roots), and he scaled pipes to save the day. That was fun, engaging, and different from just about everyone else on Y&R. When he started becoming a cosmetics CEO...bit mistake.

But that's over. That has been rebooted. He's now a pub owner, back to his bartender roots.

Next, people are objecting to his child-bride Lily romance. Yup. But we've already seen where they are going with that. Lily doesn't believe that they'll slip in pee one day...but they will. We've been told. Moreover, we've seen the seeds of the romance that is going to work much better (Mac). I've railed against the two-brothers-fighting-over-one-woman tale before, but the fact of the matter is that Goddard and Ford are gonna do fine!

Finally, people hold against the actor the whole IDEA of the P3-babyswitch tale. Okay. I hate(d) it too. But it is done. I don't want them to KEEP undoing every DNA test (Cane, Summer). At some point, that is a lazy device that is used too much (like Doppelgangers).

We've been promised a dark story in Cane's future, and I think that will take us in a new direction with him? Why flash endless pictures of ostriches and dead ostriches? The story is being repaired, the actor is engaging.


Time and again, I think the thing that most surprises me about soap viewers is their unwillingness to go along for the ride....

He also didn't shave in that pic.


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